Experience the Difference with Summer Swim Team Lane Ropes

17 05 2013
Swim Team Lane Ropes

The right pool lane ropes are essential for markings and easier swimming.

One of the most important pieces of equipment for any pool, especially those in which swim teams practice and compete, is the swimming pool lane ropes. These ropes are designed to help swimmers find their way in the water without having to make the effort of looking around. However, they can actually be useful to the swimmer by eliminating the slip stream and other disturbances created by the other swimmers. Available in the common lengths of 25 and 75 feet, there are a couple of swim lane lines that should be the top of your must-have list.

AntiWave Forerunner Racing Lane Line

The AntiWave Forerunner Racing Lane Line is a colorful option to customize your pool to fit with your team’s colors or the look you are trying to portray in your pool. With their new design, the 4.75 inch disks are able to disperse any waves and eliminate the disturbances that can negatively or even positively impact the swimmers in the next lanes over. These swim team lane ropes feature a solid color for 15 feet and alternating colors throughout. If used for backstroke meets, a solid-colored marker at 15 meters for turn around. All AntiWave pool ropes qualify for a 3 year warranty.

Competitor Racing Lane Line

The Competitor Racing Lane Line is another popular option for competitive swimming pools to mark the lanes. It is also available in a variety of colors to best match the look you desire for your pool. With the five fin design for the 4-inch disks, resistance in the water is eliminated due to the other swimmers. In addition, the Competitor swimming pool lane ropes are also known for making your turnaround times even faster because of the way they are designed to eliminate the resistance. Because of the way these swim lane lines are put together, you can customize the length if you find you need a shorter length for various purposes.

Choosing the right swim team lane ropes is essential to ensure you follow the guidelines set forth by FINA, especially if you are using the pool for competitive purposes. Both the AntiWave Forerunner and Competitor pool ropes are great options, allowing you to select the exact colors you desire, whether they fit with your team colors or your organizations standards. Available in 25 and 75 foot lengths, each of their unique designs can offer you the advantages of less resistance and a smoother swim.

Outfit Your Swim School with New Swim Gear

8 05 2013
Swim Gear

Low-cost swim gear is essential to help your swimmers learn.

When you operate a swim school, it is important to make sure you have all the swim gear that is necessary to train people how to swim well. While your students will be responsible for their own basics, including swimwear and even goggles, you need to be able to stock up on the other training aids they will have to use. Being able to buy these in bulk at lower prices will ensure you have just what you and your swimmers need.


One of the first tools your new swimmers will need to use is a kickboard so they can learn the basics of kicking. Supplying enough kickboards for your class can be a large expense if you aren’t able to buy them in bulk. Your best option for keeping your costs low for this item is the Swim Stuff Kickboard 2.0, which is available in multiple colors at a low cost, especially when you buy more.

Swim Fins

Swim fins aren’t just for diving any more. Many swimmers use them to strengthen their leg muscles and work on their swimming techniques. When you need to purchase larger numbers of swim fins, the Swim Stuff Rubber Swim Fins can be one of the best options to keep your prices low, while having functional fins to help your swimmers learn.

Pull Floats

Another useful tool for swimmers is the pull floats. These floats position between the swimmer’s knees, keeping his legs stationary so he can work on his upper body technique. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on pull floats to use with your entire team or class. The Swim Stuff 2.0 Junior Pull Float is the perfect option to allow you to provide each of your swimmers with one of these useful tools to use while they are at the pool.

Fitness Barbells

Strength is an important component for all swimmers. One of the best ways to build this strength is through the use of aqua fitness barbells, such as the Swim Stuff Aqua Fitness Barbells. These barbells can be used by everyone who comes to your swim school to partake in exercises that will help them build the strength they need to perform well in the water.

With the use of the right equipment, swimmers can become better than ever in the water. When it is your responsibility to provide all this equipment, you need to find ways to cut your costs by buying these items in bulk without sacrificing quality.


