Wood Spineboard or Plastic Spineboard for Lifeguarding

12 03 2013

Lifeguard spineboards are typically made of wood or plastic. Over the past 20 years there has been a strong shift away from wood boards. The wooden lifeguard spine boards require more maintenance due to cracking and warping. This leads to an increased risk of harboring bacteria. While they are easy to sink in the swimming pool wood spine boards are also heavier than plastic backboards. The wood boards are also typically more expensive.

Lifeguard SpineboardWhy do people still want to use wood lifeguard spine boards? Most people just don’t understand all of the upsides to the newer plastic spineboards and they also have only ever used wood boards.

You should buy a plastic spine board for several reasons. First they are seamless and sealed to prevent fluids from entering the board. This is a very important fact that wood spineboard buyers often overlook and forget that they are in the business of saving and helping others. You should never endanger your patient with a wood spineboard that may be contaminated with past body fluids or bacteria. Plastic life guard spineboards are also great since they are lightweight and 100% x-ray translucent. They are light enough for even small lifeguard to quickly move the boards and buoyant so that they do not sink to the bottom of the pool. If the safety of your patient and the durability of the plastic boards is not enough then the lower price for plastic might be enough to convince you that plastic (at least in this case) is better than paper (wood backboards).

Ok so which plastic spineboard should I buy for my lifeguards? If price is a factor then I would suggest a good entry-mid level Lifeguard Backboard. If you are dead set on a wood spineboard but agree that safety is extremely important than check out one of the best lifeguard backboards on the market the E.G. Spine Board. This board is the strongest spineboard on the market and can out perform any wooden board, plus it is easy to clean.

Rescue Tubes Are One of the Most Important Safety Items at the Pool

11 03 2013
Lifeguard Rescue Tube

A guard rescue tube is an essential piece of lifeguard equipment.

Rescue tubes are an essential safety component at any body of water, including pools and beaches. Anywhere people can swim should have the presence of the tubes in addition to the presence of lifeguards or responsible adults to help get the victims to safety. These tubes are meant as the first line of defense when someone needs to be rescued, whether they are close by or a large distance away from the person attempting to rescue them. They offer the added ability to bring the victim to safety.

At the Pool

Public pools typically require the lifeguards to be outfitted with a guard rescue tube. The bright red color, vibrant white GUARD lettering and comfortable shoulder strap make them easy to carry at all times when guarding a pool. They are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 40 inches to 54 inches, making it easy to find one to fit every guard comfortably. For the guard with smaller hands, the Cut-a-Way Guard Rescue Tube offers stability while holding it and trying to rescue a person in trouble.

At the Beach

The lifeguard rescue tube works on any body of water, including the beach. If you find yourself needing to rescue someone who is close to the shore, you can hold on to one end and have the victim grab the other end. This helps you provide them with assistance getting back to shore quickly and easily. Oftentimes at the beach, a victim starts to suffer from the large waves and needs help instantly. In these cases, you can get the rescue tube to them without any contact. This enables the victim to obtain stability before you even get to them, making it easier for you to bring them back to shore when you reach them. It is also beneficial for guards to be able to bring unconscious victims back to shore without too much struggle, even in tough beach waves.

At Home

Even though you don’t have lifeguards at home, you still have responsible adults who need to keep watch on everyone who swims in their pool. It is perfectly acceptable for swimming pool owners to have a guard rescue tube on hand in case of any type of emergency. This product, which is mold and mildew resistant and never absorbs water, gives you the added sense of security of being able to rescue anyone who is in need in your pool.

New Speedo Guard Swimsuits for Women

15 02 2013
Lifeguard Swimwear

Speedo has released two new attractive lifeguard suits for women.

Years ago, lifeguards didn’t have many choices when it came to their swimwear. Today, however, there are many options, allowing lifeguards to customize their look, while still maintaining their position at the pool or on the beach. Speedo has now released two new lifeguard swimsuits for women, providing them with even more choices so they can look and feel good at their post, as well as be able to perform well to help those who need it.

Speedo Guard Flyback Suit

When you wear the bright red Speedo Guard Flyback Suit, you will stand out in the crowd as someone you should pay attention to. This is useful when you need to give someone a reprimand or even help someone out. The wide strap across the back offers optimal support for maximum comfort in long-term wear. Made from quality Endurance Lite fabric, you will experience fast drying when you do need to get wet and less restriction, allowing you to move as needed to help out those who need it. You won’t need to worry about this swimsuit slowing you down and impacting your ability to do your job.

