Stock Up on New Swim Kickboards for Your Swim Team

9 08 2013
Swim Training Gear

The Swim Stuff Kickboard 2.0 is an essential training tool element.

Swim kickboards are an essential tool for any swim team that wants to train their swimmers to be more powerful in the water. When swimmers use these kickboards, they are able to focus on strengthening their kick and their lower body muscles so they can work less in the water without losing forward propulsion. Whether you need to replace your older kickboards or you’ve never had any, the Swim Stuff Kickboard 2.0 is an incredible option for your team.

Perfect for Swim Training

The swim kickboard is one of the most important tools swim team coaches can use to train their swimmers. The kickboards available from Swim Stuff are the perfect size for both adults and children, making it a versatile tool to have in your arsenal. Instead of having two sets to ensure you have the right size, you only need one. With rounded edges for a comfortable grip and a streamlined design, this tool allows swimmers to work on their performance without slowing them down in the water.

Enhance Your Training Regimen

As a swim coach, it is essential to provide a wide variety of training tools. Each of your swimmers will need to use each of these tools at some point. Different swimmers will require different tools at different times, though. This is why having a large number of the same training tool can be helpful. The Swim Stuff swim training tools are some of the most affordable tools on the market.

Available in a Wide Range of Colors

The Swim Stuff Kickboard 2.0 is available in a full rainbow of colors so you can easily find one that matches your swim team’s colors. Some of the incredible colors that are available include Kelly green, red, blue, purple, yellow, pink and orange. Choose a combination of colors, pick one for each swimmer in your team or buy all the same color to provide a better sense of team spirit.

Having a good kickboard can be the perfect tool for helping swimmers to strengthen their technique in the water and thus perform better. The Swim Stuff Kickboard 2.0 is a cost-effective tool with plenty of color options so you can choose the ones that best suit y9our team’s sense of style. When you have a set of these kickboards on hand, you will always have the right tools when your swimmers need them.

Buy the Swim Stuff Swim Backpack at a Great New Price

5 08 2013
Swim Gear

Having the right swim backpack means being able to store all your gear.

Swimmers have a lot of gear they need to carry with them wherever they go. While they could always keep a majority of their gear in any backpack or duffel bag, choosing a special swim backpack is often the better option for many reasons. Unfortunately, some of these backpacks can often be costly, causing swimmers to choose cheaper options that aren’t specifically designed with swim gear in mind. Today, you can pick up the Swim Stuff Swim Backpack at a great new price: just $19.95, down from $40.

Special Features for Swim Backpacks

When you buy a specialized swim backpack, you will enjoy many features you just can’t find in other backpacks or simple duffel bags. Swim backpacks often have separate compartments to keep your wet and dry gear separated. The wet compartments are lined to ensure the moisture doesn’t make its way into the dry compartments. The wet pockets are also vented to help prevent mold and mildew issues with your swimwear and other wet items. These backpacks also features specially designed compartments that will safely store all your gear, including swim caps, goggles, MP3 players, shampoo, cell phone and more. Everything will be kept safe and sound until you are ready to use it or store it when you get home.

Store Your Items in Style

Not all backpacks are as attractive as people want them to be. The Swim Stuff Swim Backpack is an attractive option that looks great and is functional as well. The backpack is large enough to hold all your gear without being overly large and bulky to carry. In addition to being the perfect size and looking fashionable, swimmers have their choice of black, blue, red and navy so swimmers can choose the one that looks best with their favorite swimwear or matches their team’s colors.

Owning a specialized swim backpack is an absolute necessity for those who spend a lot of time in the pool. These backpacks give you plenty of space to store all your necessary swim gear, including your swimsuit, towel, goggles, cell phone and more. In addition to having plenty of space, they are also able to handle all your wet items with ease. However, just because these backpacks are specialized doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to get a good one. The Swim Stuff Backpack is now only $19.95, giving you a great savings for the storage options you need.

The New Finis Neptune Swim MP3 Player

22 07 2013
Swim MP3 Players

The Finis Neptune Swim MP3 Player is a great addition to your swim routine.

Whether you swim competitively or you simply use swimming as a way to relax or exercise, you may wish to pair up your swimming with something else to help you relax. For many people, music is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself. But how can you use these two things together? When your head is in the water, it is difficult to hear any music outside the pool. The solution lies in the new Finis Neptune Swim MP3 Player.

How Is It Different?

The Finis Neptune Swim MP3 Player is quite different than many of the other MP3 systems on the market. One of the most obvious differences is you can use it in the water without risking electrocution or ruining the unit altogether. However, the main difference is in how you will listen to the music. Many MP3 players, both in and out of the water, use ear buds. This MP3 player, though, uses devices that rest on your cheekbones and conduct the music directly through your bones to your ears so you can listen without impeding your hearing with the ear buds. This is an incredible advancement in technology!

