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11 05 2012

If you are looking for cheap lifeguard suits, you have many options.

Lifeguards often wear plain swimsuits, often with the word “lifeguard” emblazoned on it to ensure that everyone knows who they are. If you are a company that hires lifeguards, you will need to provide all of your employees with the suits they need to do their job. This can be costly. You can save money by buying cheap lifeguard swimsuits to outfit your entire crew. Even if you pass on the cost to your lifeguards, they will appreciate the lower cost.

Dolfin Lifeguard Suits

The Dolfin brand offers several cheap lifeguard swimwear options from which to choose. If you are looking for a one-piece suit for the females in your crew, the Chloroban DBX Back solid suit works well for lifeguards. This suit comes in six different colors so you can choose other colors for your lifeguards instead of the typical red. Dolfin also offers a two-piece option that is available in four colors for your female lifeguards who prefer to wear a two piece. Both of these suits are made from the Chloroban polyester. For the men on your crew, the Guard Board Shorts available in red or navy blue work well. The board shorts are made from microfiber polyester.


If your lifeguards prefer Speedo, they also offer cheap lifeguard suits so you can outfit your whole crew for less. The female Flyback suit comes in three different colors and offers the comfort of narrow straps over the shoulders with a wider support strap across the back for optimum comfort and support. Another option is the Super Pro suit, which features wider straps for those who prefer the comfort and support they provide. The women’s suits are available in three colors, are fully lined and are made from the durable Xtra Life Lycra fabric. For the men, the 20-inch Volley Shorts come in four different colors to coordinate with the women’s suits. These microfiber shorts are water repellant to help keep you dry when not in the water.


For more feminine cheap lifeguard swimsuits for your team, you can choose from two options with TYR. The one-piece Diamondback swimsuit offers reduced drag and the benefit of optimal movability. The suit is available in three colors and is designed to fit well so you can comfortably wear it throughout your shift. If you prefer a two-piece suit, TYR makes a two-piece version of the Diamondback. It offers the same benefits as the one-piece suits with a more feminine look.

Proper Lifeguard Equipment is Essential

7 05 2012
Lifeguard Equipment

The equipment your lifeguards have will dictate their ability to help in an emergency.

Lifeguards are there to help protect everyone in the water. However, even the best lifeguard can’t always be effective if he doesn’t have the proper equipment on hand to help those who need it. If you need lifeguards to work for you at your pool or beach, it is important to make sure they have all the proper equipment. Even if you don’t supply the lifeguard suits, there are some things you should provide so everyone can stay safe.

Lifeguard Fanny Pack

A lifeguard is going to want to have everything he needs in easy reach, especially when there is an emergency. This is where a lifeguard fanny pack can work to your benefit. This fanny pack will advertise that you are the one to turn to for help, while providing you storage space for everything you may need in an emergency. It won’t hold larger items, but it is still an important tool to have with you at all times.

Lifeguard First Aid Kit

Perhaps one of the most important tools a lifeguard can keep close by is the lifeguard first aid kit. Available in a wide range of sizes, you can find one that will best fit your needs. For instance, if you work a busy beach, you may want a much larger kit than if you were a guard at a small private pool with few swimmers. These kits often contain everything you need for minor injuries, including bandages, antiseptic ointment, gloves, adhesive tape and more.

Other Equipment

Other important equipment for your lifeguards can include a lifeguard rescue tube and a guard backboard. Both of these items can be incredibly useful in emergency situations. The lifeguard rescue tube makes those difficult water rescues easier by providing buoyancy to the person being rescued, which makes it easier to tow the person in. A backboard is necessary in case of back or neck injuries sustained in a pool or other body of water.

Making sure your lifeguards are well-equipped for every emergency. No one wants anything bad to happen, but when you are around water and have swimmers of various experience levels, things can happen. It is important to make sure your lifeguards have everything they need to help. It is up to you to make sure your guards have all the lifeguard equipment they need, whether you will be buying the equipment or they will.

Lifeguard Rescue Equipment

31 01 2012

Lifeguard rescue equipment varies by where you’re on duty. For example,

Lifeguard Rescue Equipment

someone manning the lifeguard stand at the public pool will need different rescue equipment than those on duty at a beach. It’s important to keep a checklist of the essential items you need to lifeguard and ensure they’re near lifeguards at all times. Many young teens take jobs as lifeguards, so if you’re in charge of a group of young people working as lifeguards, go over rules with them regularly to ensure the public’s safety.

