The Swim Stuff Jogging Belt for Your Exercise Needs

5 07 2013
Water Aerobics Gear

A jogging belt is essential for deep water jogging.

Exercising in the water is the perfect way to get fit without putting a lot of extra stress on your body’s joints. This is why water aerobics is the preferred type of exercise for the elderly, as well as those who are disabled, suffering certain illnesses or recovering from an injury. While you are exercising in the water, though, you can use special gear to make the most of your efforts. One of these tools is the Swim Stuff jogging belt.

How It Works

When you put on an aqua jogging belt, you will gain some additional buoyancy in the water, which is essential when you are jogging in deeper waters. While some people like to jog with a floatation vest on, the jogging belt is often a preferred option because it offers less interference with the way your body naturally moves as you job. Because of the freedom of movement you will enjoy, you will gain strength in your arms, all while keeping the stress on your shoulders down. Jogging in the water will also tone up your core muscles in your abdomen and give your lower body a workout as you move your legs through the water against the natural resistance of the water.

The Swim Stuff Jogging Belt

The Swim Stuff jogging belt is a cost-effective option for people who are looking for a quality jogging belt without spending a great deal of money. This particular belt is durable and strong, giving you long-lasting use so you won’t have to worry about buying another one. The adjustable strap allows just about anyone to wear the belt, though it is available in two sizes to best meet everyone needs. The foam from which the belt is made is non-porous, allowing the gear to dry quickly. The belt is contoured in the back for proper lumbar support and it features a quick-release strap for ease of use.

If jogging in the water is on your list of exercises to perform, you need a quality jogging belt to make your workout even more successful. The Swim Stuff jogging belt is an incredible option for every swimmer, offering additional buoyancy for those situations where you are jogging through deep water, as well as a long list of other features to make your workout successful. Don’t attempt to jog through the water without one of these incredible belts.

Finding the Right Water Aerobics Shoes

7 06 2013
Water Aerobics Shoes

The right water aerobics shoes are essential to success.

One of the most popular ways for people to get in shape without putting a lot of stress on their bodies is by participating in water aerobics. If you are interested in this fun way to get in shape and stay that way, it is important to find the right water aerobics shoes to wear in the water. While some people choose to complete these aerobics in bare feet, it is more beneficial to wear the right kind of shoes, just like with any other type of exercise.

A Sturdy Sole

Flexibility is extremely important when it comes to water aerobic shoes. However, the sole should not be flimsy. When you are working out in the water, your feet require the proper support to ensure you don’t end up hurting yourself in the water. As you shop for the right shoes for your water aerobics class, look for soles that are thicker but still offer you the level of flexibility that makes it easy to wear them in the water. This will provide you with the right combination of support and freedom for the best results.

An Adjustable Fit

Some people think they can purchase any type of water shoes and use those for their water aerobics class. However, this isn’t the best option for most people. You need to make sure these shoes fit you well so you don’t risk stumbling and falling or suffering from the effects of shoes that are too tight. The right water aerobics shoes will be adjustable, often with elastic laces, so you can create the perfect fit for your feet so you can enjoy all the benefits of a water aerobics class.

Good Traction

The bottom of a swimming pool can be slippery. While some have a textured bottom to provide some additional traction, others have a simple tile bottom. No matter what type of bottom the pool has, you should make sure the water shoes you purchase offer good traction. A textured bottom to the shoes will prevent you from slipping while you are performing the exercises so you can be safe.

Water aerobics can be a great way to stay in shape, especially if you suffer from joint problems or other problems that make regular exercise more difficult. If this is your chosen method of exercising, it is critical to find the right water aerobics shoes to meet your needs and help you make the most of your time in the water.

The Most Important Gear for Summer Water Aerobics

12 04 2013

Water aerobics is a great way to exercise to increase muscle mass or even lose weight without putting any strain on the joints. Even people who suffer from various injuries and illnesses and are unable to weight lift, jog or even do aerobics on land are able to enjoy the weightless benefits of working out in the water. In order to maximize your time working out in the pool, there are certain accessories you should purchase.


To add resistance for your arms while working out in the water, there are a variety of water barbells available, such as the Speedo Aqua Fitness Barbells. What sets these barbells apart from others is their EVA foam construction that resists damage from chlorine and lightweight structure to make them easy to take with you. They are the perfect way to provide flotation assistance, as well as resistance in the water.

Jog Belt

A jog belt is a must-have for anyone who participates in water aerobics. Perfect for deep water workouts, these belts give you the help you need with flotation, as well as provides back support during your workouts. The Speedo Aqua Fitness Jogbelt offers an adjustable waist up to 48 inches, making a perfect fit for anyone.

