How to Properly Size Competitive Swimwear

6 09 2013

Competitive swimwear may look like many of the other swimsuits that are available in your average store. However, these suits are often quite different, made in different styles with different materials that are designed to enhance a swimmer’s movements in the water. These suits also typically provide more coverage than the suits you can buy in any department store. Because competitive suits are built differently, you need to learn how to properly size one.

Measure Yourself

Measuring for competitive swimwear is quite easy for most swimmers. Men should measure their waist and their hips to get the proper fit. Women must measure their waist and hips, as well as their bust, to ensure the right fit in their swimwear. Once you know your measurements, you will need to retake them each year to accommodate any changes in your body.

Use Size Charts

Every brand of competitive swimwear has its own sizing chart to use. If you wear one size in one brand, don’t assume you will wear the same size in all brands. Many of the best brands are similar in size, but it is best to make sure you are matching up your measurements to the right chart so you can be sure of the proper fit.

Order Up

Competitive Swimwear

Choosing the right competitive swimwear is essential to your success.

Many swimmers don’t fit perfectly into one size on a brand’s chart. When this happens, it is best to order a size up rather than a size down. While it may seem that the drag of the extra material would not be beneficial to swimmers, the effect is minimal. Wearing an uncomfortable suit that restricts your movement is much more detrimental to your swimming.

Try It On

Before you jump in the pool with your new competitive swimwear, make sure you try it on. If it doesn’t fit properly, it is best to exchange it for a different size. This can be complicated if you buy online, but it isn’t impossible. However, this is why you should always follow the right steps to reduce the chances of needing to return the suit.

Competitive swimwear fits much differently than typical swimwear, making it essential to learn how to get the right fit. Because you need freedom of motion and a good fit to be an effective swimmer, it is important to measure yourself regularly, compare your measurements to the sizing chart, order up if needed and try the suit on before you start to use it.

Enjoy a Great Low Price on High School Team Suits

30 08 2013
Competitive Swimwear

The Speedo Aquablade competitive swimwear is an excellent low-cost option.

Many people begin focusing on competitive swimming around the high school years. Whether they have been training for years or they are just getting started, this is some of the first experiences people have with competitive swimming. Some people continue in the sport after high school, while others stop once high school is over. In either case, paying a lot for competitive swimwear isn’t an option for most high schoolers. Therefore, you need to find a low-cost option for competitive swimwear at this level.

Speedo Aquablade Recordbreaker Swimwear

Women who are competing at a high school level can save money by choosing the Speedo Aquablade Recordbreaker swimsuit. This incredible suit is FINA compliant and made from a durable fabric that features natural channels that help swimmers move through the water with less resistance. This provides less drag and is actually more slippery than natural skin. The fabric is also chlorine-resistant, which means it will last for a much longer period of time than many other low-cost swim suits available on the market. The suit is available in black, royal blue and navy for some variety.

Speedo Aquablade Jammer

High school level men can also experience the incredible benefits with the Speedo Aquablade Jammer, designed specifically to help men move through the water seamlessly. The stripes on the suit are actually channels through which the water naturally runs, allowing swimmers to experience less resistance and drag, which can really slow down a swimmer. The men’s version of this swimwear is available in black, royal blue and navy, as well as an additional color, sapphire. This provides high school men with a great variety from which to choose.

Competitive swimming can be an expensive sport, making it difficult for people to participate in a swim program on a high school level. Many high schoolers aren’t sure if they want to participate in swimming after high school. Those who do aren’t likely to have a lot of money to spend on the equipment. When it comes to high school competitive swimwear, choosing something that doesn’t cost a lot of money and is incredibly durable is the greatest option. Speedo offers the Aquablade swimwear line for both men and women, giving high school swimmers a great option that costs less than $100 for a swimsuit that should last through several seasons.

The Nike Team Color Block Cut-Out Tank Is a Popular Option for High School and College Girls

26 08 2013
Swim Team Suits

Choose the most popular swim team suit for high school and college girls.

The competitive swimwear professional swimmers wear over that which high school and college swimmers wear can be quite different. Many high school and college swimmers are limited by finances and want a low-cost option that is durable and will last for a long time. One of the most popular options for high school and college girls is the Nike Team Color Cut-Out Tank.

