Swim Team Suits Need Longevity and a Low Cost

18 05 2012

When you are looking for swim team suits, you want to find a low-cost suit that will last a long time.

As you seek out the swimsuits you want to use for your team, you have many things to take into consideration. Not only will you have to choose the style of the suits, but you will also need to choose a color and a fabric for these summer swim team suits. However, the look of your suit shouldn’t be the only concern you have. Cost can also play a role in the suits you choose for your summer swim team. Because you will buy these swim suits in bulk, you can count on a bulk discount so you can suit your entire team for less.

Two-Year Swim Team Suits

The longevity of the swimsuits you buy for your team should play a role in your decision. Because your swim team will spend a lot of time in the chlorinated water of a swimming pool, you need to make sure you choose swim team suits that will last a long time. Two years of use is a long time in the swimming world. The Speedo suits that hold up the longest in the chlorine of the pool for daily practices and swim meets are the Rhythm Ripples and the Circle Sound suits, both available in men’s and women’s designs. These suits will provide you with great longevity and a great fit.

Low-Price Summer Swim Team Suits

If a low cost is your main concern over the longevity of the suit, you may want to consider one of the lower costs suits. Even though these suits cost a bit less, they can also provide you with longer use than some of the other swim team suits available on the market. Speedo makes two suits that are made from the Speedo Endurance Lite fabric that help the suit last longer and also provides a lightweight fit for greater comfort. The Solar Splash and Cheetah suits will provide your swim team with a long list of benefits and keep the cost of your team suits down.

Two of the biggest concerns for any swim team are the longevity of the suit and its price. You want a suit that will last a long time, such as the Rhythm Ripples and Circle Sound suits made by Speedo; however, you also want one that will cost less, such as the Solar Splash and Cheetah suits.


Show Pride in Your Swim Team with Custom Items

30 04 2012
Custom Swim Team Items

If you want to show pride in your swim team, custom items are the way to go.

When you are part of a swim team, you want everyone to know you are a team. In most cases, this means using swim team suits that match each other. However, you shouldn’t stop there. You can purchase many items that are customized with your team name and logo to show the world you are proud to be part of the team. Customized items are a great gift to give to your teammates or simply to wear with pride.Team Swim Caps

When you customize your swim cap, you will show everyone who sees it which team you are a part of. Even if you wear the custom swim cap when you aren’t with your team and aren’t wearing your team suit, everyone will know you have a place on a swim team. This is a great feeling for you and can help spread the word about your team in case anyone else is interested in joining. Give these caps to your entire team to wear with pride.

Team T-Shirts

Everyone likes to wear a t-shirt every once in a while. You can get t-shirts that are customized with your team name and logo in your team colors. Not only can you get the typical short-sleeved t-shirt, you can also choose from long-sleeved t-shirts, sweatshirts and hooded sweatshirts so you can find the option that works best for any member of your team. Use these shirts to show off your team status or to recruit new members.

Mesh Bags and Water Bottles

Your team needs something to carry their wet suits and towels around in after practices and meets. Giving out mesh bags that feature your team name and logo will help your team members keep their bags separate from their competitors’ bags. You can even throw in a customized water bottle with the team logo to use for rehydration while spending all that time in the sun. Give the items separately or together.

Window Decals

Window decals are another great way to spread the word about your team. These decals often feature your team name and logo and look great in the car windows of your team members and their families. They aren’t permanent either, which makes them a preferred method over using a bumper sticker. Bumper stickers are much more difficult to remove and your team members may not want to put them on their cars. Window decals peel off easily without damaging the vehicle.

The Nike Team Color Block Suits Redesigned

27 04 2012

The Nike Team Color suits provide you with multiple customization options.

Each year, swimsuit companies aim to create new designs for their suits that will not only help enhance a swimmer’s ability in the water, but provide a comfortable, fashionable look as well. The Nike Team Color Block suits have been redesigned with each of these elements in mind. You can purchase these new designs to give your swim team an updated look without impacting performance.

Cut-Out Tank

The Nike Team Color Block Cut-Out Tank suit has been designed with the female elite swimmer in mind. The suit design features a traditional tank style swimsuit with an open back and a low-cut front. The straps are thin to cut down on resistance and provide comfort for the swimmer. The suits come in navy blue or black with white accents. Choose the secondary accent color based on your team colors.

Power Back

If your female team members prefer a more solid back, the new Nike Team Color Power Back suit provides thicker comfortable straps that are designed to reduce rubbing as the swimmer moves. This creates a smooth fit for maximum comfort. This suit is designed with as few seams as possible for a more streamlined effect in the water. Like the Cut-Out Tank suit, this suit comes in navy blue or black with accents in white and your choice of secondary colors. These suits are customizable with your team information.


Designed for men who like the lower cut suits, the Nike Team Color Brief suit provides men with the support they need to swim cleanly through the water. Available in black or navy blue with your choice of colors on the sides of the brief, you can choose the one that best matches your team colors. If you want to further customize the brief, you can order your team logo printed on the back hip.


