Catch Paddles

30 04 2009
TYR Catch Paddles

TYR Catch Paddles

There is a new swimming hand paddle on the market and it is revolutionizing the way swimmers train. The TYR Catch Paddles are designed to develop a better feel for the water. The extended side-blade design exaggerates the “catch phase” of all strokes, making technique imperfections easier to feel. The Catch Paddle has a smaller paddle surface area that reduces shoulder stress. This is a great feature as shoulder injuries happen way too often in swimming. This new paddle is designed to be used in conjunction with regular training paddles. The key features include helping to develop the perfect stroke technique without adding stress on the shoulders and arms. You can use during drills for all of the strokes. The multiple strap combinations allow for wide variety of hand placements and drills. The TYR Catch Paddle is safe for beginner to elite-level swimmers.


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