Swimwear and Goggles for Kids Learning to Swim

6 05 2013
Youth Swimwear

The right swimwear and goggles is important to learning how to swim.

With summer fast approaching, many parents are signing their kids up for swim lessons so they can feel more confident in their child’s abilities in the water. However, it is important for parents to be aware of what their children will need for these lessons. Most parents simply buy any swimsuit for their child and that is it. Whether you want your child to become involved in competitive swimming or you just want him to know how to handle himself in the water, the proper swimwear and goggles are important to his success.

Girl’s Swimwear

If you have a girl, you need to look for a swimsuit that provides the coverage every girl should have without interfering with her ability to move in the water. Speedo makes a large line of girl’s swimsuits that make the perfect option for those swimming lessons, allowing you to choose the right style, design and colors that will make any girl happy to wear the suit.

Boy’s Swimwear

Likewise, you need to be able to provide the right swimwear for your boys. When it comes to boy’s swimwear, you will find more options than you will with girl’s swimwear, but this is due to the variations in boy’s styles, including the jammer and the brief. You will also find a variety of designs and colors from which to choose.


An important element for your child’s swimming lessons is the goggles you choose. There are many options when it comes to goggles, including the cheap ones you can pick up at any local store. However, it is best to choose from the better models to ensure they do the job correctly and last for a longer period of time. Some of the best options for kids, especially beginners, include the Speedo Skoogles Swim Goggles and the TYR Swimple Googles.Both come in a variety of colors so you can match them to your child’s suit.

Starting swimming lessons can be an exciting experience for kids. However, it is important for parents to choose the right equipment for their child. This includes choosing appropriate swimwear that will last a long time and fits your child’s preferences, as well as goggles that will help him be able to see clearly in the water as he learns how to swim. The right equipment makes the process go more smoothly and can even be a great introduction to competitive swimming.

The Best Learn-to-Swim Training Aids

19 04 2013
Swim Gear

Swim goggles are an important piece of gear for children.

Teaching kids to swim is one of the most important skills they can learn. Not only will it give them the ability to have fun at the beach, in the ocean and at neighborhood pools, it could also serve as a life-saving skill. Understanding the basic swimming techniques will help your child become confident in the water, enabling him to swim for fun or even begin competing and making a hobby out of this exceptional method of exercise. In order to teach swimming techniques, there are a variety of learn-to-swim training aids that are necessary.

Swim Fins

Swim fins, such as the Swim Stuff Rubber Swim Fins, are the perfect choice for the beginner swimmer. Swim fins are meant to teach the proper kicking technique to those who are just starting out, whether kids or adults. The long, rubber fin makes it easy to progress even the lightest kick into a powerful forward thrust, giving swimmers a competitive advantage. The full foot coverage of this fin makes it a natural extension of a child’s leg, making it simple to use.


Swim goggles are more than an accessory; they actually protect children’s eyes while in the water. The chlorine and other chemicals in the pool can interfere with a child’s ability to focus in the water, forcing him to avoid focusing on his swim strokes and more on being able to see. Choose from a variety of goggles that include features, such as adjustable straps, expanded side view and soft frames, as well as UV and anti-fog protection.


The kickboard is the perfect way to help a beginning swimmer focus solely on his leg movements. With the arms staying stagnant while holding the kickboard, ample focus can be paid to the legs, how hard they are kicking and the form they are using. Kickboards are popular in learn-to-swim programs and vary from basic boards, such as the TYR Jr. Kickboard, to the elaborate, such as the Arena Kickboard Pro, which offers a hydrodynamic shape and different hand positions to make it easy for even the youngest swimmer to use in the water.

New swimmers in learn-to-swim programs need a variety of accessories to help them perfect their swimming skills. Whether you choose to use one or all of these training aids, they are sure to help your child perfect his swimming skills, whether to learn a life-saving skill or to take into a competitive swimming hobby.

