The Difference between Silicone and Latex Swim Caps

9 01 2013
The right swim cap can improve your performance.

Choose the right swim cap based on your personal preference.

Swim caps serve a variety of purposes, both for the competitive and recreational swimmer. Competitive swimmers use various products to help them reduce the resistance in the water and increase their speed. For many swimmers, the right cap can give them the competitive edge they need. Recreational swimmers use them to protect their hair from the harsh elements of the chemicals in the water. Understanding the difference between silicone and latex will help you choose the product that is right for you.


Silicone caps are made from a slick material that can easily slide off a swimmer’s head. This fact makes it necessary to find the perfect fit to ensure its stability during your race. They are easily put on and taken off without snagging hair and causing uncomfortable tugging or pulling. They are also breathable, making them comfortable for swimmers of all ages

The Speedo Solid Silicone Swim Cap is a popular choice because of its affordability. Entire swim teams can choose to purchase theirs together, creating a uniform look among the team by purchasing the team color for everyone. This united look enables your team to become intimidating to your rival teams.


Latex swim caps stretch easily. This makes them popular for people of all ages because it is comfortable for all head sizes. Even women who have long hair that needs to be wrapped up find the Speedo Solid Latex Swim Cap comfortable and easy to wear. Because latex is stretchable, it is a durable material, especially for younger swimmers who are a rough on their equipment. It is also an affordable material, making it a popular choice among many swimmers because they can be replaced without becoming a financial burden.

Choosing the Right Material

When you are looking for a cap that will reduce your drag in the water and help you gain the competitive edge, you will need to weigh your options. The right cap is a personal preference based on your comfort level in the water. You want a cap that will stay put and provide your head with the most coverage. In addition to giving you the speed you need to get ahead of the competition, it is also the perfect way to protect your hair from the harsh elements of the pool water, especially when you swim on a daily basis.

Which Type of Swim Cap is Best?

11 06 2012
Swim Cap

Choosing the right swim cap requires you to consider your swimming conditions and needs.

When you look at the swim caps that are available to you, it may not be clear why there are caps made from different materials. The goal of wearing a swim cap is the same, no matter which one you choose. However, you need to know how to pick the best swim cap for you so you don’t find yourself having trouble once you start using it, such as durability issues and fit.


One of the most important elements of your swim cap is its durability. In general, a silicone swim cap will be the most durable. The material is a bit thicker than the latex swim caps and is resistant to stretching. This means you can use the cap over and over for longer periods of time without worrying about it stretching out and not fitting properly. Silicone is also less likely to become damaged if you leave a wet cap in your swim bag.


In addition to durability, you need to consider the temperature of the water in which you swim. Because silicone is a thicker material, you will want to avoid this type of swim cap if you are going to consistently swim in water that is above 81 degrees Fahrenheit. If you swim in warmer water and choose silicone, you are more likely to overheat. Latex will help your head breathe better, making you more comfortable as you swim.


You will need to consider more than the temperature of the water in which you swim. You must also consider how hard you will work. Just like participating in aerobics, you can work up a sweat if you are going to be swimming hard. If you will be working out hard in the hot sun, you may want to choose a latex swim cap instead of a silicone one, even if the water temperature is lower.

Choosing the best swim cap for your style of swimming will ensure you don’t run into any problems. You will need to consider many things while making your choice, including the durability you require, the temperature of the water and how hard you will work. While silicone swim caps are more durable than latex swim caps, they are also warmer, making latex a better choice for warmer pools and hard workouts in the sun. For some people, one of each can work best, but for many others, choosing one or the other is sufficient.


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