How to Recover from a Swimming Injury

6 10 2015
Consider a Swim Stuff aqua jog belt for recovery training.

The Swim Stuff aqua jog belt is a necessity for recovery.

While swimming is relatively safe, there is always the possibility of injury. Learning how to recover from a swim injury with the right competitive swimming equipment in Dallas, Texas, will help put you back on the path to recovery so you can concentrate on improving your performance. The following tips will help you get back in the water faster and stronger than ever before.

Work with a Recovery Team

You should never rely on your own devices to go through your recovery. The best way to make sure you recover properly and can get back in the water with a lower risk of reinjuring yourself is to work with an experienced team. Talk to your coach, as well as your doctor, about what they recommend during the recovery process. Once you have a recovery plan, make sure you follow it exactly. Your coach is just as eager as you are to get you back in the water but won’t compromise your safety.

Use the Right Tools

The best way to ensure a good recovery is to use the right tools during your training and recovery periods. The Swim Stuff aqua jog belt is one of the most effective tools to help give you the weight and resistance you need to work in the water. In addition, you should purchase the best swimming paddles and fins that prevent blisters. Not only can these tools help you along the road to recovery, but they will help prevent further problems.

Be Prepared for Setbacks

Every swimmer wants to get back in the water as quickly as possible, but it shouldn’t be done at the expense of your well-being. As you move forward with your recovery, be prepared to handle any setbacks you may encounter. Talking to your coach can help you learn what to expect from an injury like yours.

No one likes to be injured, but when it happens, it’s important to take the necessary amount of time to ensure you can come back stronger than ever and decrease the chances you will become injured again. Knowing how to recover from a swim injury can get you back in the water faster without sacrificing your well-being.

If you’re looking for the right competitive swimming equipment in Dallas, Texas, contact us. We carry all the tools you need to help you recover and become a stronger swimmer.

Speedo’s New Color Block Swim Team Parka Keeps You Warm and Comfortable During Competition

24 09 2015
Stay warm with swimming parkas.

Swimming parkas help keep you warm.

Whether it’s getting a little cooler outside or you want to make sure your muscles stay warm in between races and training sessions, swimming parkas can be a valuable asset. This competitive swimming gear is an absolute must when you’re involved without outdoor swim teams, especially in the fall and spring. One of the latest additions to this category of swimming gear is the Speedo color block parka. There are many reasons you should consider choosing this parka to keep you warm this season.

A Water Resistant Shell

Perhaps one of the greatest assets of swimming parkas is their ability to repel the water. Whether it’s raining outside or it will simply be subjected to splashes at the pool, a water resistant shell means you won’t feel like you’re soaked as you stand on the sidelines. It also won’t damage the coat when you take it off to enter the water for your next race. You can count on coming back to a warm, dry parka that will continue to keep you warm until you need to get back in the water.

Pockets Are Important

Pockets are an important element for swimming parkas, which is why the Speedo color block parka is a great option for swimmers. Not only are there pockets on the outside to be used to keep your hands warm and dry while you wait, but there is also a zippered interior pocket. This pocket is perfect for keeping your MP3 player out of the elements or to store your cell phone so it won’t be damaged by the water. In addition, all of the pockets are fleece lined for even greater warmth.

A Variety of Colors

One of the best reasons to choose Speedo’s latest addition to the swimming parka line is due to the beauty of the colors selected. Most of the parkas come in a light gray and dark gray two-tone shade with hints of black, Kelly green, red and sapphire. A fifth option includes a light gray and navy blue two-tone parka.

Choosing the right competitive swimming gear in Dallas, Texas, is a necessity if you want to remain competitive and ensure a great performance. Swimming parkas are a great addition to your swimming wardrobe, helping to keep you and your muscles warm in between your races at the meets. When you are able to keep warm, your performance will greatly improve.

If you’re interested in buying the latest Speedo color block parka, contact us. D & J Sports carries a full line of the latest competitive swimming gear for swimmers on all levels.

Michael Phelps New Record Setting Racing Goggles: The MP K180+

10 09 2015
Get comfort and function with the Michael Phelps racing goggles.

The Michael Phelps racing goggles offer comfort and function.

When you’re one of the biggest names in competitive swimming, it only makes sense the products you wear in the water will be some of the most popular competitive swimming equipment on the market. The newest Michael Phelps racing goggles, the MP K180+, provide the comfortable fit and all the features you need to ensure you move seamlessly through the water with as little resistance as possible. This competitive swim equipment helps protect your vision and ensures clarity so you always know where you’re going.