The Most Important Gear for Summer Water Aerobics

12 04 2013

Water aerobics is a great way to exercise to increase muscle mass or even lose weight without putting any strain on the joints. Even people who suffer from various injuries and illnesses and are unable to weight lift, jog or even do aerobics on land are able to enjoy the weightless benefits of working out in the water. In order to maximize your time working out in the pool, there are certain accessories you should purchase.


To add resistance for your arms while working out in the water, there are a variety of water barbells available, such as the Speedo Aqua Fitness Barbells. What sets these barbells apart from others is their EVA foam construction that resists damage from chlorine and lightweight structure to make them easy to take with you. They are the perfect way to provide flotation assistance, as well as resistance in the water.

Jog Belt

A jog belt is a must-have for anyone who participates in water aerobics. Perfect for deep water workouts, these belts give you the help you need with flotation, as well as provides back support during your workouts. The Speedo Aqua Fitness Jogbelt offers an adjustable waist up to 48 inches, making a perfect fit for anyone.

Aqua Gloves

For maximum resistance and higher levels of workouts in the water, add a pair of aqua gloves to your workout gear this summer. The TYR Elite Fitness Gloves offer double-sided neoprene webbed construction to give you even more resistance in the water. With an adjustable wrist and the ability for your fingertips and thumbs to touch the water, you can feel the water as you move through it, burning calories and increasing muscle mass with each movement.

Water Shoes

Just as you would want proper support while working out on land, you need support in the water. Choose a pair of water aerobics shoes that are lightweight, offer traction and are made from quick drying material to keep you comfortable in and out of the water. The Speedo Hydro Trainer Water Shoe offers maximum ventilation, a perfect rubber sole for traction and Speedo foam for comfort.

Fitness Kickboards

Kick up your leg workouts with fitness kickboards that are designed to keep your arms stable while your legs do all of the work. The Speedo Adult Swim Kickboard is made from EVA foam and is the perfect size for any adult trying to focus on their legwork and maximizing muscle mass in their legs alone.

Proper Swimsuit

Of course, no water aerobic workout would be appropriate without the right chlorine-resistant swimsuit. You should look for a swimsuit that offers comfort, flexibility and the right material to resist fading and wear and tear from chlorine. This will allow you to avoid restrictions during your workout, while offering long-term wear.

Custom Swim Caps Are Perfect for Entire Swim Teams

18 03 2013
Swim Team Caps

You can customize swim team caps for your entire team.

When you consider your swim team’s apparel, the swim caps they wear should be considered. Not only is it a good way to ensure everyone is wearing a quality cap, it also gives your team a uniform look, especially when you purchase custom swim caps with your team’s name or logo on it. Swim team caps are meant to reduce the amount of drag swimmers experience to speed up their times. As an added benefit, it also helps protect their hair from chlorine and other chemicals in the pool. It is essential for every member of your team to wear a cap, especially during competition. Choose those that will offer your team a uniform look and intimidate your opposing teams.

Custom Latex Caps

Swim team latex caps are the thinner of the swim cap choices. Many swimmers prefer the thinner material, making them feel less weighed down in the water. Because they are thinner than other caps, they do retain less heat, enabling your swimmers to feel more comfortable overall. It is important to understand they are less durable than the silicone option. As long as your team is aware that proper care is necessary, it could last for a long time. If your swim team is on a budget, custom latex caps are a good choice because they offer affordable yet durable protection.

Custom Silicone Caps

Team silicone caps offer the most durability out of any swim team caps available. If your team takes proper care of their caps, they can last for many years. Not only are they durable, they also offer a more stable position on the head with little slipping. This makes it a more comfortable choice for many swimmers.


The type of team swim caps you choose will determine the type of customization you can get. The printed swim caps are typically available in a large number of colors, enabling you to choose the color that matches your team’s color. In addition, you can have your team name or logo imprinted on the caps in a variety of colors. The silicone caps have more versatility when it comes to customizations, but either type of custom swim caps offer protection and team spirit all in one product.

Use a Swim Pace Trainer to Achieve Proper Swim Pace Training

4 03 2013
Swim Training Gear

The Finis Tempo Trainer can help you achieve the proper rhythm.

