Speedo Lifeguard Bikini

28 04 2009
Speedo Lifeguard Two Piece

Speedo Lifeguard Two Piece

Summer is almost here and that means the local swimming pools will be opening in the next few weeks. It is time for the lifeguards to get outfitted with their lifeguard suits for this summer and Speedo has the perfect lifeguard swimwear to get you looking good this summer. The Speedo Lifeguard 2 Piece Flyback swimsuits are prefect for female life guards that want that prefect tan this summer. Not only will you be getting paid to get a great tan but you can be confident that when you are called into action your two piece swimsuit will preform as great as you. The Speedo Flyback Lifeguard 2 Piece Top provides great support and flexibility, as well as comfort, while the Speedo Lifeguard Solid Performance Bottom will stay put with the built in drawstring. The Speedo bikini lifeguard swimsuits are available in either the traditional Lycra material or the polyester material which will last you all summer long. Make sure you buy your lifeguard swimsuits early so that you can start working on that tan.

Male Lifeguard Swimsuits

22 04 2009
Lifeguard Swimsuits

Lifeguard Swimsuits

Ok guys, so you are going to be lifeguarding this summer at your local swimming pool or beach? Then you need to make sure you have the proper uniform. Yes we know you don’t really care about the uniform but you do want to look good so you can land a date with your fellow female lifeguard or that cute girl in a bikini that shows up when you are lifeguarding everyday. Well you have several options to choose from and hopefully we can help you make a good decision. The classic style trunks are still around, but they’ve taken a back seat to modern board short styles. Lifeguards, just like surfers, realize board shorts offer a lot of freedom of movement. Choices include long or short leg lengths. Many of the lifeguarding shorts are a cross between the classic style of swim trunks and the boardshorts. These new boardshort styles offer a slightly shorter leg, a drawstring, and quicker drying fabric all of which makes for a more comfortable short to wear while you are up in the lifeguarding chair.

Lifeguard T-shirts

18 04 2009
Speedo Lifeguard Sleeveless Tee

Speedo Lifeguard Sleeveless Tee

Lifeguard t-shirts are extremely important for life savers to enable them to stand out from the crowd at the pool or on the beach. They must be highly visible to enforce the rules in and around the pool. There are several options when it comes to lifeguard t-shirts. Speedo offers a Lifeguard T-shirts with their official Lifeguard logo across the back and a small logo on the front left chest. Speedo also has a sleeveless lifeguard tee and a lifeguard tank top which are both perfect for getting a great tan this summer when you are guarding the pool or beach. If it is a little too cold for the sleeveless t-shirts then you can always go with the Speedo Lifeguard hoodie.

Another option is the Nike Guard T-shirt. This shirt features a unique design with red and black and provides a fresh clean look for life guards. It also matches the Nike guard swim suits.

A more economical option are the generic guard t-shirts that are available in a regular t-shirt style or the tank top style. These priced are great for pools and facilities that provide the uniforms for their lifeguards. You can also order a customized lifeguard t-shirts from D&J Sports swimshop. They can print your logo or design on any color and style of shirt that you desire. This is a great way to make your lifeguard staff look professional and matching.


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