Speedo Guard Energy Back Swimsuit

Another new option from Speedo is the Speedo Guard Energy Back Swimsuit. This particular suit is available in the lifeguard red but also features accents in white and navy blue for a sleek look you won’t find in many other lifeguard swimsuits. This suit is also made from the fast-drying Endurance Lite fabric that offers less resistance when you need to swim through the water. The back of this swimsuit features slimmer straps for those who don’t like the look or feel of a wider strap across the back, while still providing the utmost in support and comfort for those long days out on the water.

Lifeguards need quality suits that will stand the test of time due to the amount of time they spend in their swimwear. They also need a swimsuit that is comfortable and doesn’t impede their ability to move quickly. With these two new Speedo guard swimsuits, you will experience the best of everything. Available in attractive red colors, you will be able to stand out in a crowd so anyone who needs help can quickly and easily spot you and ask for help. Both of these suits are comfortable to wear for long periods of time and will last you, no matter how often you end up in the water.

Choosing the Right Lifeguard Spineboard Equipment

18 01 2013

Being a lifeguard means being prepared for any type of emergency. Whether you work at a pool or a beach at a lake or the ocean, it is important to have all the right equipment to deal with any emergency that may come your way. Some of the equipment that is necessary but can be easily overlooked include spineboards, backboards and head immobilizers, all of which are essential if someone is suspected to have a head, neck or spinal injury due to an accident in or around the water.


One of the most important things you will need, whether there is a suspected head, neck or spine injury or the person is simply unconscious, is a spineboard or backboard. These flat boards allow you to easily transport a patient without causing further injury. While it is best to leave a person as you found him until paramedics can arrive, it is important to be able to move someone out of danger if it becomes necessary. In addition to having the right spineboards or backboards on hand to transport patients when needed, it is also important to make sure you have the right straps to secure someone to the board. When you have a board you use, you must inspect the straps on a regular basis and replace them when they wear out to keep everyone safe.

Head Immobilizers

When someone may have a head, neck or spine injury, the best thing you can do is make sure he doesn’t move. One way you can ensure the patient doesn’t move, especially if you have to move him on a spineboard, is to use a head immobilizer. This apparatus secures around the head and neck to keep the patients neck straight to avoid any further injury. Protecting the patient should be your number one priority. When paramedics finally arrive on the scene, they will be pleased to see you have taken the proper precautions to prevent a more serious injury.

Even if someone isn’t as injured as you first suspect, it is important to have the right lifeguard equipment to ensure his safety. This includes having a spineboard or backboard on which to safely transport a patient whenever necessary. In the case of a suspected head, neck or spine injury, having the right head immobilizers is also important to ensure the patient isn’t further injured by any movements that occur before the paramedics arrive.

Provide the Right Lifeguard Gear for First Aid

24 12 2012
Having the right lifeguard gear helps save lives.

Have what you need at your fingertips with the right lifeguard gear.

The primary function of any lifeguard, whether at the beach of the pool, is to save lives and help those who need it. This means lifeguards must be fully prepared for any emergency. Because a lifeguard is often the first person on the scene, even when paramedics are called, it is important for the lifeguard to have the right type of first aid equipment to help the victim and increase the chances of a successful treatment. When it comes to first aid kits, there are a couple of options from which to choose.

First Responder Bag

While a majority of the accidents with which lifeguards deal are minor, some of them can be quite serious, especially if someone was struggling in the water. Having a first responder bag on hand will ensure the lifeguard has everything he needs to deal with the emergency as best he can until the paramedics can arrive. This bag is made from durable nylon and is available in either orange or navy to best fit your needs. You can even have the name or logo of your pool or beach embroidered on the bag. With plenty of pockets and elastic loops, you will be able to store everything you need to do your job correctly.

First Aid Kits

If you are a pool lifeguard, you aren’t likely to need as much equipment in a portable form as lifeguards on the beach. For this reason, you may want to choose a first aid kit that is designed to assist with the injuries that are more likely to occur at the pool. These first aid kits come with everything you need to treat a variety of patients, including bandages, plastic gloves, first aid cream, gauze and more. You can choose a variety of sizes for these kits, allowing you to treat anywhere from 10 people up to 36. Stored in a sturdy plastic case, you will be able to quickly grab what you need.

