Get Competitor Lane Lines and Storage Reels with Fast Shipping

23 08 2013
Swim Lane Ropes

Swim lane ropes and storage reels are essential for every pool.

Hosting competitive swim meets at your pool or even practicing for these events requires you to have the right competitor lane lines to separate out the swimmers as they compete. This means it is essential for most swimming pools to at least own a set of competitor lane lines to use when needed. If you aren’t going to use them all the time, you will also need storage reels to keep them in when they aren’t in the water. When you need these items fast, you need to find fast shipping to get them as quickly as possible.

Pool Lane Lines

The pool lane lines are an important piece of the puzzle in competitive swimming. These ropes do more than just keep swimmers going in a straight line without colliding with each other; they also cut down on the waves and other disturbances created by swimmers so each swimmer can have a clear lane and an equal chance of winning the race.

When it comes to pool lane ropes, there are many options. One of the most popular options is the Competitor 75 Foot 4-Inc Racing Lane Line. This lane line offers the option of creating a custom lane line with the variety of colors available in the discs. This swim lane rope is available in a full rainbow of colors, including black, green, orange, maroon, white, yellow, blue and purple. Despite the ability to choose the colors for your lane rope, you can still expect to receive the final product quickly after you order, allowing you to start using them fast.

Storage Reels

In addition to the swim lane ropes, you also need to purchase storage reels so you can keep your swim lane lines in the best possible condition. Keeping the lane lines in the water isn’t always an option. This is why you need to also purchase storage reels to reach your pool at the same time as your swim lane lines. These storage reels store conveniently at the pool side without interfering with the function of the pool.

Buying pool lane lines and storage reels is necessary if you plan to use your pool for competitive races or training for competitions. When you need these items fast, though, you need to find a supplier that can send out your custom order quickly so you aren’t left without when you need it.

Experience the Difference with Summer Swim Team Lane Ropes

17 05 2013
Swim Team Lane Ropes

The right pool lane ropes are essential for markings and easier swimming.

One of the most important pieces of equipment for any pool, especially those in which swim teams practice and compete, is the swimming pool lane ropes. These ropes are designed to help swimmers find their way in the water without having to make the effort of looking around. However, they can actually be useful to the swimmer by eliminating the slip stream and other disturbances created by the other swimmers. Available in the common lengths of 25 and 75 feet, there are a couple of swim lane lines that should be the top of your must-have list.

AntiWave Forerunner Racing Lane Line

The AntiWave Forerunner Racing Lane Line is a colorful option to customize your pool to fit with your team’s colors or the look you are trying to portray in your pool. With their new design, the 4.75 inch disks are able to disperse any waves and eliminate the disturbances that can negatively or even positively impact the swimmers in the next lanes over. These swim team lane ropes feature a solid color for 15 feet and alternating colors throughout. If used for backstroke meets, a solid-colored marker at 15 meters for turn around. All AntiWave pool ropes qualify for a 3 year warranty.

Competitor Racing Lane Line

The Competitor Racing Lane Line is another popular option for competitive swimming pools to mark the lanes. It is also available in a variety of colors to best match the look you desire for your pool. With the five fin design for the 4-inch disks, resistance in the water is eliminated due to the other swimmers. In addition, the Competitor swimming pool lane ropes are also known for making your turnaround times even faster because of the way they are designed to eliminate the resistance. Because of the way these swim lane lines are put together, you can customize the length if you find you need a shorter length for various purposes.

Choosing the right swim team lane ropes is essential to ensure you follow the guidelines set forth by FINA, especially if you are using the pool for competitive purposes. Both the AntiWave Forerunner and Competitor pool ropes are great options, allowing you to select the exact colors you desire, whether they fit with your team colors or your organizations standards. Available in 25 and 75 foot lengths, each of their unique designs can offer you the advantages of less resistance and a smoother swim.


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