The Features of the Nike Cut-Out Tank

The Nike Team Color Cut-Out Tank swimsuit is the perfect option for competitive swimmers on the high school and college levels. With the thin back straps, this suit offers a comfortable fit without creating greater resistance in the water. This tank-style suit offers a flattering fit for women, allowing them to show off as women, while still enabling them to perform well in the water. Made from a combination of nylon and spandex, these suits can last a long period of time with proper care.

Incredible Quality at a Great Price

The reason this swim team suit is one of the top picks for both high school and college students is it is a low-cost alternative to some of the other competitive swimwear that is available. Not only can you purchase one of these suits for a low price, they will last for a while to ensure you don’t have to purchase a new one too often.

Choose Your Colors

The Nike Team Color Block Cut-Out Tank suit is available in a variety of colors so every swimmer can find one in her team colors. This suit is available in black, green, royal, red, red and navy, and maize. In addition to choosing a color that matches your swim team, you may have them printed with your team logo to further customize the suit.

Purchasing a swim team suit means you need to make sure you are able to find your team’s colors. The Nike Team Color Block Cut-Out Tank suit is one of the best options for high school and college swimmers. This suit offers an excellent, flattering fit, as well as your choice of colors and printing so you can get the fit and look you need to fit in with your team. Combined with the low cost, this is the ideal suit for all high school and college swimmers.

The New Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2

2 08 2013
Competitive Swimwear

The new Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2 offers maximum compression and support.

The Arena Carbon Pro swimsuit has now lost its FINA approval, which leaves swimmers looking for a new competitive swimsuit. To compensate for the recall of this popular swimwear, Arena now makes the Carbon Pro Mark 2. This revolutionary swimwear uses the same carbon fiber technology as its predecessor in a way that is FINA-approved for competitive swimming on all levels.

Optimal Compression

When it comes to competitive swimwear, it is essential to have proper compression to ensure you are more aerodynamic in the water. Both males and females have trouble spots that need maximum compression for greater performance in the water. The Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2 competitive swimwear offers compression in the exact locations swimmers need to help them move through the water seamlessly at faster speeds. In addition to offering the appropriate compression, this competitive swimwear also offers support where swimmers need it most for optimal comfort.

Great for Men and Women

The Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2 is an incredible option for both men and women. The men can enjoy this suit in the popular jammer design that covers the upper legs and provides the appropriate compression and support where men need it the most. For women, Arena has constructed the Carbon Pro Mark 2 in the popular open back kneeskin design. This design offers the coverage women desire, combined with the same compression and support that is found in the men’s version. Both versions are the perfect option for those who are looking for a suit that supports optimal performance.

A Variety of Colors

When the Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2 was first introduced, it was only available in charcoal gray. Today, this swimwear is available in three colors so swimmers can choose the color they prefer. In addition to the charcoal gray, swimmers may also choose orange or cyan for their suit. These colors offer an incredible look for any swimmer.

Whether you already own one of the older Arena Carbon Pro suits or you are in the market for a new competitive swimsuit, the new Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2 is a great option for all swimmers. This suit utilizes the latest carbon technology to create the proper fit and compression swimmers need to do their best in the water. Arena is excited to launch this newest suit to add to its collection of competitive swimwear and accessories to help swimmers make the most of their time in the water.

Save Money with a Long Lasting Dolfin Swimsuit

19 07 2013
Competitive Swimwear

The Dolfin Chloroban suits are incredibly durable.

When you swim competitively, you spend a lot of time in the pool. There are many practices each week, as well as meets on a regular basis. If you have been purchasing Lycra swimsuits up until now, you may have noticed that you have to replace your swimsuit often. This is because the chlorine, sunscreen and body oils wreak havoc on the material, causing them to wear quickly. Instead of spending more on new suits, you can save money by purchasing the long lasting Dolfin suits.

Why Is Dolfin Better?

The key is in the Chloroban fabric that is used in this competitive swimwear. This highly durable material offers you the ability to wear the suit in the water over and over again without exposing it to high levels of wear and tear. The fabric is incredibly resistant to chlorine, as well as the chemicals in sunscreen and the oils in your skin. This offers you incredible value for the money because the suit will remain in great shape for much longer.

Dolfin Chloroban Solid Jammer

For men, the Dolfin Chloroban Solid Jammer is a great option. This incredible suit offers you all the comfort you need in your choice of six colors, including black, navy, red and forest green. The soft and comfortable material stretches and returns to its original shape, giving you freedom of movement. The Chloroban fabric is also UV resistant and dries quickly so you can be comfortable and confident, even when you aren’t in the water.