The Basics

As with any MP3 player you are considering, it is critical to know more about the basic information. For instance, the Finis Neptune Swim MP3 Player offers you 4GB of storage space, which allows you to keep a large amount of music or other audio on the device for up to 60 hours of listening. You won’t have to worry about a song repeating too many times as you enjoy your time in the water. The LED screen allows you to easily make your selections and listen seamlessly as you swim through the water. The MP3 player fits comfortably around your head and the speakers clip right to your goggles for the perfect positioning for the bone conduction audio.

Listening to music as you practice for your big swim meet or while you are exercising in the water can be a great way to relax a bit. If you would like to listen to music while in the water, the Finis Neptune Swim MP3 Player is a great option, giving you the ability to listen without blocking off your ears, along with a large amount of playback so you don’t have to be concerned with getting into a rut with the same music.

New Colors for the Speedo Pro Backpack

12 07 2013
Swim Backpack

The right swim backpack is essential to carry all your gear.

When you are a swimmer, you need to be able to easily transport your suit, towel and other swimming gear from one place to another. You will spend a lot of your time at the pool, for both practices and meets, which means you need a great backpack that will provide you with everything you need. However, not just any backpack will do. You need one that is specially designed with the swimmer in mind to make sure it meets your exact needs, including storage for wet items.

Several New Colors

The Speedo Pro backpack has always come in a wide variety of colors, including red, black, orange, yellow, navy and pink. This hasn’t stopped Speedo from coming out with several brand new colors so you can further diversify your swim backpack. They have recently released four new colors, including camouflage, turquoise/lime, black/pink and Kelly green. This gives you a total of 19 great colors from which you can choose, reducing the chances of having the same bag as anyone else.

Plenty of Pockets

Swimmers have a lot of gear. It’s more than just your swimsuit and towel, as well as a place to store your clothes while you are in the pool. You need a swim backpack that has a lot of pockets so you can have a special place for everything. Many swimmers also use a swim cap, swim goggles and sometimes carry swim training gear with them. Some swimmers even have a water-proof MP3 player to keep them entertained or relaxed between races or during practices. The Speedo Pro backpack has plenty of mesh pockets so you can keep everything where you can easily find it.

Great Quality

There is good reason why this swim backpack is one of the top selling backpacks on the market for this purpose. In addition to the vast amount of storage space, including separated compartments, within the bag, this backpack is of the highest quality. It will hold up well, no matter how often you take your gear to the pool. You won’t have to worry about anything getting wet due to the rubberized bottom. You will feel comfortable as well with the adjustable comfort straps.

If you are in the market for a new swim backpack, the Speedo Pro backpack is one of the best available. This backpack allows you to fit everything you need in a fashionable bag you can purchase to match your personal sense of style.

The Swim Stuff Jogging Belt for Your Exercise Needs

5 07 2013
Water Aerobics Gear

A jogging belt is essential for deep water jogging.

Exercising in the water is the perfect way to get fit without putting a lot of extra stress on your body’s joints. This is why water aerobics is the preferred type of exercise for the elderly, as well as those who are disabled, suffering certain illnesses or recovering from an injury. While you are exercising in the water, though, you can use special gear to make the most of your efforts. One of these tools is the Swim Stuff jogging belt.

How It Works

When you put on an aqua jogging belt, you will gain some additional buoyancy in the water, which is essential when you are jogging in deeper waters. While some people like to jog with a floatation vest on, the jogging belt is often a preferred option because it offers less interference with the way your body naturally moves as you job. Because of the freedom of movement you will enjoy, you will gain strength in your arms, all while keeping the stress on your shoulders down. Jogging in the water will also tone up your core muscles in your abdomen and give your lower body a workout as you move your legs through the water against the natural resistance of the water.

The Swim Stuff Jogging Belt

The Swim Stuff jogging belt is a cost-effective option for people who are looking for a quality jogging belt without spending a great deal of money. This particular belt is durable and strong, giving you long-lasting use so you won’t have to worry about buying another one. The adjustable strap allows just about anyone to wear the belt, though it is available in two sizes to best meet everyone needs. The foam from which the belt is made is non-porous, allowing the gear to dry quickly. The belt is contoured in the back for proper lumbar support and it features a quick-release strap for ease of use.

If jogging in the water is on your list of exercises to perform, you need a quality jogging belt to make your workout even more successful. The Swim Stuff jogging belt is an incredible option for every swimmer, offering additional buoyancy for those situations where you are jogging through deep water, as well as a long list of other features to make your workout successful. Don’t attempt to jog through the water without one of these incredible belts.

