How to Buy Speedo Practice Swimsuit

How to Buy Speedo Practice Swimsuit

Buying a Speedo practice swimsuit means you have high quality practice swimwear that differs from your performance gear. Swimmers know that the suit matters, but the suit

How to Buy Speedo Practice Swimsuit
How to Buy Speedo Practice Swimsuit

should be different for practice than it is for competing in a meet. Swimsuits for practice differ from competitive swimsuits in minor areas, but are still designed for performance.

1. Multiple practice swimsuits are the norm. Because you or your child regularly swim during the week, multiple practice swimsuits are required. Anywhere from 2-4 suits are required, depending on how many practices you or your child have per week. Practice suits are durable enough to be worn many times and rinsed thoroughly between each wear.

2. Know the differences in fabric. Typically practice swimwear is comprised of polyester and Lycra, just like competitive swimsuits. Sometimes practice suits are made of nylon for increased durability. Most Speedo practice swimsuits are made of polyester and Lycra to mimic the same feel and fit that swimmers are used to competing in. The fit of a practice Speedo swimsuit may be slightly looser or relaxed than a competitive swimsuit. This creates less constriction when practicing.

3. Care for your Speedo practice swimsuit properly. Suits should have about 24 hours to rest between wears. Chlorine water puts a lot of wear and tear on a practice swimsuit. Polyester, Lycra and Spandex blends are essentially memory yarns that need time to “snap back” into place after a swim. Let practice swimsuits air dry, but never in the sun light. Rinse the practice swimsuit and place it in the bathroom to drip dry. Sun light can damage a suit’s colors with fading and heat can break down the fibers and elasticity in your swimsuit. Because of this, you also want to avoid drying the swimsuit in the dryer.

4. Reach for quality name brands like Speedo. There’s a reason brands like Speedo have become synonymous with competitive swimming. Speedo deliver the quality you need from swimsuits that are worn repeatedly for practice or competition meets. Speedo swimwear is treated with chlorine resistance for durability and minimal fading even with consistent use.

Wearing a Speedo practice swimsuit means wearing quality swimwear that will stand up to the most intense practices. Speedo swimsuits are well-known for a reason in both the practice and competitive realms. For both men and women, boys and girls, Speedo swimsuits offers high quality swimwear meant for swimmers who take the sport seriously.

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