Sometimes competitive swimming is not all about speed; it is about the pace you keep. Without a consistent pace, your times could suffer.  The more strokes you make, the slower your times. In order to create the perfect tempo, you need proper swim pace training. The best way to maximize your training is through the use of the Finis Tempo Trainer or Finis Tempo Trainer Pro. This innovative aid can be used on your own because it provides all the notifications you need to understand your swimming skills.

What Is the Tempo Trainer?

The Tempo Trainer and Tempo Trainer Pro seamlessly attaches to your swim cap or goggles to work as your personal swimming coach. It emits a beep you can hear in and out of the water, enabling you to determine the rhythm you are keeping, which allows you to create a pace that is beneficial to your times, effectively increasing your swim tempo.

How They Work

Every beep you hear signals another stroke. The more strokes you make, the harder you are making your body work and the less speed you actually achieve. If you achieve a perfect rhythm with your strokes, you can make your body move forward faster, rather than simply moving the water around you. As you train with the swim pace trainer, you will learn to effectively pace your strokes to ensure you are exhibiting the least number of strokes per lap.

Achieve Focus

One of the largest benefits of the Finis Tempo Trainer and Tempo Trainer Plus is its ability to keep you focused on your stroke without any distraction. There is no need to worry about times; your speed will increase effortlessly as you improve the rhythm and pace of your strokes. It teaches you how to focus on the number of strokes you are making and how long they are taking. One extra stroke can cause a major downfall in your times.

Learn the Difference between Speed and Strokes

The Finis Tempo Trainer helps you realize it does not matter how fast your strokes are, the number of strokes you make are what make the difference. It allows you to focus on your task at hand, not on simply getting to the other end of the pool. If you focus on the quality of your strokes, not the speed, you will be able to achieve faster times without ever focusing on the clock, making the most out of your swim pace training.

Swim Gifts Are Fun to Give

25 02 2013
Swim Gifts

Find great swim gifts for the swimmer in your life.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a swimmer in your life or a way to reward your entire swim team, there are a variety of unique novelty items that make great swim gifts. For the person who eats, sleeps and breathes swimming, give them a swimming pillowcase with adorable sayings and graphics specifically for swimmers. For the swimmer or swimmer’s parents who love to show off their love for swimming, there are different swim stickers available to place on the car and show the world their passion.

Swim Pillowcases

Swim pillowcases make a unique yet personal gift for the swimmer in your life. There are a variety of slogans and characters, making it easy to find one that fits your swimmer the most. The We Swim in Peace Pillowcase showcases an alien in a swimsuit, making the peace sign, and the Swim Monkey Pillowcase features a cute monkey with goggles. There are also two pillowcases that do not have characters, but simply say Eat, Sleep, Swim and I Love Swimming. If you are looking for the perfect gift for an entire team, give them all the same pillowcase before a big meet and encourage a good night’s sleep for the big race the next day.

Swim Stickers

Swim stickers offer a great way to show off your love for competitive swimming. There is an I Love Swimming car sticker, a silhouette of a person swimming in water with the word Swim or a Swim Chick decal to proudly display your love for swimming. For the proud parents, there are Swim Mom and Swim Dad stickers to proudly support your children.

Other Fun Items

There are a variety of other fun products to use as swim gifts or to purchase for yourself to promote your love for swimming, including water bottles, magnets and t-shirts. Small promotional items for your swim team is always a great way to boost morale and reward swimmers for a job well done.

Shopping for a swimmer in your life is easy when you find incredible novelty items, such as swim pillowcases and swim stickers that help you promote your love for swimming. In addition to finding novelty gifts for friends and relatives, these items make great gifts for an entire swim team because they are unique, affordable and promote a love for swimming.

Get Ready for the Hot Weather with the Best Kids’ Swim Goggles for the Summer

11 02 2013
Kids' Swim Goggles

Find the perfect pair of kids’ swim goggles for summer swimming.