The New Swim Stuff Training Kickboard

3 07 2013
Swim Training Tools

The new ergonomic Swim Stuff training kickboard helps you strengthen your technique.

Training to become a swimmer is a lot of hard work and dedication. As you are learning how to become an effective swimmer, you will need to focus on certain aspects of swimming that can be put together into a powerful swim technique that will help you win races and stay fit. One of the most important aspects of swimming is learning how to kick as effectively as possible without expending a large amount of your energy. This can be achieved with the new Swim Stuff training kickboard.

About the Kickboard

The Swim Stuff training kickboard is an incredible tool that offers a variety of features that will help swimmers of all skill levels and body sizes to work effectively in the water and strengthen their kicks. This kickboard is available in blue and pink and features cut out handholds on the sides of the boards to make it easier for anyone to use it. This kickboard is ergonomically designed to ensure swimmers can use it for long periods of time without worrying about doing damage to their bodies. Made from 100 percent durable EVA foam, this kickboard offers the perfect amount of buoyancy to keep it afloat while you use it so you can concentrate more on your kicks than whether you will stay on top of the water.

Who Can Benefit?

Just about any swimmer can benefit from using the Swim Stuff training kickboard as a tool in learning how to swim and then perfecting their technique into the future. Even someone who has been swimming for a long period of time can benefit from using these kickboards. The Swim Stuff kickboards are perfectly priced and designed to work well at swim schools, learn to swim programs and even for swim teams that are looking for ways to perfect their technique and help their swimmers become stronger and faster in the water.

If you are looking for a quality training kickboard, the new Swim Stuff training kickboard is an excellent choice. This kickboard offers the best possible features to help swimmers learn new techniques and strengthen the techniques they already use. With the low cost of these new kickboards, you will be able to buy as many as you desire and provide all your swimmers with the incredible advantages of using such a simple training tool.

How Swimmers Use Swim Lane Ropes

28 06 2013
Swim Lane Ropes

Swim lane ropes offer many benefits.

Sometimes it is amazing to think about how swimmers always seem to know where they are in the pool. While some people think they know where they are based on the number of strokes they complete to get across the pool, most swimmers are thinking more about technique than how many strokes it takes to get across the pool. The secret lies in the swim lane ropes you see floating in the pool. However, these pool lane lines also serve other purposes as well.


If you look closely at the swim lane ropes, you will see they change colors. In the middle of the pool, the colors typically alternate between two colors, often representing the home team or the colors of the organization hosting the event. The colors alternate at regular intervals so swimmers have a good idea of how far they have gone. At the 15 or 25 meter mark, the lane lines will change to one solid color to signal the end of the pool is approaching so swimmers know the race is ending or they must make a turn.

Less Resistance

Another major function of the swim lane ropes is to provide less resistance as swimmers are moving through the water. If you were to immediately follow behind another swimmer, you would find yourself in their slip stream, causing less effort to move yourself forward. In swimming, this is frowned upon. Likewise, the wake of the other swimmers can have a detrimental impact on the efficiency of your swimming. The lane ropes are designed specifically to prevent these disturbances from transferring between lanes so everyone has a fair chance.

Stay in Your Lane

Staying your own lane while you are swimming can often be more difficult than it looks, particularly if you do not have swim lane ropes to guide you. This is one of the primary functions of the lane ropes. You will easily identify where you are supposed to go so you can swim in a straight line. The straighter you are able to swim, the faster you will be able to finish the race.

There are many reasons why swim lane ropes are essential in any pool. The most important function is to let swimmers know exactly where they are in the pool to avoid collisions with the end of the pool. They are also designed to prevent resistance caused by other swimmers and to help you swim in a straight line within your own lane. This will offer you the best chances of success.

The Proper Way to Use Swim Paddles

14 06 2013
Swim Paddles

The right swim paddles is essential to strengthen your performance.

There are many tools competitive swimmers can use to strengthen their swimming skills and improve their chances of winning in a race. One of the most common types of tools to use is the swim paddles. These paddles are a great way to strengthen the arms, shoulders and upper body so swimmers can more easily propel themselves through the water. However, there is an incorrect way to use these paddles, making it important for all swimmers to learn the proper way.

Master Your Stroke

One of the biggest mistakes swimmers make when they attempt to use swim paddles is using the paddles as a way to build on their swimming skills. However, paddles can actually cause injury if the swimmer does not already use the proper technique. Swimmers who use the paddles without the proper technique will definitely feel it when they aren’t swimming properly, but this will lead to pulled muscles and other injuries that can be detrimental to the long-term success of a swimmer. Only swimmers who have mastered their swimming techniques should use this training tool in their daily work.

