Thin Strap Swimsuits for Summer

25 06 2012
Thin Strap Swimsuits

If you are looking for a great summer swimsuit, you can find what you need in thin strap swimsuits.

When you are swimming in the summer months, whether competitively, for practice or for leisure, having a swimsuit that is perfect for the warmer weather can work to your advantage. When you are looking for a suit that is comfortable despite the summer heat, you want one that has thinner straps to keep you cooler while you experience the pool. However, you must also keep in mind that you will need extra skin protection as well when wearing one of these suits.

Speedo Thin Strap Suit

Speedo is one of the most well-known names in the world of swimming. When it comes to thin strap swimsuits, you have two options in the Speedo brand: the Solid Flyback and the Rapid Spliced Energy Back. The Flyback offers crossed thin straps that give you freedom of movement and less rubbing as you swim through the water, along with less drag and reduced chaffing. This suit is available in red and black. The Rapid Spliced Energy offers a similar style with maximum support and freedom of movement. The material from which this suit is made is resistant to chlorine, sweat and stretching, making it a great option. The suit is available in black with a range of trim colors, as well as maroon with black trim.

Nike Thin Strap Suit

If you prefer Nike suits, you will find two options for thin strapped suits. The Labyrinth Classic Lingerie Tank suit is a fun addition to your collection with its labyrinth design, available in a range of colors, including grape ice, green, team orange and varsity royal. If you don’t want a suit that has such a busy print, the Poly Solid Cut-Out Tank is a great alternative in the Nike suits. Available in six different colors, you can find one that fits your style.

TYR Thin Strap Suits

Fans of TYR will enjoy the creative Sand Castles Diamondback suit. The design of this suit provides less coverage with more support so you can feel comfortable in it. The suit is chlorine proof, as well as sun resistant, color fast and anti-stretch, so it will last you much longer than other types of suits. It is available in several colors, including blue, blue/green, navy/red, green and red.

Buying your summer swimsuit with thin straps will provide you with the comfort and support you desire in a range of suit styles. Whether you prefer Speedo, Nike or TYR, you are sure to find the cut, style, colors and patterns that will best fit your desires.

Choosing High School Swim Team Suits

7 02 2012

Choosing high school swim team suits revolve around what the coach and

Choosing High School Swim Team Suits

school district or region require. Just as there are requirements for professional swimmers, many school districts and regions have their own list of requirements for high school swim team suits. These requirements are typically outlined for parents and students at the beginning of the school year and sometimes prior to a student joining the team.

1. Choose quality swim suits. Quality swim suits will stand the test of numerous swim practices. Many high school swim team students spend hours a day in the pool. Chlorine eats through cheap fabrics, which will wear down and thin out over the course of a few months. You don’t want to have to go back and buy more practice suits, so choose high quality swim suits for both practice and competitive suits.

2. Buy the best you can afford. Most high schools do not require any particular suit for practice. Shop smart and compare prices when buying practice suits for a student. Buy the best quality you can afford so the suit lasts through many practices. The average high school swim team student will wear out 1-2 swim suits a year, so be prepared to invest in 3-4 suits (at least) for the school year.

3. Experiment with prints and colors. Some swimmers start out thinking solids or school colors are best. You will be wearing these suits numerous times per week. A solid navy blue suit can get boring fast. Instead opt for some of the interesting prints and patterns done by major brands like Speedo and Dolfin.

4. Know that you double up. Most swimmers wear at leasttwo suits layered during practice. This is to create a drag for the swimmer, allowing him or her to feel lighter when they eventually wear one suit during competition. Because of this you will need at least four suits to practice in, but you may need more if you are swimming both morning and night every day of the week.

Taking these things into account when choosing high school swim team suits will help you make the best choice. A few suits is needed and colors and prints can be fun to wear when you’re reaching for suits so often. Remember to abide by any high school or regional regulations for competitive swim suits. These regulations usually do not effect your practice gear, but you may want to abide by them so a swimmer has the same feel during practice as when competing.

Fun Summer Swim Suits

13 05 2010

There are lots of new swimsuits out for the summer. One of my favorites is the new TYR Shockwave Durafast swimsuit. This fun new print has a wavy water looking pattern and is available in several different styles, including a female 2 piece, and male jammer swimsuit. The TYR Shockwave 2 piece swimsuit has TYR’s new ringback design. The ring on the back of the suit top allow the straps to stay put and minimize the need for additional fabric. Thus you get a fun swimsuit and minimal tan lines!

TYR Shockwave Swimsuits

Many swim teams will also like the TYR Shockwave since they have great team colors and matching female and male styles. The male TYR Shockwave jammer features a solid body with the spliced Shockwave pattern going down the leg. TYR’s legendary Durafast 100% polyester swimsuit fabric is another reason not to pass up this fun swimsuit. The 100% polyester swimsuits will last as much as 10 times longer than the traditional Lycra based swimwear.

New Speedo Swimsuits Coming Soon

24 04 2010
Speedo 2011 Swimwear

Coming Soon 2011 Speedo Swimsuits

Just got a sneak peek at the 2011 Speedo Swimsuit line this week. D&J Sports will soon be offering the new line of swimwear. Some of the new suits will start arriving at our retail locations in the next few weeks and we will be adding them to our online store in the next week or two. Speedo is sure to have you covered whether you are shopping for a new team suit or just looking for a fun practice swimsuit.

