Benefits of Wearing Water Fitness Gloves to Ramp Up Your Fitness in the Pool

10 12 2015
Water fitness gloves can enhance your performance.

There are many benefits to wearing water fitness gloves.

When you’re exercising in the water, you get a different work out than if you were to perform many of the same exercises on land and there are plenty of new options as well. All of them are less strenuous than your typical exercise. As one of the lowest impact exercises, water fitness is perfect for just about everyone, even those with injuries and seniors. In addition to your traditional exercise, there are enhancements you can use to increase your workout performance, such as water fitness gloves.

Increased Resistance

One of the greatest benefits of wearing fitness gloves in the water is the increased resistance. The resistance is needed to help enhance the effects of the movements you make. The webbed fingers in these gloves cause the water to push against your hands so you have to work harder without creating more stress on your joints.

Improve Your Endurance

In addition to strengthening your muscles, there are other benefits of exercise you can expect to improve when you wear the Speedo aqua fitness gloves or any other type of water gloves. Endurance is vital if you want to get fit and stay fit. The more you exercise, the longer you will be able to maintain your exercise routine for longer so you can compound the positive effects you feel from every work out.

Move More Efficiently

If swimming is part of your water fitness routine, water fitness gloves are a must-have. As you swim, the webbed fingers in the fitness gloves will help you more efficiently push the water away from your body and propel you through the water so you can get more done with less effort. This allows you to get all the benefits of a swim without having to spend a lot of time in the water.

Water fitness can be one of the most effective exercises, helping you get fit and stay fit with less strain on your muscles. However, you can enhance your performance and the effects of your work out with the right competitive swimming gear. Speedo aqua fitness gloves make the perfect complement to your water fitness routine so you can enjoy all the benefits.

If you’re looking for the right competitive swimming gear in Dallas, Texas, contact us. D & J Sports offers all the gear you need to swim for any reason.

Top Gift Ideas for the Swimmer on Your List

3 12 2015
Swimmers love to receive competitive swimming gear.

The right competitive swimming gear is perfect for swimmers.

The holidays are rapidly approaching and it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas for swimmers. Even if you don’t know the swimmer well, there are plenty of options that are sure to be the perfect choice. As you start or continue your holiday shopping, consider the best competitive swimming gear to give that swimmer in your life an amazing holiday centered around their favorite activity.

Speedo Teamster Backpack 35L

Every swimmer needs to carry around a lot of competitive swimming equipment to and from practices, as well as meets. What better way to get everything where you need to go than with a swim backpack? The Speedo Teamster Backpack 35L is the perfect choice. It comes in a variety of colors and features pockets for just about anything you may need to cart around. With its durable zippers and quality construction, it’s the ideal gift for any competitive swimmer.

Finis Swimmer’s Snorkel

An important piece of competitive swimming equipment, a swimmer’s snorkel helps you focus on your swimming techniques without having to move your head to breathe. Putting it all together later is often one of the best ways to train. The best feature of the Finis swimmer’s snorkel is the front-mount design that allows for use while you’re wearing your swim goggles. This is a must-have for any swimmer.

Speedo Vanquisher Goggles

Even if the swimmer in your life already has a pair of swim goggles, getting the gift of Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 tye-dye mirrored goggles can be a dream come true. These are the best goggles for competitive swimming and feature a mirrored surface to help fight the sun during outdoor use. These goggles come in a variety of colors and also feature a low-profile design for less resistance in the water and anti-fog coating for a clear view at all times.

Finding great gift ideas for swimmers doesn’t have to cause you stress. There are plenty of options available every swimmer can use. When it comes to competitive swimming gear in Dallas, Texas, you can easily find anything the swimmer in your life needs, from swim backpacks to training gear to swim goggles.

If you’re looking for the best competitive swim gear as a holiday gift, contact us. We carry all the competitive swimming equipment any swimmer in your life may need.

The All New Speedo Color Block Parka Helps You Stay Warm Between Races

26 11 2015
Swimmers will love the Speedo color block parka.

The Speedo color block parka is an excellent option for swimmers.

When you’re at a swim meet, you are likely to spend more time out of the water than in, but you need to find ways to keep your muscles warm and ready to go for your next race. While you can’t change out of your Speedo swim team suits, you can use a Speedo color block parka to help keep you warm in between your races. Your competitive swimwear can’t do the job so you need something that can.

