Aquatic Fitness Belts

10 06 2009

In the heat of the summer water aerobics can be a great way to both escape the heat and get a great workout.  Such a workout provides the same benefits as aerobics done on land without putting unnecessary stress on the body.  If you decide to move your workout to the water your joints will thank you.

Speedo Aquatic Jog Belt

Speedo Aquatic Jog Belt

For most water aerobic programs the first step is selecting an Aquatic Fitness Belt that is right for you.  Speedo’s Aquatic Jog Belt is ideal for deep water aerobic workouts.  This jog belt uses soft, flexible foam to provide flotation support in deep water, and also gives additional back support.  The jog belt fits a wide range of waist sizes up to 48 inches.

Another great deep water option is the Speedo Hydro Resistant Jog Belt.  This belt is molded from soft neoprene foam for additional comfort.

Speedo Aquatic Fitness Belt

Speedo Aquatic Fitness Belt

Speedo’s Aquatic Fitness Belt offers more versatility than it’s deep water companions.  The Aquatic Fitness Belt comes with removable blocks for adjustable flotation.  This makes the belt great for both deep and shallow water aerobics.  Whether you are new to water aerobics or a seasoned vet the Aquatic Fitness Belt will give you the support you need in the water.

Women’s Lifeguard Shorts

10 06 2009

Comfort and versatility are very important to a good lifeguard wardrobe.  One accessory that no female guard should go without is a good pair of guard shorts.  Such shorts provide a quick and easy cover for your lifeguard suit.

Speedo’s Lifeguard Roll Waist Shorts are a perfect cover-up while on the job or for just hanging out.  These shorts feature the casual and trendy roll waist design and are 100% cotton.  The “Lifeguard” text on the back of the short reinforces your presence on the pool deck.  Available in a variety of colors including red and navy.

Speedo Lifeguard Roll Waist Short

Speedo Lifeguard Roll Waist Short

New Speedo Swimsuit for 2010 Released

9 06 2009
Speedo Cyber Swirl Swimsuit

Speedo Cyber Swirl Swimsuit

Speedo has just released a brand new suit from their 2010 Spring line. It is the Speedo Cyber Swirl swimsuit. This lycra print is made of the new Xtra Life Lycra material that is designed to fit like new for a longer amount of time. The Speedo Cyber Swirl is available in a female flyback swim suit, a male spliced jammer and a male brief swimsuit. The Cyber Swirl is a great option for swim teams since it will be available through the summer of 2011 and it comes in five different colors. You can order your new Speedo swimsuit today from D&J Sports Swim Shop.

Speedo Mirrored Goggles

27 05 2009

Speedo Women's Vanquisher Swim Goggles

In the summertime it is important to take advantage of the clear skies and sunny weather.  As you transition your swimming to an outdoor pool don’t forget to protect your eyes.  Speedo makes a variety of mirrored lens goggles that are ideal for swimming in the sun.  Mirrored lenses offer enhanced UV protection on top of the many other benefits that swimming goggles provide.

Speedo Jr. Hydrospex Mirrored are a great option for kids.  These goggles are some of the most comfortable on the market and feature the speed clip fit for easy use.  With mirrored lenses kids can play in the pool as long as they want.  Just don’t forget to have them reapply the sunscreen.

There are several mirrored lens options available for adults.  These include the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Plus and the Speedo Women’s Vanquisher.  Both the Vanquisher 2.0 Plus and Women’s Vanquisher’s are available in multiple mirrored colors.

Speedo Goggles for Kids

22 05 2009
Speedo Jr Vanquisher Swim Goggles

Speedo Jr Vanquisher Swim Goggles

Speedo has a swim goggle that is a perfect fit for kids, the Speedo Jr Vanquisher goggle. It offers the same great fit and performance of our regular Vanquisher goggle in a slightly smaller size. The Speedo Junior Vanquisher swim goggle is the ideal choice for both the recreational and competitive swimmer with a smaller or narrower face. This low profile swim goggle is extremely comfortable and well fitting. The adjustable nose piece is great for getting that snug fit. Kids Speedo swim goggles are the among the best is design, fit, comfort and they are also priced to fit your budget. The Jr. Vanquisher swim goggles are also available with mirrored lenses, they are called the Speedo Jr. Vanquisher Plus swim goggles.

Michael Phelps Swim Goggles

20 05 2009
Speedo Speed Socket Goggle

Speedo Speed Socket Goggle

You too can be a champion swimmer, ok well at least you will look like one with these Speedo swim goggles. Worn by Michael Phelps while winning seven medals at the 2004 Olympic Games and another 8 gold medals in the 2008 Games, the Speedo Speed Socket is an excellent swim goggle for competition swimming. The low profile design offers great peripheral vision and the polycarbonate lenses are coated with anti-fog protection and block 95 percent of UV rays. These low profile lens gaskets have a hypoallergenic comfort-fit seal and the silicone head strap is double-length for a more secure fit. It comes with three nose pieces to ensure a comfortable swim and avoid water intake.

