The Fastskin LZR Elite Now Comes in New Colors

3 05 2013
Competitive Swimwear

Enjoy the fun new colors in the Speedo LZR Elite Line.

The Speedo Fastskin LZR Elite competitive swimwear is an amazing suit that is preferred by many swimmers. With its exclusive design and the perfect fit for many swimmers, this swimwear makes the perfect option. However, in the past, the men’s and women’s versions of these suits were only available in black. While this is a perfectly suitable color, whether you are practicing or competing, many swimmers want the ability to choose something different. Today, the Fastskin LZR Elite swimwear is available in several new colors to best outfit any swimmer.

Speedo LZR Elite Jammer

The Speedo LZR Elite Jammer is the perfect option for men who are looking for the perfect fit and compression in the water. Made from the LZR Pulse material, swimmers can choose from the traditional black or the new attractive combination of black and green or navy and raspberry. This fabulous male competitive swimwear features bonded seams that make it easier to swim through the water at a much faster rate than other types of seams that can actually slow you down in the water. These suits are FINA approved and may be used for high school and NCAA competitive swimming.

Speedo LZR Elite Recordbreaker Kneeskin

For the females, the Speedo LZR Elite Recordbreaker Kneeskin is an excellent option. Made from the same versatile material as the male version of this top competitive swimwear, the female version is also available in black, black and green or navy and raspberry. In addition to the bonded seams and water repellant and chlorine resistant properties, this competitive swimwear features a 3D three-piece pattern that makes it fit better than many of the other swimwear options on the market. Women will enjoy the high levels of comfort, as well as the ease with which they will move through the water when wearing this remarkable suit.

Finding the perfect competitive swimwear is critical to ensure your success in the water. While the Speedo LZR Elite has been a popular suit for some time, it was previously only available in black, making it difficult to choose this suit over the other fun options that were available in other types of suits. However, swimmers today can choose from the new fun color combinations of black and green or navy and raspberry to obtain the benefits of the Speedo LZR Elite, as well as the ability to show some personality with your chosen colors.

New Speedo Guard Swimsuits for Women

15 02 2013
Lifeguard Swimwear

Speedo has released two new attractive lifeguard suits for women.

Years ago, lifeguards didn’t have many choices when it came to their swimwear. Today, however, there are many options, allowing lifeguards to customize their look, while still maintaining their position at the pool or on the beach. Speedo has now released two new lifeguard swimsuits for women, providing them with even more choices so they can look and feel good at their post, as well as be able to perform well to help those who need it.

Speedo Guard Flyback Suit

When you wear the bright red Speedo Guard Flyback Suit, you will stand out in the crowd as someone you should pay attention to. This is useful when you need to give someone a reprimand or even help someone out. The wide strap across the back offers optimal support for maximum comfort in long-term wear. Made from quality Endurance Lite fabric, you will experience fast drying when you do need to get wet and less restriction, allowing you to move as needed to help out those who need it. You won’t need to worry about this swimsuit slowing you down and impacting your ability to do your job.

Speedo Guard Energy Back Swimsuit

Another new option from Speedo is the Speedo Guard Energy Back Swimsuit. This particular suit is available in the lifeguard red but also features accents in white and navy blue for a sleek look you won’t find in many other lifeguard swimsuits. This suit is also made from the fast-drying Endurance Lite fabric that offers less resistance when you need to swim through the water. The back of this swimsuit features slimmer straps for those who don’t like the look or feel of a wider strap across the back, while still providing the utmost in support and comfort for those long days out on the water.

Lifeguards need quality suits that will stand the test of time due to the amount of time they spend in their swimwear. They also need a swimsuit that is comfortable and doesn’t impede their ability to move quickly. With these two new Speedo guard swimsuits, you will experience the best of everything. Available in attractive red colors, you will be able to stand out in a crowd so anyone who needs help can quickly and easily spot you and ask for help. Both of these suits are comfortable to wear for long periods of time and will last you, no matter how often you end up in the water.

New Female Speedo Swimwear

14 11 2012
Speedo Female Swimwear

Speedo has released three new swimsuits for women.

Speedo is one of the top names in swimwear and has been for a number of years. Today, they are still putting out some of the top competitive swimsuits on the market. This is evident in their three latest releases, providing women who take part in competitive swimming the ability to choose a colorful swimsuit for practices and even meets to ensure their improved performance and success in the pool.

Speedo Primal Splash Flyback

The Speedo Primal Splash Flyback suit provides women with a splash of color in the pool. Made from the Xtra Life Lycra material, the suit is flexible and supportive without restricting movement, which can be detrimental to your performance in the water. The material provides increased resistance to sunscreen, skin oils and chlorine, making it a highly durable fabric. The thin straps in the back provide reduced resistance in the water, while providing all the support you need in the overlapping strap design. This suit is available in Kelly green, blue, purple, red and navy, red and white.

Speedo Fractal Point Flyback

Providing a similar design to the Primal Splash, the Speedo Fractal Point Flyback provides swimmers with all the benefits of the thin-strapped back. The suit is also designed to provide optimal support for the swimmer to allow her to move comfortably and efficiently through the water. This suit is also made from the same Xtra Life Lycra, providing the same resistance for a longer-lasting suit. The Fractal Point Flyback is available in a variety of colors, including Kelly green, blue, purple, red, deep gold and deep orange.

