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D&J Sports New Website-New Suits-New Savings

As a dedicated swimmer’s outfitter,  D&J’s main purpose is to please everyone that loves water sports and support their passion with products meant to enhance their performance. D&J Sports wants to take you to the next level and introduce you to their brand new website.

In the last couple of months D&J Sports team researched and worked hard towards a better website experience to provide everyone with the latest swimming gear, swim suits and so much more. D&J Sports team focused on providing the newest swim suits and gear that swimmers are excited to shop, but that is not the only goal they wanted to achieve.

The website is now easy to access from any device. You can easily shop swim suits, swim gear or anything you desire from any device such as tablets, smart phones, laptops etc. Easy and fast search bar is listing your request giving you immediate access to swim suits, backpacks or swim equipment without spending time scrolling through every category. 2016.08.17 15.46.02 - Untitled-1 - Page 1.jpg

If you are looking for a quick shopping spree the search bar is fast and easy providing the simplest shopping experience you need.

Furthermore, the 2017 swimming collection from all famous brands is now uploaded and ready to be ordered. They are not only new, but they come with great prices and deals, and as always D&J Sports can help you customize any items you would like. Each year brands such as Speedo, Nike, TYR, Arena etc. come up with new styles and designs in training swimsuits, competitive swimsuits, technical swimsuits for both male and female. D&J Sports is always making sure that they are stocked with the newest styles in store and ready for online order:

Women’s swimsuits: Untitled123.pngWomen’s swimwear is the most popular search due to the bold designs and colorful pallets. But guys don’t you worry, D&J Sports made sure you all get the best out of the new men’s swimwear collection:

Men’s briefs: 



Men’s jammers: 


The best part is yet to come, D&J Sports has a vast experience in supplying swim teams all over US and across the borders. D&J’s new website is now offering a brand new team page dedicated to each and every team.

Teams can now open a free account with D&J Sports from which they can create their own team store with specific team gear, personalized items and customized apparel. Members of the team can easily access the team page on the new website and shop specific swim gear assigned for their team. This is a great opportunity offered by D&J Sports as team members get to shop team prices with great discounts and package deals.

By creating an account with the store, you will be able to move through the checkout process faster, store multiple shipping addresses, view and track your orders in your account.


The new website promises a lot and D&J Sports is excited to help everyone with their swim gear preferences, team store and so much more.


The 2015 Dolfin Titanium Racing Swim Suit Provides the Highest Fabric Strength to Weight Ratio

Enjoy the new Dolfin Titanium Racing Swim Suit.
The Dolfin Titanium Racing Swim Suit offers the ultimate in support.

Dolfin has long been recognized as manufacturing the best training competition swimwear on the market. To make sure they maintain this reputation, they continually work on developing new competitive swimwear designed to give swimmers all the advantages in the water. The new Dolfin Titanium Racing Swim Suit promises to offer swimmers an amazing array of benefits in the water so they can improve their performance.

Lightweight, Yet Supportive

Swimmers may be lean, but this doesn’t mean they don’t need the proper support in their competition swimwear. All of the Titanium suits, including the Dolfin Titanium jammer and knee suit, are constructed of supportive materials in a design that offers optimal support in all the right places. However, it isn’t just about the support. These swimsuits manage to offer this level of support while still providing a lightweight fit. In fact, this material feels featherweight when held, making it the ideal option for swimmers.

A  Four-Stage Process

One of the most unique factors in making the Dolfin Titanium Racing Swim Suit is the process through which it is made. Dolfin utilizes a four-stage process to create functional competitive swimwear that fits well and compresses in all the right places, along with offering optimal support. First, a welded chassis provides the support swimmers need for all the right muscle groups. This process meets all 2015 FINA rules. Next, Booster Shield Liner compresses larger muscle groups for better muscle return and vibration reduction for a streamlined effect. The HydroLock Weave is a Dolfin exclusive technique that offers the first 3D profile filament in the industry, giving swimmers maximum tensile strength and reduces friction in the water. Finally, the Vapor Block reduces water absorbency and creates less drag, allowing swimmer to move seamlessly through the water.

Dolfin strives to put swimmers first and find the best ways to help them improve their performance in the water while staying within FINA regulations. The new Dolfin Titanium jammer and knee suit swimsuits will offer the best swimmers can buy for the 2015 season. This new competitive swimwear will help you train more effectively to enhance your performance during races. This is the most advanced technology available to give every swimmer that competitive edge.

If you’re looking for the best competition swimwear or training swimsuit, contact us. We carry all of Dolfin’s latest swimwear, including the Dolfin Titanium Racing Swim Suit.

Swim Team T-shirts

Printed Swim Team T-shirtsGet your swim team outfitted head to toe with the latest fashion trends and great looks for this season. Every swimmer should be sporting a custom printed swim team t-shirt with your team logo or mascot. I have found the best prices for custom swimming t-shirts from D&J Sports Swim Shop. They have a full time design and print staff ready to create the best shirt ideas that you have and print them quickly so that you have the shirts in time for you next big swim meet. D&J is a group of swimmers that know what swimmers want and are dedicated in giving you the best looks, for the best prices and on time. If your team is small then they can help you out with a short run of 12 t-shirts and if you team is large they have the equipment to print your shirts. 