New Speedo Swimsuit for 2010 Released

9 06 2009
Speedo Cyber Swirl Swimsuit

Speedo Cyber Swirl Swimsuit

Speedo has just released a brand new suit from their 2010 Spring line. It is the Speedo Cyber Swirl swimsuit. This lycra print is made of the new Xtra Life Lycra material that is designed to fit like new for a longer amount of time. The Speedo Cyber Swirl is available in a female flyback swim suit, a male spliced jammer and a male brief swimsuit. The Cyber Swirl is a great option for swim teams since it will be available through the summer of 2011 and it comes in five different colors. You can order your new Speedo swimsuit today from D&J Sports Swim Shop.

USA Swimming Bans Using Multiple Swimsuits

23 05 2009
There have recently been a number of questions regarding the use of two swimsuits during
competition. Although the USA Swimming Rules & Regulations do not specifically address
this, FINA has interpreted its General Rule GR 5.3 to allow the use of only one swimsuit during
Our Rules & Regulations require that USA Swimming’s technical swimming rules conform to
those of FINA. In order for our interpretation to conform to that used by FINA, the following
interpretation is being made, effective immediately.
For purposes of Article 102.9 of the USA Swimming Rules & Regulations, Swimwear, the use of
more than one swimsuit at a time during any USA Swimming sanctioned or approved
competition is prohibited.

On March 18th, USA Swimming released the following statement regarding the use of multiple swimsuits in competition.

There have recently been a number of questions regarding the use of two swimsuits during competition. Although the USA Swimming Rules & Regulations do not specifically address this, FINA has interpreted its General Rule GR 5.3 to allow the use of only one swimsuit during competition. Our Rules & Regulations require that USA Swimming’s technical swimming rules conform to those of FINA. In order for our interpretation to conform to that used by FINA, the following interpretation is being made, effective immediately.

For purposes of Article 102.9 of the USA Swimming Rules & Regulations, Swimwear, the use of more than one swimsuit at a time during any USA Swimming sanctioned or approved competition is prohibited.

Stay focused with TYR Guard Swimsuits

20 03 2009
TYR Guard Swimsuits and T-shirts

TYR Guard Swimsuits and T-shirts

You don’t worry about records or recognition. You don’t have the time. As our protector in and around the water, you must focus on ensuring the safety of others, not the glory of yourself. You pay attention to your surroundings and are aware of anything that may seem even slightly out of place.

TYR has constructed their Guard line with the same unwavering focus. The TYR lifeguard swimsuits feature the long lasting Durafast fabric which is designed to resist sun and chlorine damage while also staying colorfast and comfortable. With the TYR Guard suits, your focus can stay where it’s supposed to. On safety, not your equipment.

The new TYR lifeguard suits are available for both women and men. The female styles include one piece lifeguard suits, 2 piece lifeguard suits, life guard cover up shorts, and lifeguard t-shirts. The TYR Microback Guard suit will give you the least amount of tan lines this summer while you are up on the guard stand. The TYR male guard styles include male guard shorts, lifeguard boardshorts, the popular TYR Guard Challenger Trunk, and male guard t-shirts.

TYR has engineered their lifeguard line with the same advanced aquatic technology as their unbeatable competitive swimsuit line. As literal life savers, you deserve the best like long-lasting swimsuits with sun resistance and chlorine protection.

Summer League Swimsuits

10 03 2009

Summer swim league season is right around the corner and now is the time to start picking your swim team swimsuits, swim caps, and team t-shirts. To help you with this process the D&J Sports Swim Shop is gearing up and ready to assist the swim teams. D&J Sports keeps one of the largest inventories on hand of swimsuits in the country, as well as all other accessories, and for swim teams that order through D&J Sports, they keep a special inventory of their swim team suits for fast turnaround on fill in orders.


Here is what D&J Sports will do for your swim team:

  • They will pre-order and stock enough swimsuits to fill your swim team when you need them, there is no need for you to carry around swimsuits all summer long.
  • They will give you the special team pricing for swimmers who join late.
  • They will send you a sizing kit for a couple of weeks so that all of your swimmers can receive the correct size.
  • They can customize your swim team suits with your swim team logo, plus they can also help you design a new logo for your swim team.

You can contact the store nearest you for more information about summer swimsuits and swim gear.

Blue Seventy Avaliable Soon

20 02 2009

The most popular swimsuit of the short course championship season is almost completely sold out. The new Blue Seventy Nero swimsuit has been sold at a phenomenal rate this month and only a few odd sizes remain on the shelves of a few swim shops. The performance of the Blue Seventy Nero Swimskin racing suit has helped propel it to the top right along side of the Speedo LZR Racer and the TYR Tracer Rise. The Speedo LZR Racer has been selling out and delivery is taking longer for Speedo USA since there is only one factory supplying the whole world with the LZR. The lower price of the Nero Swimskin and delivery problems with Speedo have certainly helped Blue Seventy sell more suits this season. Blue Seventy is expecting to start shipping more Nero swimsuits at the end of the month so swim shops like D&J Sports will have BlueSeventy suits in stock during the first week of March. Just in time for the last couple rounds of championship swim meets.

Can you mix electricity with water?

9 02 2009

You have always been told to not mix electricity and water together. Especially when you are at the pool and there are storms in the area. However TYR has a new swimsuit called the Nero and this may be the only time you can mix electricity with water. Especially when your team is wearing the latest addition to the TYR family. Nero’s vibrant streams of light seem to strobe, stir and pulsate with brilliance. This new swimsuit is a unique print with bright colors and will look great on any swimmer.

Available in the Splice Jammer and Splice Racer, as well as the Maxback female swimsuit, which is TYR’s most supportive competition back. The entire collection is made of Lycra and are fully lined.


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