Aqua Gloves

For maximum resistance and higher levels of workouts in the water, add a pair of aqua gloves to your workout gear this summer. The TYR Elite Fitness Gloves offer double-sided neoprene webbed construction to give you even more resistance in the water. With an adjustable wrist and the ability for your fingertips and thumbs to touch the water, you can feel the water as you move through it, burning calories and increasing muscle mass with each movement.

Water Shoes

Just as you would want proper support while working out on land, you need support in the water. Choose a pair of water aerobics shoes that are lightweight, offer traction and are made from quick drying material to keep you comfortable in and out of the water. The Speedo Hydro Trainer Water Shoe offers maximum ventilation, a perfect rubber sole for traction and Speedo foam for comfort.

Fitness Kickboards

Kick up your leg workouts with fitness kickboards that are designed to keep your arms stable while your legs do all of the work. The Speedo Adult Swim Kickboard is made from EVA foam and is the perfect size for any adult trying to focus on their legwork and maximizing muscle mass in their legs alone.

Proper Swimsuit

Of course, no water aerobic workout would be appropriate without the right chlorine-resistant swimsuit. You should look for a swimsuit that offers comfort, flexibility and the right material to resist fading and wear and tear from chlorine. This will allow you to avoid restrictions during your workout, while offering long-term wear.

Choose the Right Water Aerobics Swimwear for Your Workouts

5 04 2013
Women's Fitness Swimwear

A shirred suit can provide the perfect combination of coverage and support in fitness swimwear.

Water aerobics offers a great way to get fit in the water, especially during the hot, summer months. Before you start your water aerobics class, it is important to purchase the right gear. Among the accessories to help you with flotation and resistance in the water, you will need to focus on finding the right water aerobics swimwear to maximize your workout even further.

Greater Coverage

For the women who are self-conscious about how they look in the water, there are a variety of swimsuits that offer maximum coverage yet do not resist flexibility in the water. The modesty panels they provide give you maximum coverage in the thigh and chest area to make you feel less self-conscious and enable you to focus on your workout efforts. Look for a suit that is made with Chloroban Polyester to resist fading and premature wearing from chlorine and other chemicals.

Less Coverage

For the women who are less self-conscious, there are a variety of fitness swimsuits available that offer moderate coverage. You will still receive the same coverage on the top,with the perfect amount of support in the chest area. The main difference is in the thigh area, where there is less swimsuit coverage, providing you with even more flexibility in the water. There are a variety of solids and prints available, but it is important to ensure the material the suit is made from resists chlorine.

Shirred Tank

The Speedo Shirred Tank Swimsuit offers the perfect combination between moderate coverage and a flattering fit for those women who are more self-conscious about their abdomen than their thighs. With the same cut in the thighs as the moderate swimsuits, the shirred tank offers a flattering shirred material from the top to the bottom on the front of the suit to provide a flattering look to any figure. With thick straps and a high back, this suit offers maximum support while looking incredibly stylish.

When you are looking for the perfect water aerobics swimwear, always keep in mind the material that makes up the suit. You want one that offers chlorine resistance, as well as longevity to give you many uses out of your investment. In addition, you will need to determine the type of style you want, including maximum coverage, moderate coverage or a combination of both with the shirred tank.

Finding the Right Women’s Plus Swimwear

14 01 2013
Plus-Size Women's Swimwear

The right plus-size women’s swimsuits provide extra coverage and support.

When you have a few extra pounds, it can feel embarrassing to wear a swimsuit. However, swimming and water aerobics are often a great way to lose weight and achieve your goals of a healthier body. This can lead to a frustrating cycle. You don’t want to wear a swimsuit in the water, but you need the water to exercise safely and effectively. You can remedy this cycle by purchasing the right plus-size women’s swimwear to flatter your figure and help you hide problem areas.

Ocean Conservative Scoop Back

Solid colors are the perfect way to slim you down, especially when those colors are dark, such as navy blue and black. The Ocean Conservative Scoop Back comes in these colors, plus royal blue. In addition to the right colors, this plus-size women’s swimsuit offers a lower cut for the legs, helping to hide the upper part of your thighs, which can be a problem spot for many women. When you wear this suit to the pool, you will feel more confident in yourself.

Ocean Solid Aquatard

Another great option if you are embarrassed by the way traditional swimwear looks on you is the Ocean Solid Aquatard. This one piece plus-size swimsuit available in navy blue and black offers longer legs, reaching to the mid-thigh, providing you with greater coverage for your entire body. The water aerobics swimwear in plus-size is also cut high in the front and back along the top for even more coverage.

Speedo Vanquisher Moderate Ultraback Endurance+

If you are looking for Speedo women’s plus-size swimwear that is designed with water aerobics in mind, the Speedo Vanquisher Moderate Ultraback Endurance+ is the perfect option, available in navy blue and black. The crossed straps in the back provide you with the support your body needs through the aerobics process. While this suit doesn’t provide as much coverage as other options, it is a good suit for those who will work out in the water often due to its longevity and resistance to the chemicals in the water.