The Perfect Fit

One of the attractions to the MP K180+ swim goggles designed by Michael Phelps is the advantages it offers in the water. These goggles provide the ideal fit, with integrated curved lenses for a wide line of vision, water-tight gaskets and an adjustable nose bridge. With the semi-rigid exoskeleton structure, these goggles offer the stability swimmers need without a stiff fit that is uncomfortable and doesn’t seal well. They are also one of the lowest profile goggles on the market, further reducing the amount of drag swimmers experience.

An Attractive Option

While many swimmers are more concerned with the functionality and fit of their swim goggles, the Michael Phelps racing goggles have so much more to offer. The mirrored goggles help prevent glare for swimmers who need to be able to see where they are going clearly. In addition, the sleek design offers a modern look for swimmers who want to look their best while they swim. The wraparound lenses allow for 180 degrees of clear vision to give swimmers the best chance for success in the pool, while they look their best.

Choosing the best competitive swimming equipment in Dallas, Texas, ensures you can swim your best and improve the chances of winning your races. Some types of swimming equipment are designed by those who use them and can provide other swimmers with the same advantages. Michael Phelps has made a name for himself in the world of swimming and wants to share his success with others who have big dreams of being one of the greats.

If you’re looking for the bet competitive swimming equipment, contact us. D&J Sports offers all the top equipment, particularly the products designed and used by Michael Phelps himself.

Show Your Team Spirit with a Custom Swim Team Towel

8 09 2015
Choose a custom swim team towel to keep up team spirit.

A custom swim team towel can be the perfect option.

Swimmers love to find as many ways as they can to show their team spirit, as well as their sense of unity in and out of the pool. While many teams wear competitive swimwear in their team colors, as well as use matching competitive swimming gear, there are other ways they can bring their team together. Creating a custom swim team towel with custom logos embroidered or printed on them or even woven directly into the towel can be a great gift for the entire team to help them feel closer, even when they’re drying off after a practice or a meet.

A Variety of Application Methods

When you’re shopping for a towel for adding custom logos for swim teams, you will find there are plenty of options out there. If you’re trying to keep your costs lower, screen printing can be your best choice. This can be done in several colors, but over time, the logo is likely to begin fading. However, there are a few other options if you’re willing to spend a little more. For instance, custom embroidered towels can still use a number of colors but embroider the logo right onto the towel, allowing it to last much longer. For the highest quality and least wear, ordering your swim team logo woven directly into the fabric of the towel can be an amazing gift.

The Ideal Addition to a Team Collection

Custom logos for swim teams are what set your team apart from your competitors at every meet. While you likely wear your team colors in as many ways as possible, your swim towel may not even cross your mind. If you have a swimmer in your life, this can be the perfect gift, especially if they don’t already have one. In addition to making a great gift for someone who swims, swim teams love being able to offer their swimmers the option of purchasing a custom swim team towel to complete their team spirit gear.

Buying competitive swimming gear in Dallas, Texas, isn’t just about your swimwear, goggles, swim cap and other training essentials. If you’re looking for great ways to share your sense of team spirit, custom embroidered towels, or even woven or screen printed towels, can be a great addition to your swim bag.

If you’re looking for the best swimming gear, including customized towels, for your swim team, contact us. We carry a vast selection of products designed with your team in mind.

Custom Printed Swim Team Mesh Gear Bags from D & J Sports

3 09 2015
You should have printed swim team mesh gear bags for all your gear.

Printed swim team mesh gear bags are a must-have.

When you’re involved with swimming, there is a lot of competitive swimming gear you need to keep with you at all times. This creates the difficulty of finding the ideal way to store all the competitive swim equipment you will need when you head to the pool. While you can invest in more expensive options, printed swim team mesh gear bags can often do the job. When printed with custom logos for swim teams, these bags are perfect for swimmers on all levels.

A Roomy Solution

The first time you got involved in swimming, you were probably overwhelmed by the amount of competitive swimming gear you required. Not only did you need a good quality swimsuit, but you also must purchase swim goggles, a swim cap, a soft towel and other swim training gear. Carrying all of this without a great bag with plenty of room can be practically impossible. When you choose printed swim team mesh gear bags, you will find they offer plenty of room despite their small size, allowing you to easily transport anything you need. With the over-the-shoulder straps, you can carry everything with ease.

