A Parent’s Guide to Competitive Swimming

8 10 2015
As a swim parent, it's important to purchase the best competitive swimwear brands.

The right competitive swimwear brands is just part of being a swim parent.

When your child is involved in competitive swimming, it’s important you don’t become so absorbed in the competition you lose sight of helping your child enjoy the activity. There are many benefits of high school competitive swimming, which is why it’s important to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Buying the right competitive swimming equipment from the top competitive swimwear brands is just one thing you can do to show your support and dedication.

Don’t Emphasize Winning Too Much

Let’s face it. We all want to see our children succeed. However, that’s not how the world works. Teaching your children from a young age that winning isn’t the only thing that matters will serve them well throughout their lives. Instead of treating each meet as a life and death situation, treat your child like a winner every time. This is a good lesson, even when your child is competing on a higher level, such as high school.

Don’t Compare Your Child

Everyone will have different abilities and progress at their own rate when it comes to competitive swimming. For this reason, it’s essential to avoid comparing your child to any of the other swimmers on the team or even opposing teams. Your child will reach his or her potential at the appropriate time based on their hard work and dedication. Understanding and accepting where your child’s abilities lie will help him or her accept them too.

Get Involved

While your child may not want you hanging around at all times, getting involved can help show your support and forge a better bond with your child. One of the benefits of high school competitive swimming is gaining some independence, but if you volunteer at the concession stand for some races or invite the team over for pizza after the meet, you will be able to balance your involvement with your child’s enjoyment of the activity.

Swimming can be a valuable method of exercise, along with a fun activity that keeps kids of all ages active and involved. As a parent, however, it can be difficult to navigate your place in the equation. These tips can help you keep your child focused on training, rather than winning all of the time, so both you and your child can enjoy their involvement in the competitive swimming arena.

If you’re looking for the best competitive swimwear brands, contact us. You can find all the necessary competitive swimming equipment from D & J Sports, helping your child succeed as a swimmer.

How to Recover from a Swimming Injury

6 10 2015
Consider a Swim Stuff aqua jog belt for recovery training.

The Swim Stuff aqua jog belt is a necessity for recovery.

While swimming is relatively safe, there is always the possibility of injury. Learning how to recover from a swim injury with the right competitive swimming equipment in Dallas, Texas, will help put you back on the path to recovery so you can concentrate on improving your performance. The following tips will help you get back in the water faster and stronger than ever before.

Work with a Recovery Team

You should never rely on your own devices to go through your recovery. The best way to make sure you recover properly and can get back in the water with a lower risk of reinjuring yourself is to work with an experienced team. Talk to your coach, as well as your doctor, about what they recommend during the recovery process. Once you have a recovery plan, make sure you follow it exactly. Your coach is just as eager as you are to get you back in the water but won’t compromise your safety.

Use the Right Tools

The best way to ensure a good recovery is to use the right tools during your training and recovery periods. The Swim Stuff aqua jog belt is one of the most effective tools to help give you the weight and resistance you need to work in the water. In addition, you should purchase the best swimming paddles and fins that prevent blisters. Not only can these tools help you along the road to recovery, but they will help prevent further problems.

Be Prepared for Setbacks

Every swimmer wants to get back in the water as quickly as possible, but it shouldn’t be done at the expense of your well-being. As you move forward with your recovery, be prepared to handle any setbacks you may encounter. Talking to your coach can help you learn what to expect from an injury like yours.

No one likes to be injured, but when it happens, it’s important to take the necessary amount of time to ensure you can come back stronger than ever and decrease the chances you will become injured again. Knowing how to recover from a swim injury can get you back in the water faster without sacrificing your well-being.

If you’re looking for the right competitive swimming equipment in Dallas, Texas, contact us. We carry all the tools you need to help you recover and become a stronger swimmer.

Speedo’s New Color Block Swim Team Parka Keeps You Warm and Comfortable During Competition

24 09 2015
Stay warm with swimming parkas.

Swimming parkas help keep you warm.

Whether it’s getting a little cooler outside or you want to make sure your muscles stay warm in between races and training sessions, swimming parkas can be a valuable asset. This competitive swimming gear is an absolute must when you’re involved without outdoor swim teams, especially in the fall and spring. One of the latest additions to this category of swimming gear is the Speedo color block parka. There are many reasons you should consider choosing this parka to keep you warm this season.

A Water Resistant Shell

Perhaps one of the greatest assets of swimming parkas is their ability to repel the water. Whether it’s raining outside or it will simply be subjected to splashes at the pool, a water resistant shell means you won’t feel like you’re soaked as you stand on the sidelines. It also won’t damage the coat when you take it off to enter the water for your next race. You can count on coming back to a warm, dry parka that will continue to keep you warm until you need to get back in the water.