Swim Team T-shirt Ideas for 2014


Trending now are wordle or cloud word designs, featuring many common words like swim, team, freestyle, practice, flipturn, fun, etc. The words are randomly placed in a group to create a fun custom look to your swim team shirts. If you are looking for something a little more serious or tough something with your swim team logo on the front and a strong swim quote on the back is always a great option.Image

The choices of t-shirt blanks are also increasing and a super popular choice for the summer swim season are dry performance t-shirts. These are not only quick drying swim t-shirts but also are very cool to wear during the summer months. Plus now they are available in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes.

Be sure to check out D&J Sports for all the custom swim team t-shirts, swim team towels and custom swimwear. They have the best prices and service for your team. Plus dependable and fast delivery right to your door.

Custom Swim Team Suits

ImageNow is the time to order your custom swim team suits for the summer season and the best place to do that is from D&J Sports. A national leader in the swimwear and swim gear industry and top of the class for customized swimsuits and custom swim t-shirts. D&J Sports prints everything from suits, caps, t-shirts, hoodies, towels and more in-house at their national headquarters in Dallas Texas. They have a full time design and print staff as well as a full time professional embroidery staff. Since they specialize on swimwear and swim teams they know exactly what you want and will make sure that you get it in time for your next big swim meet. D&J prints from small teams, big teams and everything in-between. Including the USA Swimming National team suits and apparel. They even print for the Olympic swim teams.

Additional Custom Swim Team Items

After your swim be sure to dry off with a custom woven swim team towel from D&J Sports. These towels will be the perfect banner for your 2014 summer swim team. Since the logo is woven into the towel you are not limited to the size of the logo and as an added bonus the logo will never wear off the towel. Wow, now that’s a great item!

We need your help to feed the homeless on Christmas Day.

We need your help to feed the homeless on Christmas Day.

We are sending the food trucks out to the streets of Dallas to feed the homeless on Christmas Day.

Donate Today

100% will go direct to feed the homeless

– Please call 1-800-460-7946 with monetary donations or donate in person at our Dallas or North Dallas Locations. Funds will pay for cost of the food truck meals.

– Help us by donating your time and spread the holiday spirit on Christmas Day with the food truck service.

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New Nike Swimsuits Now Instock

The new Nike Swimsuits are now available. They have just realeased several new suits in time for the spring and summer seasons. The new Nike swim suits include several prints with the popular cut-out tank back. The Nike Swim Pool Blast cut-out tank swimsuit and the Nike Water Fury swimsuit are already flying off the store shelves. The Nike Water Fury is a classic color block style swimsuit with very flattering lines. But if you are wanting to stand out on the pool deck or in the water then the Nike Pool Blast will be your choice with its fun, vibrant colors.

Nike Swim has also released a the Nike Water Break Spider back tank swimsuit featuring the great lowback cut and multiple straps of the spiderback suit.

Swimming Ribbons Make Great Prizes for Your Meets

Swim Meet Ribbons
When you are hosting a swim meet, swimming ribbons can be a great reward for the participants.

Many times when you think of swim meets you think of the bigger meets that offer bigger prizes. But what about the smaller meets, such as the ones you conduct for fun and practice for your own team or those between a few local teams as a way to prepare for the bigger meets? Whenever you are conducting one of these meets, finding a way to reward swimmers is critical. With the help of swimming ribbons, you will be able to give awards based on placement, as well as simple participation ribbons. These custom swim ribbons are a great choice.

Custom Swim Ribbons

One of the best ways to provide prizes to your swim team members for participation or placement within these smaller meets is with swim ribbons. These swimming ribbons can be designed to best suit your needs, including imprinting them with what the award is for, the name of your organization and the date of the meet. This will help all participants who receive them remember what they received that particular ribbon for. In some cases, you will also be able to choose the colors of the ribbon so they can match the place or even the official colors of the meet.

Options for Swim Meet Ribbons

As you consider swim meet ribbons, you will need to know which types of ribbons are available. A swim ribbon roll can be a great option for participation ribbons because you will need a lot of them. You can have these ribbon rolls customized with your organization name, as well as other information. If you will be distributing place ribbons, you will be able to choose from several designs, each including a card on which to write participant information and an elegant tassel. You can choose from a pointed ribbon or a rectangular ribbon, depending on your preferences.

Giving out swimming ribbons at your smaller swim meets can be a great option to reward your swimmers. Whether you choose to issue ribbons based on placement or you simply want to provide every swimmer with a participant ribbon, you will be able to create custom swim ribbons that will fit your needs best. From a ribbon roll to individual ribbons with a card and cord, you will be able to customize the swim meet ribbons for your individual meet or for your organization.