For men who prefer the jammer style, the Nike Team Color Jammer suit can provide additional support as you swim through the water. The greater coverage of the jammer style will help make your body more streamlined so you can cut through the water seamlessly. These jammers are available in black or navy blue with streaks of white and your choice of colors down the sides. You can customize the jammers with your team logo.

Choosing the right swimsuit for your swim team doesn’t have to be difficult. The newly designed Nike Team Color Block line of swim team suits provides you with the coverage and comfort you expect from a swim team suit, along with the ability to choose the colors that reflect your team and customize with your team logo.

Enhancing Team Spirit with Custom Swim Caps, Swimsuits and T-Shirts

13 04 2012

Custom team swim gear can help your team feel more team spirit.

When you are part of a swim team, you are proud of that team and want to share with the world that you are a part of that team. In addition, any time you and your team make an appearance together, you can wear swim gear that shows you are part of a team together. Dressing alike in and out of the water provides a uniform look for your team from the swim caps and swimsuits you wear in the water to swim team t-shirts you wear out of the water.

Custom Swim Caps

Swim caps are an important part of any swimmer’s gear. This cap hides the hair on your head and gives you a more streamlined shape so you can cut through the water more cleanly. While you can always choose plain swim caps in the same color for your swim team, creating custom swim caps with your team name, logo or mascot on it will ensure that everyone knows you are on the same team. These caps work well for relays to help keep track of teammates.

Custom Swimsuits

Many swim teams choose swimsuits that match to help them look more uniform. You can purchase any number of swim team suits so you and your teammates are wearing the same thing in the water; however, what better way to create a sense of team spirit than to customize swimsuits with your team logo, mascot or special team colors. When your swimsuits are fully customized, you can show the world you are one united front against the other teams.

Custom T-Shirts

Even when you are out of the water, you may want everyone to know what team you are a part of. Print up enough t-shirts for your entire team, plus parents or spouses, so your team can let everyone know that they are a team, both in and out of the water. These t-shirts can be in the team color with the team name, mascot and logo imprinted on them so there is no mistaking who belongs to which team.

A swim teamisn’t any different than any other type of team in other sports. You want your team to have a uniform look while they are in the water, and it doesn’t hurt to look uniform out of the water as well. Ordering customized swim caps, swimsuits and t-shirts for your entire team imprinted with the team name, mascot or logo will ensure that everyone knows you are a team and work together.

Low Price Swim Team Suits for Your Team

9 04 2012

The Dolfin Team Panel suits provide low cost swim team suits to outfit your entire team.

When you are trying to outfit an entire swim team, you want to find inexpensive swim team suits so you don’t have to worry about your team members spending a lot. However, you also want to make sure that those suits will hold up through the hours of practice and competitions. Cheap swim team suits won’t do you much good if they don’t last more than a month or two.

Dolfin Spyda

The Dolfin line of swim team suits can provide you with low cost swim team suits that will please your entire team. For the women on your team, the Spyda DBX Back suit comes in four colors, each with wide, comfortable straps that look like thin straps from the front. The 100 percent polyester material will last for a long time. For the men on your team, the Spyda jammer also comes in four colors in the same polyester, chlorine-resistant material.

Dolfin Solid

If designs aren’t what your team has in mind for inexpensive swim team suits, Dolfin offers the solid-colored swim team suits in seven colors for both men and women for teams who don’t want the distraction of designs. The women’s suits offer a sleek body suit design with comfortable straps that spread across the back for optimum support. The men’s Dolfin solid suits are available in the jammer style. Both styles of suits are made from 80 percent nylon and 20 percent spandex and are fully lined.

Dolfin Team Panel

If just a hint of color is more to your liking, you can find cheap swim team suits that will hold up to the test of time in the Team Panel suits. The women’s version of this suit is available in black with one of four colors on the sides of the suit so your team can stand out from the others. The sleek design features paneled back straps for comfort with less drag. For the men, the jammer Team Panel suits also come in black with accents in four colors.

No matter which of these Dolfin swim team suits you choose, you can be confident that you will be choosing a high-quality suit that will hold the test of time. If you want inexpensive swim team suits that offer extra protection against the chlorine, the Spyda is the best option. However, if you want something that is a bit cheaper, the other two options will also work well.

The New Speedo Rapid Splice Team Swim Suit Style

19 03 2012

The Speedo Rapid Splice is made from material that defies deterioration.

Every swimmer dreams about coming in first in all their races. However, it isn’t possible for every swimmer to come in first. You can increase your chances of coming in first in your races by choosing the right swimsuit that will help you to achieve your goals instead of impeding them. Speedo is a big name in swim gear and offers the Speedo Rapid Splice in several styles so you can enjoy all the benefits a suit has to offer.