One of the best ways to lose weight and attain a healthier body is through water aerobics and swimming. This form of exercise is gentler on the body while still offering all the benefits of exercise. Whether you need to find a plus-size women’s swimsuit that offers extra coverage, better support or is simply designed for water aerobics, you will be able to find the perfect option to best meet your needs.

Aquatic Fitness Swimwear for Women

11 01 2013

For some women, swimming to get fit is the perfect option to allow them to achieve the level of fitness they desire with less stress on the body. Whether you are looking to swim as your form of exercise or you are signing up for water aerobics classes, you need to choose the right women’s fitness swimsuits to allow you to perform the activities well without hindering your movement in the water. When it comes to water aerobics swimsuits, you have several options from which to choose.

Conservative Suits

If you feel self-conscious about the way you look in a traditional swimsuit, you may want to consider women’s fitness swimsuits that provide a little extra coverage beyond the typical swimwear. These swimsuits offer more coverage in the thigh area so you don’t need to feel self-conscious about your body shape while you are in the water. You can find these suits in a variety of colors and designs so you can choose the one that best fits your style.

Moderate Suits

Another option in water aerobics swimsuits is the moderate suits. These swimsuits also provide a little extra coverage than the traditional swimsuit, though not as much as the conservative suits. Available in a variety of colors and designs, you are sure to find one that will appeal to your tastes. The moderate suit is perfect for swimming laps in the pool or partaking in a water aerobics class to help you get in shape.

Shirred Tank

For some women, the top is more of a problem area than the bottom. In these cases, a women’s fitness swimsuit, such as the shirred tank, can be the perfect option. In addition to providing additional coverage on the top, this swimsuit features shirring in the midsection of the suit, providing you with a slimmer look without actually doing the work. If you are participating in water fitness activities as a way to lose weight, this type of suit can be the perfect option for you.

No matter why you are participating in fitness swimming activities, finding the right women’s fitness swimsuit is essential. In addition to finding the colors and designs that best suit your style, you need to consider the type of fit. If you are trying to hide your problem areas while you work on them in the pool, you can choose from conservative, moderate or shirred tank suits to give you the coverage in just the right places.

Using Competitive Swimming to Lose Weight

12 12 2012
Water Fitness Equipment

Working out in the water can be a great way to lose weight.

When you think about losing weight and the various exercises you can perform, the standards of jogging, aerobics and weightlifting likely come to mind. One exercise many people do not think of that is sometimes even more effective than the standard methods is competitive swimming. Swimming offers one of the most effective all-over body workouts with the least amount of impact, allowing you to exercise without the risk of serious injury.


If you have tried other exercise programs but have had to quit or delay your efforts due to serious injury, you will love the benefits of swimming. Once your body hits the water, you become weightless, taking away all the aches and pains your body previously felt. This allows you to exercise in the water more frequently than other heavy-duty exercises that wear on your muscles, creating the need to relax to allow the muscles to repair themselves.

Various Strokes

There are a variety of strokes you can perform in the water, each of which burns a different number of calories. If you switch up your routine often, you will give your body the most benefits by working different muscles each time. The various strokes you can perform in the water include the freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breast stroke and side stroke. Create the perfect routine to incorporate all the strokes into your workout, and you will realize the greatest benefits in your weight loss efforts.


Swimming is a sport you can do without any equipment, but if you want to add more intensity to your workout, there are various pieces you could use. If you want to take a break from swimming but still want to work out in the water, water dumbbells are a great way to lift weights while still remaining in the water. If you want to increase the resistance of the water while you are swimming, you can wear aqua fitness gloves to give your upper body a more intense workout. If you want to focus solely on your legs, you can use a kickboard to keep your upper body stable, causing your leg muscles to perform all the work.

There are a variety of competitive swimming methods you can use to achieve your weight loss goals. Whether you have a large amount of weight to lose or you simply want to tone your body, swimming is one of the best exercises you can do. It is appropriate for almost anyone in any health condition and is easy on the body, reducing the risk of serious injury while you meet your health goals.

Use Water Barbells as a Way to Gain Muscle Strength

30 11 2012
Water Barbells

Water barbells can be the perfect way to get a workout that is easier on your body.

Exercising in the water is a great way to stay fit, as well as lose weight. There are many types of exercises you can participate in while in the water other than water aerobics, which most people think of as the only water exercise. Weightlifting with water barbells is a great way to increase muscle mass and strength. The combination of the weights and the resistance of the water makes it possible to tone your muscles while participating in a low-impact exercise. Water dumbbells are also easy to hold, typically only requiring the use of one hand on each weight, making it possible for people of all fitness levels to use them.

