Top 5 Holiday Gifts For Swimmers

18 12 2014
A swim MP3 makes a great gift option.

Consider a swim MP3 as a gift this holiday season.

If you’re looking for the ideal gift for the swimmer in your life, you don’t have to think any further. There are plenty of great swim-themed gifts available at We carry a vast selection of swimwear, swim gear and swim apparel so you can find the perfect option for the swimmer in your life.

A New Swimsuit

When you swim competitively, you go through a lot of swimsuits between the amount of time you spend in the water for practice and meets. A new Speedo custom swimsuit can be a great option if you are close to the swimmer and know his or her size. These suits come in a vast array of colors, sizes and styles so you can find the perfect one for anyone on your list.

Swim MP3 Player

Just about everyone loves to listen to music, but how can you do this when you’re swimming in the water? A swim MP3 player can be the ideal gift for the swimmer who loves music. These players easily attach to swim goggles and are waterproof so you can use them in and out of the water.

Swim Backpacks

Swimmers have a lot of gear they have to take back and forth to the pool. Traditional backpacks and duffel bags aren’t equipped to handle the wet swimsuits and swim gear. Buying the swimmer in your life a new swim backpack can be a great gift this holiday season. These backpacks are available in a variety of colors and styles.

Swim Parkas

Swimming during the cooler months of the year can be difficult because you need to keep your body warm between meets and you don’t want to get cold before or after your swim either. A swim parka is designed to keep swimmers warm when they’re not in the water, regardless of how cold it is outside.

Swim Goggles

Another great gift option for the swimmer in your life is swim goggles. These goggles are a necessary element to successful swimming and can often wear out over time. A new pair of goggles is a great low-budget gift that will mean a lot to your favorite swimmer.

You don’t have to struggle with the perfect gift for that special someone. If he or she loves to swim, one of these gifts from can make a lasting impression.

If you’re looking for the best swim gifts this holiday season, contact us. We carry a vast selection of swimwear and swim gear to make anyone’s holiday.

Swim Parkas in Stock for the 2012 Fall Swim Season

3 10 2012
Swim Parka

Stay warm at the pool with Swim Stuff swim parkas.

Swim parkas are an essential piece of equipment, though it is often overlooked by parents and swimmers alike. When you are swimming, whether in competition or at practice, it can feel quite cool when you get out of the pool. If you will be swimming again in another race, you need a way to keep your body warm until you enter the pool again. This is why you need to make sure you have a swim parka, which are available now for the 2012 fall swim season.

Best Selling Swim Team Parka

The Swim Stuff swim parka has been the best-selling swim team parka available. This is because of the quality and durability of the parka to ensure swimmers stay warmed up until their next race, no matter what the weather is like outside. These swim parkas feature a water-proof outer shell to protect you from a damp coat. The coat is then lined with arctic fleece to provide the greatest level of warmth to the swimmer. Even the pockets are lined for the greatest warmth possible. It’s no wonder these swim parkas are among the best-selling parkas.

Customize Swim Parkas

The Swim Stuff swim parkas are fully customizable so you can make them fit your team. They are available in 12 different color combinations so you can choose the one that is the best match for your team’s colors. This will provide even more unity for your team, allowing your team colors to shine through in every aspect of the pool. In addition to choosing the right colors for your team, you can also have the swim parkas printed with your team logo. When you purchase these parkas for your entire team, you may worry about mixing them up. To prevent this from happening, you can order each parka with the name of the owner printed on it so everyone will know exactly which one belongs to them.

Swim parkas are an essential part of any swimmer’s necessary gear, both at practice and during meets. The best-selling Swim Stuff swim parka provides all the advantages of warmth and water resistance so you can easily use them around the pool. In addition, you can order them in your team colors, as well as imprint them with your team logo and even the names of your team members. The benefits and ability to customize make this swim parka the best choice for many swim teams.

Swim Parkas Keep You Warmed Up

7 09 2012
Swim Parkas

Swim parkas become a necessity when the weather is cooler.

Most people don’t go swimming in conditions you would consider cold enough to need to wear a jacket. In fact, most people only think about swimming when the weather is hot or you are inside. However, when it comes to competitive swimming, it is extremely important to keep your muscles warm in between swims, even if the temperature isn’t incredibly cold. Swim parkas are a great way to keep your muscles warmed up between swims to reduce the shock on your body.