1. Two way radio. – For lifeguards working a at a lake or beach a two way radio is required. This ensures there’s contact to emergency rescue services if a lifeguard needs assistance. Depending on the lifeguard’s work experience, it may be required to call for emergency rescue services every time a lifeguard rescues someone. This puts trained medical personnel on the scene in case the victim needs assistance after he or she is rescued. Two way radios should be tested regularly to guarantee they work. Extra batteries should never be far behind the two way radio. A cell phone should also be with lifeguards, although sometimes two way radios pick up better signal than a phone if you’re in a rural area.

2. Rescue Tube – A rescue tube is essential for any lifeguard rescue equipment stash. The rescue tube is the tube you every lifeguard with. Many walk up and down the beach with them, just in case they were to need them. The rescue tube has shown to be one of the most effective pieces of lifeguard rescue equipment than lifeguards use. They should be on the checklist for any pool, lake or ocean. The  rescue tube  works in any body of water and aids a lifeguard as he or she is bringing the victim back to the surface.

3. CPR mask. – A CPR mask that does not require assembly should be essential for any lifeguard. This shaves seconds off getting the mask on the victim, which can be valuable when you are in an emergency. A CPR mask prevents the lifeguard from having direct contact with the victim, while appropriately distributing air into the victim’s mouth during CPR.

Lifeguard rescue equipment that is functional and helps a lifeguard approach an emergency with ease are the most effective pieces you can stock. All lifeguard should be trained on the job (in addition to holding lifeguard certification) with equipment.

Required Pool Safety Equipment

1 06 2010

Photo by Frank Uyttenhove

Does your swimming pool open today? If so you will need a few essential lifesaving items: Spineboards or backboards with a head immobilizer, guard rescue tubes, lifesaving ring buoy, and of course some lifeguards. The lifeguard backboards are a must for every public swimming pool or private club swimming pool, and don’t forget to purchase the backboard straps. Life guard rescue tubes are also a must have item for every lifeguard on your pool deck. These are available in 40″ and 50″ sizes. Guard ring buoys and shepherds hooks for lifeguarding are also important safety devices for pools.


Item of the Week: Nike Female Guard Short

27 05 2010

Nike Female Guard ShortThis week’s item of the week is the Nike Female Guard Short. This lifeguard cover-up short is the perfect match to any lifeguard uniform. It is made of 100% polyester so it will be quick drying when you are walking the pool deck or up on the lifeguard chair. It is short cute and has the Nike Guard logo printed on the back. This lifeguard short is on sale now at D&J Sports Swim Shop. You can complete your outfit with a Nike Guard T-shirt and the Nike Guard Female Tank swimsuit. Nike Female Guard Shorts

2 Piece Lifeguard Suit Seperates

24 05 2010

Speedo Lifeguard TopHaving trouble finding the perfect lifeguard 2 piece swimsuit? Well you are in luck we have found a source for all of your lifeguard bikini needs. Speedo and Dolfin Swimwear both offer two piece life guard separates. The Speedo Lifeguard line now includes Flyback Lifeguard Tops and separate Lifeguard Bottoms. The Speedo Flyback Lifeguard Top is a thin strap top with lots of support and perfect for getting a great tan on the pool deck this summer. You can match it up with the Speedo Lifeguard Solid Performance Bottom.

Speedo Lifeguard BottomDolfin Swimwear also has a great lifeguard bikini separate. The Dolfin Guard Womens 2-piece top and matching Guard 2-piece bottom are both made from 100% chloroban polyester. These lifeguard polyester bikini separates are designed to last all summer and perform as great as you do. Want a little more coverage then opt for the Dolfin Guard Tankini Top instead. This will give you the freedom of the lifeguard two piece with the coverage of a one piece lifeguard swimsuit.

Item of the Week: Lifeguard Boardshorts

19 05 2010

Lifeguard BoardshortsThe item of the week this week are the Swim Stuff Lifeguard Boardshorts. This great looking lifeguard boardshort will be sure to fit into your budget this summer. Don’t worry the only thing cheap is the price you still get all the great features: 100% sanded polyester, comfortable mesh lining, draw string waist band, and an extra side pocket on the leg. The guard logo will have you looking very professional this summer. Be sure to order your guard boardshorts today so that you can get it before the summer swim pools open up!


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