Show Your Team Spirit

In addition to being a quality bag you can rely on to last for years, purchasing a mesh swim bag with custom logos for swim teams shows your team spirit and can help you find yours among all of the others at the pool. The mesh bags are available in a number of colors to match your team colors and can be screen printed with your team’s logo. In addition to the logo, the right provider can also print your name on the bag so you can tell yours apart from your teammates’ bags.

Swimming on a team can be a great way to learn how to work together and make some new friends with similar interests. However, when you join a swim team, you will find there is a lot of competitive swim equipment you will need to take with you to the pool, both for practices and for meets. With the right printed swim team mesh gear bags, you will have all the room you need to carry everything you could ever need.

If you’re looking for quality mesh bags printed with your team’s logo, contact us. D & J Sports offers in-house screen printing for fast, easy customization of many of their products.

New Team Colors Now Available for Speed Streamline Warm Up Jackets

1 09 2015
Stay warm and comfortable at the side of the pool with swim team warm ups.

Swim team warm ups will keep you warm and comfortable at the side of the pool.

When you’re spending a lot of time at the pool, you need more than the right competitive swimwear to help you perform your best in the water. You also need to find ways to stay warm at the side of the pool in between your swim team warm ups and your races. Purchasing the Speedo Streamline warm up jacket and pants can be the perfect way to not only look your best while you wait outside the water, but can also help keep your muscles warm and ready to hit the water again.

Keeping Warm at Poolside

The Speedo Streamline warm up jacket and pants can help keep you warm and ready to race whenever you spend time outside of the pool. Made from 100 percent polyester, these items work together seamlessly to cover your arms and legs so you can stay warm, regardless of what the weather is like at the pool. This means you can easily move between swimming in the water and waiting at the poolside for your next opportunity in the water without getting a chill and causing your muscles to lock up, ultimately affecting your performance.

Available to Match Your Team’s Colors

One of the biggest reasons why many swim teams choose these swim team warm ups is because they are available in a vast array of great colors that can either match or complement your team’s current colors. These polyester swim team warm up components can be mixed and matched to create any look you desire. The jacket is available in a number of great colors, including navy, black, black and gray, royal blue, black and maroon, orange, navy and light blue, as well as many others. The pants, on the other hand, are available in black and navy, which can look great with any of the jackets.

Staying warm on the side of the pool is a necessity if you want to perform your best and stay healthy. Buying the right swim team warm ups is just as important as choosing the proper competitive swimwear to wear while you are in the pool. With a warm up jacket and pants, along with other items, such as a swim parka, swim caps and sandals, will help you stay warm, whether you’re in or out of the pool.

If you’ve been looking for the best swim team warm ups for your swim team, contact us. We carry all the latest styles and colors so you can match your team colors.

Top Training Gear for Back to School

25 08 2015
Improve your performance with the right competitive swimming gear.

The right competitive swimming gear can improve your performance.

While most people are focused on buying pens, pencils, notebooks and more to get ready for class, but if you’re gearing up for the upcoming swim season, your “school supply” list will look a little different. Getting the right swim gear to help you train will ensure you perform your best throughout the season. In addition to your typical competitive swim suit, goggles and swim cap, consider this other competitive swimming gear to help you train for the upcoming season.

Swim Fins

An effective tool for perfecting your kicks and strengthening your leg muscles, it’s important to choose swim fins that prevent blisters. These fins can be used on a regular basis and come in a variety of sizes and styles to serve different purposes. If you aren’t sure which ones will help you, talk to your coach.

Swimming Snorkel

A swimming snorkel is another essential element in effective swim training. This piece of equipment allows you to focus more on your swim strokes than the proper breathing techniques. Once you have your stroke down, you can move on to focusing on your breathing rhythm.

Swim Paddles

When you’re trying to perfect your arm movements and strengthen your arms, the best piece of equipment you can use is the Swim Stuff Pro Team stroke paddles. These paddles create more resistance as you swim so you can more easily feel every wrong move.

Pull Float

The Swim Stuff 2.0 pull float is designed to be held between the swimmer’s legs to prevent movement while swimming. This is another effective tool that allows swimmers to focus on their arm movements and arm strength so they can move more effectively through the water.

There are many swim tools you can use to up your game for the upcoming school swim season. For this reason, it’s important to focus on which swimming gear is a necessity and which ones will help you the most. Adding these swim training tools to your school supply list will help you prepare for the new season and make improvements over your performance last year to increase your chances of winning.

If you’re looking for the best competitive swimming gear in Dallas, Texas, contact us. We carry a vast selection of swim gear to help you get just what you need to strengthen your performance.


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