Speedo Vortex Super Pro Back

The third new suit available from Speedo is the Speedo Vortex Super Pro Back. This spectacular design is made from the same Xtra Life Lycra fabric for greater durability and less wear and tear in the water. However, this suit provides wider straps to provide greater support for swimmers who need some extra support along the back. It is also extremely comfortable to wear, creating the perfect option for competitive swimmers. The Vortex suit is available in red, blue, deep orange and Kelly green.

When you are looking for the perfect competitive swimwear for either a practice suit or to wear during your meets, Speedo is constantly making changes to create the perfect suit. With their three new additions to their female swimwear line, every swimmer will be able to find the perfect option for her.

Speedo Solid Flyback Training Swimsuit Now Available in More Colors

12 11 2012
Speedo Competitive Swimwear

The Speedo Solid Flyback training swimsuit now comes in even more colors.

The Speedo Solid Flyback training swimsuit is the perfect swimsuit for maximum support without restricted motion. Made from top quality material that is made to last through many uses and washes, this Speedo swimsuit is perfect for swim team participants or those who work out in the water on a daily basis for fitness. You don’t have to worry about fading or stretching, no matter how many times you wear this great swimsuit. With thin straps over the shoulder for maximum movement in the water, yet maximum support across the back, swimmers of all ages and sizes love the support this suit provides. Now it is available in even more colors!


If you are looking for a solid swimsuit in all one color, the Speedo Solid Flyback comes in solid black or solid sapphire for a uniform look. The black swimsuit offers a sleek style for women of all sizes and shapes. Many women prefer black swimsuits because it is by far the most flattering color. The new sapphire swimsuit is another solid color that is less muted than black but still offers a flattering color for any figure.

Neutral Colors

For the perfectly neutral yet contrasting colors teams can choose from black and white or navy and white. These two standard colored suits are perfect for the modest swimmers who do not want to draw a lot of attention to themselves but want to look put together and uniform.


For swimmers who want to capitalize on the flattery a solid black suit offers but don’t want to be completely dressed in black, Speedo offers black swimsuits with colored straps and outlines to give your suit a little attitude. You can choose from blue, pink, red or the new bright green outline on your flattering black suit to get the style of black with a little excitement in various colors. The bright green makes the boldest statement, but any of the colors add the perfect amount of excitement to any of these great suits.

More Colors

If you wish to venture away from the neutral, solid colors, you can also choose from navy with a red outline or the new charcoal with a pink outline, giving women a chance to embrace their femininity while swimming.

Speedo offers women a large variety of colors and styles when it comes to competitive swimsuits. The Speedo Solid Flyback is offered in a wide range of colors, making it possible for schools to match their team colors or for women to pick the color that matches their personality or one that flatters their figure the most.

High-Tech Racing Swimsuits for the Olympics

4 07 2012

Nothing but the best racing swimsuits is good enough for the Olympic swim teams. After all, the results of the Olympics depend on the swimmers’ speed, which directly correlates to the suit that is worn. A variety of innovative swimsuits that are light and increase speed, as well as flexibility, are what the Olympic stars of the 2012 Olympics desire.

Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Open Back Kneeskin

Precise fit and muscle compression is what competitive swimmers need. This can be found in the innovative Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro swimsuit line. The compression swimmers require is precise. Too much compression can restrict their movement, while not enough can slow them down. The Arena Carbon Pro line introduces an innovative way to find the delicate balance between too much and too little compression.

The Carbon Pro Kneeskin offers female swimmers maximum flexibility along with the perfect amount of compression. At no point will swimmers feel restricted or uncomfortable. They will be able to perform stronger kicks and perfect turns with incredible speed.

Competitive swimwear

The Speedo LZR Elite Recordbreaker Kneeskin is just one of many competitive swimsuits.

Speedo LZR Elite Recordbreaker Kneeskin

The innovative bonded seams of the Speedo LZR Elite Kneeskin offer more speed, less friction and less drag over sewn seams. Improving friction by as much as six percent, this makes a significant difference in a swimmer’s performance. The LZR Pulse fabric is not only water resistant but also delivers the right amount of compression to speed swimmers without restricting their movement.

The Recordbreaker back offers the trendiest styling for competitive swimmers, making it one of the most popular suits among Olympic swimmers. It is also compliant with FINA regulations and offers flattering style for all body shapes.

Speedo Fastskin 3 Super Elite Closedback Kneeskin

Watch your competitors start their race in fear when they notice the Speedo Fastskin swimsuit you are wearing. Known for its ultimate performance and ability to change the body’s shape up to 8.1 percent to minimize drag and increase speed, the Speedo Fastskin 3 is a suit that leaves the competition in the dust.

Some of the amazing benefits you will realize from the Speedo Fastskin suit are incredible compression abilities to work with any body shape, bonded seams to increase speed and reduce friction and Fit Point Markers to ensure you are wearing the suit in the exact position it was meant for. All these factors combine to give you one of the most competitive racing swimsuits on the market.

New Speedo Swimsuits Coming Soon

24 04 2010
Speedo 2011 Swimwear

Coming Soon 2011 Speedo Swimsuits

Just got a sneak peek at the 2011 Speedo Swimsuit line this week. D&J Sports will soon be offering the new line of swimwear. Some of the new suits will start arriving at our retail locations in the next few weeks and we will be adding them to our online store in the next week or two. Speedo is sure to have you covered whether you are shopping for a new team suit or just looking for a fun practice swimsuit.


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