Warm up before a Swim Meet to Boost Performance

23 10 2014
Prepare with proper swim warm ups.

Swim warm ups ensure you are ready for the big race.

Swim warm ups aren’t for show. This lightweight exercise brews copious benefits that would be filtered if skipped. Understanding why swim warm ups are important and what you can do to maximize your time will enhance your performance.

Swim Team Warm ups are Beneficial For

  • Better Performance – Light warmups help to improve oxygen and blood flow, which is useful for stamina and endurance.
  • Foils Injuries – Athletes are prone to a range of strains and sprains to the muscles and joints due to fast and furious activity. Warmups prep the body for a rigorous workout so the shock effect is minimized. A good warmup can also reduce heart complications due to heavy training.
  • Getting Ready Mentally – Every successful athlete knows the right mindset is only half the battle. The rest is talent, preparation and sheer grit. Each new warmup gears the athlete and teammates to meet the challenges ahead with a can-do attitude. It’s a part of the reason why swim team warm ups will usually include a team song or chant to help build momentum toward overcoming hurdles.

Tips for Swim Warm Ups

Now that you know the benefits of a good warm-up, here are some tips:

  • Arrive on Time – Pro swimmers should set aside at least 30 minutes in advance to catch the warm up, not just the grueling exercise coaches will insist on. The warm up can take as few as 10 minutes, depending on the extent of practice needed.
  • The Type of Warmup – Light aerobics are usually recommended. Teams should start off with shorter, low-key versions, then build speed and intensity gradually for the real practice.
  • Keep Your Eye on the Prize – While gently easing into training, keep in mind the goals you have for the day, including a new skill you want to perfect or a new personal best.

Some examples of sample team warm ups include light swims for approximately five minutes, stretches or jumping jacks, climbing in and out of the pool and others that may be recommended by a coach.

D&J Sports offers a new, low cost option for swim suit warmups. It’s a budget-friendly jacket that features durable polyester, an iPod pocket to boost workouts, a front zipper and the revered Dolfin logo to the left. The warm up jacket is built for men and women. Contact us to learn about sizing, bulk orders, custom gear and more.

Stay Comfortable with Warm Up Suits before and after Swimming

4 02 2013
Swim Warm Up Suits

Warm up suits are essential to stay warm when you are out of the water.

Keeping your muscles warmed up before and after your swimming competitions is essential to the condition of your muscles. Even in warm weather, you could find your muscles tensing up before or after a swim workout due to the chill in the air. In order to prevent this from occurring, there are a variety of warm ups suits to choose from to keep your muscles warm without sacrificing style or comfort.

Speedo Sonic Warm Up Outfits

The Speedo Sonic line offers both a warm up jacket and matching pants to give your team a uniform look, while keeping their muscles warmed up before and after their swim. This latest duo from Speedo offers incredible comfort, as well as exceptional features. Swimmers love the luxury brushed fleece on the interior of the pants and jacket, offering the perfect amount of warmth, while the 100 percent polyester exterior allows for the utmost comfort before and after a swim. The side zip pockets of the jacket offer a place to store your MP3 player and a headphone guide. The pants also contain side and back zip pockets. These great products are available in solid Black, Navy, Deep Maroon or Sapphire.

TYR Freestyle Warm Up Outfits

For a look that is a little fancier, the TYR Freestyle Warm Up Jacket and Pants are offered in a variety of colors with a contrasting stripe across the chest on the jacket and down the legs of the pants. This look is a great choice for an entire team to portray a uniform look as they enter the pool, intimidating the competition. Made from 100 percent polyester, the jacket and pants provide incredible comfort, as well as the warmth your body and muscles need.

Nike Elite Warm Up Jacket

If you are looking strictly for a warm up jacket, the Nike Elite Warm Up Jacket offers luxuries other brands do not. Made from DRI-FIT material, this jacket offers the ability to wick moisture away from your body to keep your upper body warm and dry. It also offers a mesh lining for increased dryness and zippered pockets to store your important belongings, such as an MP3 player or other accessories that are important for your swim competitions. This stylish jacket with the Nike swoosh on the right chest is available in Black, Green, Navy, Royal and Pink.


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