Pockets Are Important

Pockets are an important element for swimming parkas, which is why the Speedo color block parka is a great option for swimmers. Not only are there pockets on the outside to be used to keep your hands warm and dry while you wait, but there is also a zippered interior pocket. This pocket is perfect for keeping your MP3 player out of the elements or to store your cell phone so it won’t be damaged by the water. In addition, all of the pockets are fleece lined for even greater warmth.

A Variety of Colors

One of the best reasons to choose Speedo’s latest addition to the swimming parka line is due to the beauty of the colors selected. Most of the parkas come in a light gray and dark gray two-tone shade with hints of black, Kelly green, red and sapphire. A fifth option includes a light gray and navy blue two-tone parka.

Choosing the right competitive swimming gear in Dallas, Texas, is a necessity if you want to remain competitive and ensure a great performance. Swimming parkas are a great addition to your swimming wardrobe, helping to keep you and your muscles warm in between your races at the meets. When you are able to keep warm, your performance will greatly improve.

If you’re interested in buying the latest Speedo color block parka, contact us. D & J Sports carries a full line of the latest competitive swimming gear for swimmers on all levels.

Start the Season Right with Speedo’s New Thin Strap Swim Team Suits

22 09 2015
Get an advantage with the right competitive swimwear.

Choose the right competitive swimwear to give you an advantage.

Swimming is not only great for your health, but it can be an incredible challenge for many. Joining a high school swim team can be a highly rewarding experience that can be made even better with the use of the best competitive swimwear brands. In fact, some of the latest designs in Speedo swim team suits feature thin straps, which offer incredible comfort for swimmers, while maintaining range of motion. Choosing these competitive swimsuits can offer many advantages.

A Variety of Styles

When it comes to competitive swimwear, Speedo takes pride in offering a variety of styles to make sure every swimmer can find the perfect suit for comfort and support. Even if you know you want a thin strapped swimsuit, you will still have several styles from which you can choose. Several of their current styles include the Mind over Cross Back PowerPLUS swimsuit, the Got You Cross Back PowerFlex Eco swimsuit and the Conquers All Touch Back Endurance+ swimsuit. Each of these suits showcases the latest in Speedo technology and offers an incredible fit and comfort level that can’t be found with some of the other top competitive swimwear brands.

Choose from Many Color Combinations

In addition to choosing from the variety of styles available, you will find there are a number of colors and prints to select as well. For instance, the Mind over Cross Back features a fun lined pattern available in five colors and color combinations, while the Got You Cross Back offers a design that features horizontal lines and is available in five colors. Finally, the Conquers All Touch Back swimsuit was created with a maze-style design available in four colors and color combinations.

Choosing the right competitive swimwear is all part of performing your best in the water. Whether you’re just getting started with your high school team or you swim on a higher level, there are many competitive swimwear brands to choose from. However, not many of them do as well as Speedo swim team suits. These suits feature all the comfort and support swimmers need without restricting your movement.

If you’re looking for the best competitive swimwear in Dallas, contact us. D & J Sports carries a full line of the best competitive swimwear brands for the best results.

The Benefits of High School Competitive Swimming

17 09 2015
Choose the best competitive swimwear brands for high school.

The best competitive swimwear brands are perfect for high school teams.

For many swimmers, the first step toward competitive swimming after swimming lessons is a high school swim team. From buying the best competitive swimwear brands to all the gear you need, it’s your first step toward a long career if that’s what you’re looking for. There are many benefits of high school competitive swimming, giving swimmers a solid foundation, whether they choose to pursue swimming or head in a new direction after high school.

A New Group of People

One of the great things about swimming is you get to make a new group of friends who share a similar interest. If you’ve previously been involved in club swimming, you will find new people to spend some time with, along with a few you may already know. This new dynamic allows you to get used to working with a variety of people, which can be a useful life skill, even as you journey beyond the pool.

New Challenges

Every level of swimming you reach offers new challenges to help you become a stronger swimmer and work together more effectively as a team. In addition, you will be competing against other swimmers who have different skill levels. Not only can this push you harder to do better against the better swimmers, but can also give you the humility you need to help those who haven’t yet reached your level.

Get Advice from the Coach

High school swim team coaches often have more competitive swimming experience than the coaches you encounter on the lower levels of the sport, such as clubs. This gives you the chance to work with someone who knows the field and can give you the tips you need to improve your stroke and your strength.