When kids are on a swim team or spend a large amount of time in the water during the summer perfecting their strokes, they need proper kids’ swim goggles to protect their eyes. The right protection will not only shield your child’s eyes from the harmful chemicals in the pool but also give them clearer vision, allowing them to focus on their swimming and less on trying to figure out where they are

Speedo Jr. Vanquisher Mirrored Goggles

The Speedo Jr. Vanquisher Mirrored Goggles offer a low profile and slim design that allows swimmers to keep their aerodynamics in the water, helping them keep their speed up. They also offer a double head strap to keep the goggles in place in any type of conditions, eliminating the distraction of having to adjust them while swimming. The mirrored lenses offer UV protection and reduce the glare off the water in the sun, as well as fog protection to eliminate blurry vision and slower times as a result

Speedo Jr. Vanquisher 2.0 Goggles

The sleek design and low profile of the Speedo Jr. Vanquisher 2.0 Goggles make them the perfect choice for kids with small or narrow faces. They offer a unique fit with three interchangeable nose clips, double head strap and adjustable clip to allow for customization and ultimate comfort. The factor that sets this pair of kids’ swim goggles apart from any others is the 25 percent increase in peripheral vision, making it even easier to stay on track and decrease swim times.

Speedo Skoogles Mirrored Goggles

The Speedo Skoogles Mirrored Goggles are the perfect first pair of swim goggles for kids. Targeted for kids ages three to eight, they are made from silicone to offer extreme comfort. The frame sits easily on the child’s face and Speed Fit clips make them easy to adjust. Kids will also benefit from the anti-fog lenses with UV protection to not only protect their eyes from chemicals but also the sun’s rays.

TYR Youth Flexframe Goggle

The TYR Youth Flexframe Goggle makes perfect kids’ swim goggles for those who swim often because they are hearty enough to withstand plenty of wear and tear. Made with a unibody design, comfortable silicone frame and split head strap, any child would be comfortable wearing them. They also offer incredible protection for their eyes with UV protection, anti-fog capabilities and shatter resistance.

Stay Warm This Winter with Swim Parkas

6 02 2013
Swim Parka

Stay warm on the sidelines with a swim parka.

When your swimming takes you to the pool year round, winter can become quite brutal on your body, especially your muscles. It is important to protect the condition of your muscles before and after you hit the water to prevent cramping or impeding your swimming skills. If your swimming takes you into the winter, whether your climate gets cold or not, it would be wise to invest in a quality swim parka to keep you warm and to avoid unnecessary injury.

Speedo Team Parka

If you are looking for a way to make your entire team look united while they stay warm this winter, the Speedo Team Parka is the perfect choice. Available in solid Black or Navy, this parka is water resistant, allowing your team to wear it near the water without worry about getting it wet. The interior is lined with fleece to keep everyone as warm as possible and contains several pockets on the interior and exterior of the parka to allow them to carry their important swimming accessories without worrying about losing them. This parka is a great way to provide a united front for your entire team.

TYR Alliance Swim Team Parka

For swimmers in really cold areas, the TYR Alliance Swim Team Parka promises the utmost protection with its polyester outer shell and micro fleece lining that not only keeps swimmers warm but also eliminates moisture. In addition, the barrel lock bungee cord on the hood keeps the wind out. Unlike many other parkas, the TYR parka offers a slim fit to reduce the bulk that is usually felt when wearing a swim parka. It also contains front and back venting to allow swimmers to regulate their temperature without feeling overheated. For important items, such as an MP3 player or keys, there is a secure inner pocket to keep belongings safe.

Nike Swim Parka

For those swimmers who are partial to the Nike brand, the Nike Swim Parka offers incredible warmth and style. Available in Black, Navy and Red, each color has a contrasting white stripe down each arm for a flattering look. This parka is made from fabric that is water resistant, making it possible to wear it on deck without the worry about getting wet. It also has comfortable elastic cuffs, a drawstring hood and mesh vents to prevent overheating or sweating before swimmers enter the pool.


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