Blue Seventy Legskins Now Available

26 02 2009

 Blue Seventy has a brand new style of their popular Nero Comp swimsuits, it is the male Blue Seventy Nero Legskin. The new legskin swimsuit is made of the same Yamamoto SCS fabric with hydrophobic skin and a drag coefficient of only 0.032 (over 50 times lower than skin), that reduces friction drag through the water. Helix technology improves fit and allows for a better swim stroke. This might possibly be the fastest legskin swimsuit now on the market. For the price it is a great bargain when compared to the Speedo LRZ Legskin. Men’s swimming times are sure to continue to drop with the addition of the new Blueseventy Nero Legskin. Get your Blue Seventy leg swimsuit today at D&J Sports.


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