Nike Swim Parkas

Nike makes a line of adult and children’s swim parkas that are specifically designed to keep you warm while you are out on the swim deck. This parka is made from water-resistant 100 percent polyester shell with polyester filling. The hood features a drawstring so you can keep your whole body warm, including your head. This parka comes in navy blue and black with a white stripe down the sleeve.

Speedo Team Swim Parkas

If you are looking for the perfect swim parkas to coordinate your entire team, the Speedo team swim parkas are a great option for you. The water-resistant coat is lined with polar fleece to offer the optimal warmth in between your swims. You will even find a convenient goggle pocket inside so you don’t need to worry about misplacing your goggles. This parka is available in four colors: navy, sapphire, red and black.

TYR Alliance Swim Parkas

Another of your options for swimming in cooler weather is the TYR Alliance swim parka. This coat offers optimal warmth with the fleece lining, as well as resistance to the wind and moisture in the air. This makes it an ideal parka for the coolest weather in which you might swim. One of the unique features of this parka is the Raglan sleeves that provide the best fit, as well as the most freedom of movement possible in a swim parka.

The temperatures in which you may swim can fluctuate, causing you to cool down too much in between your scheduled swims. One of the best ways to ensure you stay warm is by wearing a swim parka in between your swims. These parkas are made from water-resistant material and are lined with warm fleece to help keep you warm. Coordinate your entire team with matching swim parkas or allow each swimmer to pick his or her own.

Shopping for Swim Parkas

9 02 2012

Shopping for swim parkas can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure what you’re

Shopping for Swim Parkas

looking for. Swim parkas are meant for those swimming in cold temperatures or between competitions to warm the swimmer after he or she is out of the water. Swim parkas are worn immediately after a swimmer gets out of the pool. Swim parkas are functional and designed for warmth. Companies are constantly toying with technology to improve the quality of swim parkas.

1. Make sure the hood is lined. This is the case for most swim parkas, but not all. A lined hood means the swim parka will warm your head as well as your body. Swim parkas are usually lined in a type of fleece. Other fabrics can get wet and soggy if you put them off immediately after a swim. This allows a swimmer to warm up quickly after getting out of the pool. It is also ideal for triathletes who may be swimming outdoors during cold weather.

2. Make sure it’s water resistant. It doesn’t have to be waterproof, but the swim parka should be water resistant. This prevents you from getting wet if you’re near the pool and get splashed by other swimmers. A nylon outer shell is best for a swim parka for any swimmer.

3. Choose a dark color for a logo. If your team is having their logo or name put on the parka, a dark color is a great background for most designs and fonts. This allows you to play with the design that will go on your swim team parka.

4. Make sure the parka isn’t too big. Swim parkas often run big. Compare your measurements to those provided online so you have a parka that isn’t too big to wear when you’re out of the pool. If it’s too big, the vent at back will often let in air which can be uncomfortable when you’re cold and wet.

5. Think about if you really need a swim parka. If you’re cold-natured or want something easy to cover up with after swimming, a swim parka is ideal. This is the case even if you are not swimming outdoors where it can cool down substantially regardless of the season.

Swim parkas are great for those swimming in cold weather conditions, or who want something to cover up with after a swim. Swim parkas are ideal for teams traveling together because everyone has the same jacket in the same color scheme with a logo or team name, allowing you to easily spot teammates in a crowd.

Swim Parkas for Christmas

14 11 2009

You can still order a swim parka in time for Christmas. Swimming parkas make a great gift for swimmers! The stock parkas are available now for immediate delivery. Custom swim parkas can ship within 1-3 weeks so you will have it well before Christmas if you order now. There are several styles of swim parkas to choose from including the Swim Stuff Solid Swim Parka, which is by far the most popular style. This parka is available in swim team colors and is made with a heavy weight polar fleece lining that dries quickly. Order your swim parkas today from D&J Sports Swim Shop.

Swim Parkas Now In Stock

2 10 2009

 D&J Sports just receive a large shipments of Swim Stuff Swim Parkas and they are now ready for immediate delivery. These swim parkas are lined with quick drying artic fleece that is sure to keep you warm before and after your swim. The swim parka also has lined pockets and a hood for maximum warmth this fall and winter. These swimming parkas are available in several team colors and can also be customized with your swim team logo and the swimmer’s name. Order your swim parkas today from D&J Sports Swim Shop.


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