Buoyancy and Resistance

The pure buoyancy of aqua barbells, such as the Swim Stuff Aqua Fitness Barbells, gives you the perfect amount of resistance in the water. When you use controlled movements with the barbells, you will be able to give your arm muscles a great workout by not allowing them to come back to the surface of the water, which they will naturally want to do. The resistance of the water will add to the strength you are able to add to your muscles, giving your body an incredible workout without any risk of high-impact injuries. This is the perfect exercise for those who are recovering from illness or injury, as well as those who are fitness enthusiasts.

Resistance Both Ways

The water can provide resistance on your muscles when you are pushing the dumbbells down beneath the water, as well as when you bring them back to the surface. It might be tempting to allow the water to do the work when you are bringing the dumbbells back up, but to give your muscles the greatest workout, it is essential to push against the water to maximize the benefits to your muscles.

Different Positions

There are many ways to use water barbells. They are the perfect choice for all levels of fitness, including beginners and those who are experienced in weightlifting. The Speedo Aqua Fitness Barbells are the perfect choice for those who bring their barbells back and forth from the pool because they are lightweight and easy to use. These fitness barbells are perfect for using while standing in place and simply exercising the arms or in combination with aerobic exercise, such as jogging or treading water. Working out with weights in the water is a perfectly safe yet effective method for physical fitness.

How to Build Muscle Mass with Swimming

22 10 2012

If you are trying to build muscle mass, swimming might not be the first sport you think of to help you achieve your goal. Swimming is a good way to build muscle mass in a non-threatening way because it is a non-contact sport that does not put any unnecessary stress on your body. If you are trying to increase your muscle mass, you should learn the benefits of swimming and how it can help you build muscle mass.


Water is a natural source of resistance. If you have ever tried walking the length of the pool, you understand the feeling of the natural resistance. It is much harder to march your way across a pool than it is on dry land. This is exactly what your body needs to help it build muscle and is a safe way to build muscle without the risk of pulling or tearing muscles by lifting heavy weights or performing rigorous exercises, such as jogging or cardio exercises.

A Full-Body Workout

Swimming works all the core muscle groups at once. There are few other exercises that can work all your muscles, including arms, legs and abs, at the same time. As an added benefit, there is no strain on your joints or soft tissues as you workout, making it easier to push yourself harder without the risk of serious injury.

Fitness Swim Equipment

Swimming can help you build muscle mass, especially with the right equipment.

Adding Equipment

It is possible to build your muscle mass simply by swimming the various strokes through the length of the pool. You can also increase the muscle mass you gain by adding equipment, such as aqua dumbbells. These are small weights that work with the resistance of the water to increase your workouts. You can also add a jogging belt, which is a piece of equipment that suspends you in the deep water, allowing you to intensify your workout by forcing your legs to keep you afloat.

Choosing swimming as your exercise to help you build muscle mass is a great choice for people of all ages. Experienced and non-experienced swimmers can enjoy the benefits swimming has to offer by building muscle mass in all the core areas of your body. Swimming with or without equipment will help you reach your goals and achieve the muscle mass you desire without putting your body at risk for any harm.

Learn the Benefits of Competitive Swimming

15 10 2012
Competitive Swimwear

Competitive swimming provides a vast array of benefits.

Swimming has been a favorite pastime for people for many years. People of all ages and all abilities can swim, either for fun or competitively. There are many benefits for those who do take up swimming as a competitive sport, including the incredible exercise, the ability to participate in it, even as you age, and the weightless qualities it provides. Even if you have never swum competitively, it is never too late to start enjoying a sport thousands of people enjoy every day.


Regardless of your age, exercise is an important part of your life. Medical and fitness professionals suggest you exercise three to four times a week and work all your muscle groups as much as possible to get the most vigorous workout. When you choose to swim competitively, you will work all the major muscle groups in one exercise, especially when you participate in all the various strokes, including freestyle, backstroke, breast stroke and the butterfly stroke. This makes it possible for everyone to exercise, even those who suffer from knee, leg or back ailments.


If you decide to take your swimming to the competitive level, you can choose your level of competition. If there is one particular stroke you excel at, you can choose to compete just in that stroke. If you prefer all the strokes, you can participate in a medley that incorporates two or more different types of strokes into one race. The length of each race varies, allowing you to choose the distance with which you are comfortable.

Weightless Exercise

Many people avoid exercises, such as weight lifting or jogging, because of the heavy impact those exercises have on the joints. Even young people suffer from medical issues as a result of too much rigorous exercise. This is another main benefit of taking up swimming competitively. There is no contact and the water can actually be good for your joints, healing you while you swim.

If you have given thought to swimming competitively, it is not too late. There are always pools available with lanes that give swimmers a chance to practice their skills. Grab yourself a competitive swimsuit and a few swim gear items and start swimming competitively. It is definitely something you will feel good about.


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