For women, the Rapid Splice provides you with adequate coverage with a feminine cut. The back features thin straps over the shoulders that lead to a wider strap that spans the back. This design offers optimal support and a fit that will help you glide through the water easily. For men, the Rapid Splice line comes in both the brief and jammer versions. In general, both these suits will fit well and provide the support and streamlining you need to do your best in the water.


Like many of the other team-friendly competition suits, the Speedo Rapid Splice line comes in a range of colors. While the suits come in black only as the primary color, you can have your choice of colors for the accents, including red, blue, green and orange. Because the swimsuits are primarily black, you can order the suits with your team’s logo printed or embroidered onto the suit to further customize them and make your team stand out from the crowd.

The Benefits

The Speedo Rapid Splice swim team suits provide you with many benefits over other types of suits available on the market. For instance, the suits are made from 74 percent nylon and 26 percent Xtra Life Lycra. While most suits are made from Spandex for its stretchy qualities, Xtra Life Lycra is better for swimsuits. This material is highly resistant to deterioration, which is common in swim team suits due to the chlorine, perspiration, sunscreen and other elements they are exposed to. This special Lycra material also holds its shape much better than Spandex, lasting 5 to 10 times longer.

The Speedo Rapid Splice comes in a variety of styles and colors so you can pick the right one for your team. You can even add your own team logo to further personalize the suits. One of the best reasons to purchase this suit for your team is for its longevity of life. When you are spending so much money on your swim team suit, you want one that will last as long as possible.

Choosing High School Swim Team Suits

7 02 2012

Choosing high school swim team suits revolve around what the coach and

Choosing High School Swim Team Suits

school district or region require. Just as there are requirements for professional swimmers, many school districts and regions have their own list of requirements for high school swim team suits. These requirements are typically outlined for parents and students at the beginning of the school year and sometimes prior to a student joining the team.

1. Choose quality swim suits. Quality swim suits will stand the test of numerous swim practices. Many high school swim team students spend hours a day in the pool. Chlorine eats through cheap fabrics, which will wear down and thin out over the course of a few months. You don’t want to have to go back and buy more practice suits, so choose high quality swim suits for both practice and competitive suits.

2. Buy the best you can afford. Most high schools do not require any particular suit for practice. Shop smart and compare prices when buying practice suits for a student. Buy the best quality you can afford so the suit lasts through many practices. The average high school swim team student will wear out 1-2 swim suits a year, so be prepared to invest in 3-4 suits (at least) for the school year.

3. Experiment with prints and colors. Some swimmers start out thinking solids or school colors are best. You will be wearing these suits numerous times per week. A solid navy blue suit can get boring fast. Instead opt for some of the interesting prints and patterns done by major brands like Speedo and Dolfin.

4. Know that you double up. Most swimmers wear at leasttwo suits layered during practice. This is to create a drag for the swimmer, allowing him or her to feel lighter when they eventually wear one suit during competition. Because of this you will need at least four suits to practice in, but you may need more if you are swimming both morning and night every day of the week.

Taking these things into account when choosing high school swim team suits will help you make the best choice. A few suits is needed and colors and prints can be fun to wear when you’re reaching for suits so often. Remember to abide by any high school or regional regulations for competitive swim suits. These regulations usually do not effect your practice gear, but you may want to abide by them so a swimmer has the same feel during practice as when competing.

New Speedo Swimsuit for 2010 Released

9 06 2009
Speedo Cyber Swirl Swimsuit

Speedo Cyber Swirl Swimsuit

Speedo has just released a brand new suit from their 2010 Spring line. It is the Speedo Cyber Swirl swimsuit. This lycra print is made of the new Xtra Life Lycra material that is designed to fit like new for a longer amount of time. The Speedo Cyber Swirl is available in a female flyback swim suit, a male spliced jammer and a male brief swimsuit. The Cyber Swirl is a great option for swim teams since it will be available through the summer of 2011 and it comes in five different colors. You can order your new Speedo swimsuit today from D&J Sports Swim Shop.

Summer League Swimsuits

10 03 2009

Summer swim league season is right around the corner and now is the time to start picking your swim team swimsuits, swim caps, and team t-shirts. To help you with this process the D&J Sports Swim Shop is gearing up and ready to assist the swim teams. D&J Sports keeps one of the largest inventories on hand of swimsuits in the country, as well as all other accessories, and for swim teams that order through D&J Sports, they keep a special inventory of their swim team suits for fast turnaround on fill in orders.


Here is what D&J Sports will do for your swim team:

  • They will pre-order and stock enough swimsuits to fill your swim team when you need them, there is no need for you to carry around swimsuits all summer long.
  • They will give you the special team pricing for swimmers who join late.
  • They will send you a sizing kit for a couple of weeks so that all of your swimmers can receive the correct size.
  • They can customize your swim team suits with your swim team logo, plus they can also help you design a new logo for your swim team.

You can contact the store nearest you for more information about summer swimsuits and swim gear.


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