Stretchcordz Can Help You with Your Swim Training

9 07 2012
Swim Cords

With the help of swim cords, you will be able to increase your strength and endurance.

Swim training is essential if you intend to win when you compete. However, it isn’t just about your swimming technique and your abilities that will ensure you finish in the best possible position. As part of your training, you will need to strengthen various muscles that will be critical to your swimming success. Through exercises, such as those you can complete with the help of stretchcordz, you will find you are swimming better than you ever thought you could. There are several types of stretchcords you can use to enhance your swimming.

Stretchcordz Long Belt

One type of swim cords allows you to use these cords while you are swimming. This piece of equipment consists of a belt that fits securely around your waist. The swim cord is attached to the belt where it can move freely around the belt. This will allow the cords to move with you as you swim through the water. The Stretchcordz long belt will help create additional resistance as you swim, helping to strengthen your muscles to help build the muscles you need to swim well. This piece of equipment gives you three different resistance levels so you can increase your training intensity as you train.

Stretchcordz with Handles

If you want to continue your swim cord training when you are out of the water, you may want to consider the Stretchcordz with handles, in addition to the long belt. When you use this piece of equipment to complete certain exercises, such as curls, triceps extensions, flies and lateral pulls, you will be increasing the strength in your upper body. This can improve your swim stroke so you can swim through the water faster than ever before. You will also see an increase in your endurance. With five different resistance levels, you can find yourself swimming faster and longer.

The training methods you use can have a direct impact on how well you do in the water. With the use of the Stretchcordz equipment, you will make use of the resistance of these swim cords to strengthen your upper body. When you increase the strength in your upper body, you will find you can swim faster, longer and better. Whether you choose the long belt that can be used in the water, the model with handles to use out of the water or a combination of both, you can reap all the benefits of your hard work.

Important Swim Team Training Aides

21 05 2012

Just like any other sport, training to be a competitive swimmer takes a lot of work and sometimes requires special training equipment to help strengthen specific muscles or work on certain techniques. Whether you are working on your own or with a coach, using these pieces of equipment can make a difference in your ability to compete and win. Understanding how each of these pieces of swim training equipment can help will show you how to become a stronger swimmer.

Pull Buoys

Upper body strength is an important part of swimming. If you rely too much on your legs to propel you through the water, you will find yourself tiring more easily. Pull buoys are a great way to get you to focus on strengthening your upper body and helping you rely on it to get yourself through the water. A pull buy sits between your legs while you swim, restricting the use of your legs so you are forced to use your arms and upper body instead of your legs. This will strengthen your upper body and arms for better swimming.

Swim Training Equipment

Swim training equipment is an important part of becoming a better swimmer.

Swim Fins

When you think of swim fins, you probably think of diving or going snorkeling. However, if you buy the right ones, you will be able to use swim fins as a training tool for swimming. Even though you don’t want to rely too much on your legs, you need strong legs to be a strong swimmer. If you use swim fins in your training, you will be forced to kick harder for the same results because of the increased resistance from the water.

Tempo Trainer

Speed and strength aren’t the only thing you need to concern yourself with in your training. It is important to have good rhythm in your strokes as well. This is where a tempo trainer can help you. This trainer can be set for any tempo and will beep at regular intervals, depending on the setting. This will help you develop your rhythm, which can help with your speed. An erratic stroke will actually slow you down.

Making use of the training tools available helps you to improve your swimming and increase your chances of winning. Without the use of these tools, you can still do well, but it never hurts to do everything you can to improve yourself. From strengthening exercises to your timing, every little aspect of swimming must work together to make you a stronger swimmer.

Razor Training Swim Fins Provide Additional Strength Training

6 04 2012

The Razor training swim fins provide you with the resistance you need to improve your kick.

All swimmers go through a strict training regimen that helps to train the body to be the best swimmer possible. Some of the areas that these training sessions focus on include endurance and strength training. One of the most powerful tools a swimmer has in the water is his ability to kick. Therefore, it is important for a swimmer to focus on that aspect of their training. One tool a swimmer can use for strengthening his legs and getting more power out of his kick is the Razor training swim fins.

The Razor training swim fins are similar to the swim fins worn by scuba divers and snorkelers. However, these fins have a much shorter length and are not meant to help propel you through the water. Instead, these fins are meant to provide additional resistance as you try to propel yourself through the water by kicking your legs. This will force you to kick harder, thus strengthening your legs.

For a swimmer, leg strength is a critical part of being able to swim fast enough to win races. From the second you push off the block and dive into the water until the second you hit the wall at the end of the race, your legs are doing a lot of the work for you. Even though your arms are always in motion as well, the power of your kick can dictate your success or failure. Even kicking off the wall in a turn is important to winning your race.

If you are considering using the Razor training swim fins to train for your swim meets, it is important to know that these fins will provide you with the resistance you need without causing undue strain on your muscles. Because of the comfortable design of the swim fins, you can wear them for long periods of time without hurting your feet.

Being the fastest swimmer in the pool takes practice and training. With the use of swim training tools, such as the Razor training swim fins, you can build up your endurance in the water and strengthen your leg muscles so you can use a more powerful kick when you are racing against other swimmers. The more powerful your legs are, the better chances you have of succeeding in each race you participate in. When you make use of the tools you have available to you, the advantage is yours.


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