One of the Biggest Names in Swimming

Speedo is one of the biggest competitive swimwear brands in the business, which is why many swimmers turn to them when it comes to the swimming gear they require. The good news is Speedo has put a lot of thought into their Speedo color block parka. This swim parka includes an inside pocket so you can keep items safe, an inner fleece lining for additional warmth and fleece lined pockets that zip closed to keep contents inside. The parka also features a two-way zippered front and a back vent opening that makes customizations even easier.

Perfect for Swimmers on All Types of Teams

When you’re looking for swim gear, you need to make sure you are choosing the perfect option for the skill level you’re dealing with. For instance, with Speedo swim team suits, you need to select the right fit, as well as a suit that works well with your level of skill. However, a swim parka is a different story. These parkas are perfect for all teams, whether you swim on a high school or college level or you’re a professional. The parkas are available in a variety of colors, including black, Kelly green, red, navy and sapphire.

Staying warm on the sidelines in between your races is more than about keeping you healthy. When you will be getting back in the water, you need to make sure your muscles are warmed up and ready to go. The swim parka helps ensure you are ready to swim again, decreasing your risk of injury. This makes swim parkas just as important as the right competitive swimwear.

If you’re looking for the best gear and competitive swimwear in Dallas, contact us. We carry a full selection of the gear and swimwear from some of the biggest brands in the industry.

A Speedo Backpack Makes a Great Holiday Gift for Competitive Swimmers

19 11 2015
Give the gift of a Speedo backpack.

A Speedo backpack makes a great holiday gift.

What do you get that swimmer in your life for the upcoming holiday season? If they’re like most competitive swimmers, they likely already have a lot of swim gear, as well as swim-related gifts they don’t know what to do with. As you look for the perfect holiday gifts for swimmers, Speedo backpacks can be the perfect solution, especially for someone who may be difficult to shop for.

Every Swimmer Needs One

The good news is, when it comes to competitive swimming gear, a swim backpack is something every swimmer needs. With all the gear they must carry between meets and practices. Even if the swimmer in your life already has one, it will eventually wear out and they will need a new one. They may even enjoy having one for practices and one for meets.

There’s No Size to Worry About

If you try to buy clothing or even competitive swimwear for the swimmer in your life, it can be difficult to ensure you get the right size. This is especially true with swimwear. However, when you purchase the Speedo backpack, it is a one-size-fits-all solution. Swimmers will have all the space they need to keep their swimwear, a towel and all the gear they need to train and swim their best.

All the Space They Need

The best part about swim backpacks is the way they are designed. For instance, the Speedo backpack is filled with pockets for everything you need to carry, including wet pockets for storing your swimsuit and towel when you’re done and ready to head home. You will find the perfect storage space for your swim goggles, swim cap and even your MP3 player so you always have just what you need within easy reach.

Looking for holiday gifts for swimmers can be a difficult process, especially if they seem to have everything they need. Competitive swimming equipment from D & J Sports can be the perfect option for competitive swimmers on all skill levels. Of all the available equipment, however, the Speedo backpack can be the perfect option, even for the swimmer who seems to have it all.

If you’re looking for competitive swimming gear in Dallas, Texas, contact us. We can help you choose the perfect gift for any swimming in your life.

Advantages of Using a Pace Clock for Your Swim Workout

3 11 2015
Learn about the benefits of using a swimming pace clock.

A swimming pace clock provides many benefits.

When you are involved in competitive swimming, it’s important to make sure you use the right competitive swimming equipment to help you improve and do your best. Using a portable swim pace clock allows you to time your laps and determine whether you are making them faster than before or if you need to work harder. Understanding the benefits of using a swimming pace clock will show you the importance of investing in this piece of equipment to enhance your training.

Track Your Time

The purpose of using a portable swim pace clock is primarily to help you track your time as you swim across the water. All you need to do is look at the clock before you push off the wall or dive in and then glance back at it when you hit the other side of the pool. This will provide you with the amount of time it took you to cross the pool. If those times are improving, you know you are working hard and making the progress you’re looking for. However, if you find your times are staying the same or even getting longer, there are improvements that need to be made.