Represent Your Team

For many swimmers, swimming for a high school team is their first opportunity to work as a structured team. Earlier experiences typically don’t have the sense of unity high school teams can, giving swimmers a greater advantage if they want to move forward with the sport.

There are many benefits of high school competitive swimming. Not only is it often the first experience enjoying the top competitive swimwear brands, but it also offers a sense of team work many swimmers have yet to undergo. It’s about more than finally being able to buy the best Speedo high school competitive swimwear; it’s about making friends and gaining the experience.

If you’re looking for Speedo high school competitive swimwear in Dallas, contact us. We carry a full line of the best competitive swimwear brands so you always have the best choices.

Speedo’s New Endurance+ How It’s Done Free Back Swimsuit Is Perfect for Competitive Swimmers

15 09 2015
Get strength and durability from Speedo's competitive swimwear.

Speedo’s latest addition to competitive swimwear offers strength and durability.

Competitive swimwear comes in all styles and colors to ensure every swimmer can get a comfortable fit without hurting their performance in the water. Speedo swim team suits are among the most popular. To help keep up with the demands of competitive swimmers, they are constantly creating new swimwear that looks great and offers better functionality. The Speedo New Endurance+ How It’s Done Free Back is their latest addition to the Speedo swimsuit line.

A Long-Lasting Fabric

One of the most attractive features of this new competitive swimwear is the longevity of the fabric. The Endurance+ fabric is made from 50 percent polyester and 50 percent PBT, giving it the flexibility and long life swimmers need when they spend a lot of time in the water. This fabric is also chlorine resistant, which means you can count on the swimwear holding its color for much longer. In addition, you will enjoy four-way stretch technology for the perfect fit every time.

A Beautiful, Functional New Design

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to choose Speedo swim team suits is their revolutionary designs. The Speedo New Endurance+ How It’s Done Free Back swimsuit is designed with thin, streamlined straps that are reinforced for comfort and stability. These suits offer an improved fit with a softer feel that keeps swimmers comfortable, no matter how long they spend in the water. In addition to the excellent support swimmers can enjoy, this new design offers the optimal freedom of motion swimmers need. The swimsuit is available in a number of colors, including purple, Kelly green, blue, red, vibrant orange and a classy combination of navy, red and white.

Choosing the best competitive swimwear is essential if you want to perform your best. The newest Speedo New Endurance+ How It’s Done Free Back suit is just the latest in a long line of quality Speedo swim team suits designed to help swimmers maximize their skills in the water, providing durability and the freedom of motion swimmers have come to expect. With their reputation for quality, it’s no wonder they continue to provide the greatest and the best to their swimmers.

If you’re looking for the best competitive swimwear in Dallas, contact us. We carry a full selection of swimwear and gear designed to help swimmers on all levels perform their best.

Michael Phelps New Record Setting Racing Goggles: The MP K180+

10 09 2015
Get comfort and function with the Michael Phelps racing goggles.

The Michael Phelps racing goggles offer comfort and function.

When you’re one of the biggest names in competitive swimming, it only makes sense the products you wear in the water will be some of the most popular competitive swimming equipment on the market. The newest Michael Phelps racing goggles, the MP K180+, provide the comfortable fit and all the features you need to ensure you move seamlessly through the water with as little resistance as possible. This competitive swim equipment helps protect your vision and ensures clarity so you always know where you’re going.

The Perfect Fit

One of the attractions to the MP K180+ swim goggles designed by Michael Phelps is the advantages it offers in the water. These goggles provide the ideal fit, with integrated curved lenses for a wide line of vision, water-tight gaskets and an adjustable nose bridge. With the semi-rigid exoskeleton structure, these goggles offer the stability swimmers need without a stiff fit that is uncomfortable and doesn’t seal well. They are also one of the lowest profile goggles on the market, further reducing the amount of drag swimmers experience.

An Attractive Option

While many swimmers are more concerned with the functionality and fit of their swim goggles, the Michael Phelps racing goggles have so much more to offer. The mirrored goggles help prevent glare for swimmers who need to be able to see where they are going clearly. In addition, the sleek design offers a modern look for swimmers who want to look their best while they swim. The wraparound lenses allow for 180 degrees of clear vision to give swimmers the best chance for success in the pool, while they look their best.

Choosing the best competitive swimming equipment in Dallas, Texas, ensures you can swim your best and improve the chances of winning your races. Some types of swimming equipment are designed by those who use them and can provide other swimmers with the same advantages. Michael Phelps has made a name for himself in the world of swimming and wants to share his success with others who have big dreams of being one of the greats.

If you’re looking for the bet competitive swimming equipment, contact us. D&J Sports offers all the top equipment, particularly the products designed and used by Michael Phelps himself.


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