Dolfin Chloroban Solid DBX Back Suit

The women will enjoy the Dolfin Chloroban Solid DBX Back Suit. This incredible suit can offer you many of the same advantages of the men’s suit with the proper coverage women need while swimming through the water. The classic design offers the best range of motion and doesn’t feel restrictive as you swim. the women’s version of the suit is available in seven colors, including black, purple, navy and red.

When you need a great swimsuit that will last you a long period of time, the Dolfin Chloroban suits will save you the most money. The material from which these suits are made is designed to work with your body and resist all the chemicals and oils that are a natural part of swimming. Whether you are male or female, you can find the perfect option in the best color.

Outfit Your Team with Speedo Solid Swim Team Suits

15 07 2013
Swim Team Suits

Finding the right swim team suits is essential to help your team stand apart.

You need your swim team to look uniform so everyone will know which team they are a part of. This often means choosing swim team suits that do not have designs and come in a variety of colors to best match the ones chosen for your team. One of the best options for a uniform look for your team is the Speedo Solid Swim Team Suits. These incredible suits come in several colors and give your swimmers the flexibility and mobility they require in the water to swim well.

Choose Your Team Colors

The Speedo Solid Swim Team Suits comes in several colors so you can choose the one that goes best with the theme of your team. Some of the colors from which you can choose include black, sapphire, navy and red and navy. If you don’t have a specific color that represents your team, talk to the team members and find out which one they all like. As long as you purchase the suits together, you can be sure everyone will know which swimmers are on your team.

A Quality Suit

Speedo is one of the top names in competitive swimming. When you purchase these Lycra team swim suits, you can feel confident they will hold up to the normal wear and tear of pool use. These suits offer an incredible range of motion without chaffing from the straps or the other parts of the suit. It also features a low drag profile and no-slip straps to further help you move through the water.

Other Customizations

Choosing the right colors isn’t the only method of customizing the Speedo Solid Swim Team Suits for your team. These swimsuits can also be customized by embroidering or screen printing your team logo directly on the suit so there will be no mistaking your team members, even if another team has chosen the same suit as you. Everyone will ask you where you purchased your unique swim team suits.

Swim team suits are a great way to show some unity within your team. If you are looking for the perfect option for your female team members, the Speedo Solid Swim Team Suits is the best option. These suits are high-quality and come in an array of colors to best meet your needs. You can even have your logo placed directly on the suit through screen printing or embroidery for further customization.

Amazing New Speedo LZR Elite Colors

1 07 2013
Competitive Swimwear

The Speedo LZR Elite now comes in three great color combinations.

The Speedo LZR Elite swimsuits are some of the best competitive swimwear on the market. These incredible suits are available in both men’s and women’s styles, giving all swimmers all the incredible benefits Speedo offers to its customers. If you are looking for a great suit that will offer you all the advantages a swimmer needs in the water, as well as a great selection of colors to help you stand out in a crowd, the Speedo LZR Elite is your suit.

LZR Elite Specs

The LZR Elite suit is made from quality Pulse Fabric technology that gives swimmers an advantage over their competitors in the water. This unique fabric is 40 percent more water repellant and durable, giving swimmers less traction in the water that will hold them back. This allows swimmers to move seamlessly through the water for faster swim times and better results. These suits also offer full body compression to reduce muscle oscillation and provide swimmers with a more hydrodynamic shape. While technique is an important aspect in your success, the type of suit you wear can have a great impact on your results as well.

Great New Colors

The Speedo LZR Elite was only available in black. However, today, the company has released three great new colors to offer you even more flexibility in your competitive swimwear. The black and sapphire provides the perfect contrast between the dark black and the brilliant blue. If you want a color that is a bit brighter, you may opt for the black and green to give you even more visibility in the water. Finally, this swimsuit is available in a navy and raspberry combination. This allows you to eliminate the black from your suit entirely and give yourself a look that will really set yourself apart from your competition.

Competitive swimming is a great way to stay in shape. While you are in the water, though, you need the right kind of swimwear to give you the advantage you need over your competitors. The Speedo LZR Elite is one of the best suits to give you the hydrodynamics and the other features you need to swim your best with few distractions. While you may already have one of these suits in black, they are now available in three great new colors so you can find the right one to showcase your personality and help you stand apart while you are in the water and hanging around the pool.


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