Improve Your Mental Agility

In addition to letting you know whether you’ve been improving your swim times, a swimming pace clock can also help you keep your mental agility going strong. This is because when you use a swim clock, you will have to make quick mathematical calculations that tell you how much time it took you to cross the pool. This can help keep your brain and mental acuity sharp, along with improving your physical fitness.

Having the right competitive swimming equipment is necessary to ensure you are improving and always swimming your best in the water. A portable swim pace clock can be one of the most powerful tools in helping you improve your times and track your progress. In addition to tracking how well you’ve been doing, this tool can also help you keep your mind sharp, providing a vast array of benefits that extend beyond the physical benefits of swimming itself.

If you’re looking for the right equipment to improve your swimming, contact us. Competitive swimming equipment from D & J Sports in Dallas can provide the help you need to become the best swimmer you can be.

Use the New Swim Stuff Aqua Jog Belt as Part of Your Fall Fitness Routine

29 10 2015
Learn the benefits of using a jog belt.

Understand the benefits of using a jog belt.

Whether you’re trying to get fit for health reasons or you want to be in better shape to swim competitively, there are many benefits of using a jog belt as part of your swim fitness routine. The water is an excellent place to work out because there’s less stress on the joints. Understanding why the Swim Stuff aqua jog belt is a necessity will ensure you get the fitness results you’re looking for.

Less Stress on the Body

One of the biggest reasons people choose aqua fitness is there is less stress on the joints in the body. This is particularly beneficial for older individuals or those who have medical conditions that negatively impact their joints. Individuals are able to get a full work out without concern over extensive pain and discomfort after due to the high impact of regular exercise.

Extra Buoyancy in the Water

Another of the benefits of using a jog belt for your swim fitness is the ability to experience greater buoyancy in the water. These belts contain foam components that contribute to the weightless feel people are looking for when they workout in a pool. In addition, the Swim Stuff aqua jog belt can help keep your body upright for a more effective workout. Poor positioning in the water can contribute to fewer positive effects.

Comfortable to Wear

Many people avoid these products because they don’t want to wear something bulky and heavy that will hinder their movement in the water. The good news is many jog belts used in swim fitness are lightweight and most people hardly know they are wearing them at all once they get in the water.

Swim fitness can be an effective way to improve your overall health and well-being with less stress on your joints. However, instead of simply participating in water aerobics, you need to consider the benefits of using a jog belt. When you use one, such as the Swim Stuff aqua jog belt, you will find you feel extra buoyant in the water and don’t have to worry about a bulky, heavy belt around your waist. You will be comfortable while you work out.

If you’re looking for the right swim gear to help you get fit, contact us. D & J Sports carries all the products you need to help you improve your level of swim fitness.

Wearing Swim Fins During Practices Can Be a Powerful Training Tool

22 10 2015
Choose the best swim fins to become a better swimmer.

The best swim fins will make you a stronger swimmer.

There are many swimming tools that can be used to help enhance your performance and make you a stronger swimmer. However, one of the most effective competitive swimming equipment you should use is the best swim fins, such as the Hydrosportz training fins. When combined with the latest in competitive swimwear, you will find you become a better swimmer, cutting back on your swim times.

A Stronger Kick

One of the most essential aspects of good swim form is your kick. The best swim fins will create more resistance in the water, which in turn will encourage your muscles to work harder, thus increasing your strength and helping you perform better. The different types of swim fins will provide various benefits. For instance, longer fins are ideal for endurance training, while shorter fins work best for training on flutter kicks. This means you may need more than one pair to give you all the benefits you’re looking for.

Engage the Right Muscles

Another great reason to turn to Hydrosportz training fins or any other type of swim fins is to focus on certain muscle groups that may not get the attention they need to make you a stronger swimmer. When you train for periods of time with the right swim fins, you will engage muscles in the glutes, abdomen, lower back and quads. Each of these muscle groups is critical to helping you be the best swimmer you can be.

Using the right competitive swimming equipment is necessary if you want to become the best swimmer you are capable of being. While there are many pieces of equipment that can work together to help you swim more effectively through the water, purchasing the best swim fins will ensure you strengthen the muscles in your legs, as well as target other crucial muscles that are used to propel your body forward through the water. Without the proper training tools, you will find it more difficult to keep up with your competitors, causing you to lose more races and fail to progress as a swimmer.

If you’re looking for the best swim fins, contact us. The best competitive swimming equipment from D & J Sports will provide the training you need to become a more competitive swimmer.


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