Taking care of people who are injured or sick is all part of the job of any lifeguard. Having the right lifeguard gear to take care of any emergency, whether on the beach or at the pool, will help you save lives and help those who are injured until further help can arrive. With the first responder bag and first aid kits, you will have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Lifeguard Accessories Make Your Job Easier

10 09 2012
Lifeguard Accessories

A good whistle is an essential lifeguard accessory.

Lifeguards have a big responsibility on their hands, keeping everyone at the pool or beach safe. Lifeguards work in a variety of areas, including outdoor public pools, indoor public pools, such as at fitness gyms, water parks and ocean or lake beaches. It takes a great deal of training and education to become a successful lifeguard. Once you are certified to be a lifeguard and you have received your lifeguard swimsuit, you will want various lifeguard accessories to make your job easier. It is common for lifeguards to have walkie talkies or another means to radio in an emergency to management, but there are also other accessories that help lifeguards stay on top of everything that is going around them.


Whistles are an essential piece of lifeguard equipment. Pools and beaches can become noisy, making it difficult for the lifeguard to be heard over the roar of the crowd. Because the job of the lifeguards is to keep everyone safe, they require a noticeable whistle to gain attention. A large part of what lifeguards do on a daily basis is to tell patrons of the pool or beach their specific action is dangerous and not allowed. This includes running, diving in shallow water or incorrectly going down a water slide. The Fox 40 Plastic Whistle is one of the louder whistles on the market. It can be heard over just about any noise you have to overcome. It is also waterproof. This gives lifeguards one less thing to worry about as they jump in the water to rescue someone.

Fanny Pack

The Lifeguard Fanny Pack gives lifeguards a safe way to store their first aid and lifeguard equipment without worrying about it getting lost or wet. With three waterproof pockets, the items that cannot get wet can be stored inside for safe keeping. The fanny pack is the best way to keep lifeguards hands free to focus on rescuing those in need but still have the necessary components that help them in the rescue.

Diving Brick

One of the main tests potential lifeguards need to pass to become certified is the dive brick test. The 10 lb. Diving Brick is used as a test to see if you can dive down to the bottom of the water, pick the brick up and swim back using only your legs, while keeping the brick above water. You need to make it back to the wall, place the brick on the wall and then get out in a specified amount of time. Owning a diving brick as one of your lifeguard accessories gives your lifeguards a chance to keep up their skills, even after they are certified. They can also be used to train potential lifeguards to pass the test.

The Importance of Lifeguard Suits

18 07 2012
Lifeguard Swimsuits

Lifeguard swimsuits are important to your performance.

Practical swimwear is not just for competitive swimmers. Lifeguard suits need to be just as functional and flexible as those competitive swimmers require. A lifeguard has one of the most important jobs at the pool – saving lives. A restrictive swimsuit cannot get in the way of the lifeguard’s job. Lifeguards have a variety of suits to choose from to find the perfect suit that fits their needs.

The Various Types of Lifeguard Swim Suits

The Speedo Lifeguard Flyback Swimsuit for women is made from Xtra Life LYCRA to give you incredible durability and longevity when you wear life guard swim suits. The LYCRA repels sunscreen and chlorine, which helps prevent premature fading and staining on your suit. The LYCRA also resists the dreaded sagging most suits experience after wearing it a few times. With thin straps to allow freedom of movement and a low amount of drag, this lifeguard suit is ideal for any lifeguard.

The Nike Guard Sport Top 2 Piece Bikini offers function and style all in one for lifeguards. Some people are more comfortable in a lifeguard two piece, especially when they have to sit in the guard chair all day. Featuring a lifeguard logo on the front, a thin strap in the back to reduce your tan lines and perfect splice to flatter your body, this lifeguard suit offers style and function all in one.

The Speedo Lifeguard Super Pro Swim Suit offers lifeguards a classic style, along with exceptional features for the times they have to go in the water. Made of LYCRA for a perfect fit that it is flattering and comfortable, this lifeguard suit offers many features to increase the comfort of the guards. The wide straps reduce slipping, the bar tack reinforcement increases the longevity of the suit and the flat-locked stitching reduces the occurrence of chafing after a long day of working as a guard.

Improve Your Performance with Lifeguard Swim Suits

Lifeguard suits have come a long way in recent years. What used to be the same one-piece suit worn by every lifeguard country-wide has changed into a wide variety of suits that include a lifeguard two piece to meet the style and functions every guard needs. If you are a guard, choose your suit wisely to ensure you have maximum comfort for a long day at the pool, as well as maximum functionality when your skills are put to the test.


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