Keep It Short

Swim paddles are a swim tool that are not meant to be used for a long period of time. While you may use the paddles as part of your daily routine, you should only use them for a small portion of your practice time. They can build up the strength in your upper body and arms, but using them too much can again lead to injuries. This is because the paddles put a lot of stress on the arms and shoulders and will cause fatigue much more quickly.

The Right Paddles

There are many variations of swim paddles. Not all of them are designed to do the same things. For starters, the paddles should only be about 10 percent larger than your hand for the best results. Secondly, you need to pay attention to the type of paddle. For a beginner, a freestyle paddle is one of the best options. However, for someone who is a good swimmer, a catalyst paddle can be a better choice. Always talk to your coach about which type of paddle is best for your level of expertise.

Choosing the right swim paddles and knowing how to use them properly is essential to your success. Failure to use the right paddles or misuse of this training tool can lead to injuries and a poor performance when race time approaches.

The Three Best Outdoor Swim Goggles

29 05 2013
Outdoor Swim Goggles

Outdoor swim goggles are essential to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Goggles are an absolute necessity when you are going to be spending time in the pool, especially when you are involved in competitive swimming. However, when you are swimming outdoors, you will need an entirely different type of swim goggle than you would if you are swimming primarily indoors. If you are in the market for the best outdoor swim goggles, consider these three excellent options.

Aquasphere Kaiman Mirrored Lens Goggles

The Aquasphere Kaiman Mirrored Lens Goggles work much like sunglasses do, reflecting the light away from your eyes instead of into them. The soft frame and large eye pieces make these goggles comfortable to wear, no matter how long you spend in the water. These goggles offer greater visibility in low light, easy adjustment, UVA and UVB protection, 180-degree visibility and anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating. Use the Aquasphere Kaiman goggles for both recreational and competitive swimming, including open-water swimming.

Speedo Speed Socket Mirrored Goggle

Another mirrored option that provides similar protection to sunglasses, the Speedo Speed Socket Mirrored Goggle is perfect for all your outdoor swimming needs. Available in four colors, you will enjoy the streamlined design for less resistance in the water, rigid frame for keeping a tight seal and greater field of vision for better visibility in the water. The low-profile allows you to streamline your performance and swim even faster. The adjustable nose piece, UV protection and anti-fog properties make this an excellent option for function and comfort.

Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Goggle

If you are a Speedo fan, you will love the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Goggle that is available in a wide selection of 12 fantastic colors to best fit your personality. The low-profile design provides you with 25 percent greater peripheral vision so you always know where you are in the water. These goggles provide you with a two-color strap that adjusts to fit you best, four interchangeable nose pieces, UV protection and anti-fog properties.

Choosing the best goggles for your outdoor swimming needs is important to make sure the light doesn’t negatively impact your ability to swim well. With these three options, you will be able to find the fit and style that works best for your needs. In addition, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of colors so you can find a pair of goggles that will match your competitive swimwear as well. You just can’t go wrong with the right pair of mirrored goggles.

Extend the Life of Your Swim Goggles

27 05 2013
Swim Goggles

Protect your swim goggles to ensure they last for a long time.

Swim goggles are an important component to any swimmer’s gear. A good pair of goggles can cost quite a bit of money, causing you to want to protect them as much as possible to keep your investment safe and in good condition. There are many products you can purchase that will allow you to avoid the need for new goggles too often.

Anti-Fog Spray

Even though many of today’s goggles are treated with special anti-fog coatings, fog can still be a real issue, especially when the air is cooler than the water. For this reason, you need to consider investing in some anti-fog spray that will allow you to further prevent the build-up of fog on your goggles so you can be sure to keep them in good condition and be able to see as you swim through the water. The Speedo Anti-Fog Solution is available in 2 oz. size and will remove all the chemicals and dirt from the surface of your goggles, keeping them working like new for longer. You may also want to consider the TYR Goggle Anti-Fog Spray. This spray comes in a convenient spray bottle. When you use this spray on your goggles or even your regular eye glasses, you will clean them and add an extra coating that will prevent fog from occurring.

Goggle Cases

When you aren’t wearing your glasses, you likely put them in a case to make sure they don’t get broken. So why wouldn’t you do the same for your goggles? Though they aren’t as breakable as your regular glasses, they need to be protected to ensure they last you a long time so you don’t have to replace them and spend more than you should on your goggles. The Speedo Goggle Case is a fabric case that cushions and protects your goggles, while still allowing them to drain so they can dry properly. The TYR Goggle Case provides you with excellent protection with a polyester casing with zipper closure and soft-lined interior. This case is available in two colors.

Goggles can be an expensive investment in your swimming career, but they are essential to your success in the water. For this reason, you need to take the right steps to protect them from damage so you don’t find you have to replace them often. With the help of anti-fog sprays and a goggle case, you will be able to keep your goggles looking and working like new for a long time.


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