The Speedo Speed Socket swimming goggles are available in several different colors plus they are also available in the Speed Socket Mirrored lenses. The metallic goggle lenses are perfect for outdoor swimming, especially for the backstroke. All that is left to do is to swim like Michael Phelps.

Speedo’s line of Competition swim goggles are designed for the serious competitor. Made from the highest-quality materials available, their low-profile design will give any swimmer the competitive advantage.

Number 1 Selling Kids Goggle

10 05 2009






Speedo Junoir Hydro Spex Goggles




Specially designed frame and lenses to accommodate kids or adults with a narrower face, Speedo blends a high-tech design with outstanding performance in the Jr.Hydrospex Swim Goggle. An affordable, stylish choice for recreational swimmers, the Junior Hydrospex Goggle features a watertight fit, one-piece frame, flared lens gaskets with good coverage around the eyes, and a non-adjustable nose bridge. Speedo’s Hydrospex Goggles are an excellent multi purpose goggle. They feature a virtually unbreakable lens with Anti-Fog Max and UV Protection. Keep the chlorine water out of your eyes at the pool, or look for fish in the ocean. Wherever you swim, these goggles are just right! Fun and flashy for kids but also a sleek design for adults with a smaller face! The Speedo Hydrospex Jr. has a unique bulleted design around the eye sockets which give it a futuristic, high-tech look. It is hypo-allergenic and anti-fog as well as UV protected so its ideal for sensitive skin. These swim goggles are available in a wide array of colors for you to choose from.

Women’s Swimming Goggles

7 05 2009
Speedo Women's Vanquisher Goggles

Speedo Women’s Vanquisher Goggles

Make a fashion statement as you cut through the water with the competition-quality, pastel-colored Women’s Vanquisher swim goggle from Speedo. The anti-fog, polycarbonate lens is shatter-resistant, has a pearlescent mirrored finish, and is UV protected. The soft silicone lens gaskets sit in a low profile on your face and offer cushioned protection. For a more comfortable swim and to avoid water intake, choose the right size of nose piece from the three provided. Speedo’s line of competition swimming goggles are designed for the serious swim competitor.  They are made from the highest-quality materials available, their low-profile design will give any swimmer the competitive advantage. These have been the most popular female swimming goggle for the past 5-6 years and I think they will continue to be one of the top selling goggles for a long time to come. There are lots of new goggles that come out every year but the Speedo Womens Vanquisher goggles remain the number one choice for competitive swimmers. Here is what you get with your Speedo Women’s Vanquisher swim goggle, streamlined profile with hypoallergenic silicone gaskets deliver watertight comfort that”s sure to get some second looks. Shatter resistant, polycarbonate lenses with pearlescent mirror finish adds a touch of style. UV 95+ protection and anti-fog coating will keep you focused on what”s ahead. Double silicone headstrap with back buckle for a custom fit. Includes three interchangeable nose pieces.

Kick Up

29 04 2009





Speedo Speed Training Fins

Speedo Speed Training Fins

Kick up the way you train. Enhance your up-kick with the Speedo Speed Training Fin. Designed to strengthen hamstrings and generate power for backstroke, freestyle and butterfly kicks. Short blades of this swim fin are designed for propulsive force while maintaining kicking tempo. Vents allow water to pass through promoting optimum speed and a six beat kick. Fin curvature creates pressure on the up-kick, promoting strength training. Comfortable open heel allows for increased ankle flexibility and easy transition to swimming fins during training. Available in a range of sizes for any size swimmer (S–XL). The Speedo Speed Training swim fin is a must for any serious swimmer that wants to greatly improve their up-kick.




Speedo Competition II Kickboard

25 02 2009
Speedo Competition II Kickboard

Speedo Competition II Kickboard

The hottest kickboard available right now is the Speedo Competition II Kickboard.  It has become the kickboard of choice among both recreational and competitive swimmers for a variety of reasons.  It’s unique dual density technology offers the ideal blend of comfort and performance.  Traditional kickboards often placeunnecessary stress on the shoulders by putting the swimmer at an awkward position in the water.  The dual density technology aleviates this stress with it’s soft, comfortable top and rigid supporting bottom.  This allows for longer kick sets and of course stronger legs in the long run.  The Competition II Kickboard is great for traditional kick sets as well as single arm and sidekick workouts.


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