Dive into Aqua Fitness with Equipment from Speedo

Dive into Aqua Fitness with Equipment from Speedo

Choose the right barbells for your water workout.
Barbells are an important part of any water aerobics workout.

Speedo has long been known for its competitive swimwear, but this isn’t the only way they have helped swimmers. In fact, they are constantly developing new gear and strategies to help swimmers enhance their performance. Recently, Speedo has released their equipment and initiative called Speedo Fit. This fitness equipment will take water aerobics to a whole new level.

Fitness Barbells

Weights have become an important element in aqua fitness. There are a couple of barbell options created by Speedo as part of the Speedo Fit initiative, giving individuals the opportunity to perform more typical fitness exercises while in the water. The Speedo Aqua Fit 360 hand weights weigh a pound each and are the perfect option for simple weightlifting exercises in the water. Explore your other options for Speedo aqua barbells to ensure you find the perfect solution to best suit your needs.

Get a Grip

Holding onto weights, even those that are made from softer materials for use in the water, can be difficult or cause stress on your hands. This is why it’s recommended to use Speedo Aqua swim gloves to help you get a solid grip on the weights to ensure they don’t slip out of your hands as you workout. These comfortable gloves can also create greater resistance in the water, which can enhance your workout in other ways.

Speedo has begun a water fitness initiative that is being backed by some of the biggest names in swimming today. This type of water aerobics will provide swimmers with the chance to improve their performance. The goal is to be able to exercise similar to the way you would at the gym only under the water so you can enhance all the muscles you use to swim so you can become a stronger swimmer.

If you’re looking for the right water aerobics equipment to improve your swimming performance, contact us. D&J Sports carries everything you need to train in the water.


Water Aerobics Is Gaining in Popularity

Water Aerobics Is Gaining in Popularity

Water Aerobics Gear
The right water aerobics gear can help you succeed in your efforts.

Water aerobics has become a more popular method of working out. Some individuals choose this method of working out for fitness purposes. Others do it in an attempt to lose weight. Because water aerobics puts less stress on the joints and the body, it is a preferred option for the elderly and others who are weak for a variety of reasons. If you are interested in joining the bandwagon to participate in this method of exercise, you will need certain swim gear.

The Right Swimwear

One of the first things you need to purchase is a good swimsuit to wear when participating in your workout. The typical suits you wear for recreational swimming and can buy from your local department store do not offer the same quality as other swimsuits. Instead, you should choose water aerobics swimwear that is designed for optimal support and freedom of movement. You can find swimsuits with a variety of coverage levels for your comfort.

 Other Wearables

Before you begin your water aerobics sessions, you need to make sure you have other wearables that are necessary to your success. While not a necessity, a swim cap can be a great addition to your water aerobics wear, especially if you want to protect your hair from the harsh chlorine in the pool. A good pair of water aerobics shoes is also essential to give you maximum traction on the pool floor.

Effective Water Aerobics Tools

There are also certain tools you need to use when you are participating in water aerobics, whether you are taking a formal class or working on your own. For instance, aqua fitness barbells and aqua fitness gloves can be a great way to add some additional toning to your workout, as well as resistance as you move your arms through the water. An aquajogger, such as the Swim Stuff Aqua Jogbelt, can be a great option to add a little extra weight to your body in the water.

If you are ready to start taking advantage of water aerobics and all it has to offer for fitness and weight loss purposes, you will need to make sure you purchase the right gear. This includes buying a quality swimsuit that will offer you the support and comfort you need in your workouts. You will also need to purchase other wearables and certain water aerobics tools for the most effective workout.

To find out more about what you need for an effective water aerobics workout, contact us to speak with one of our representatives.

Step up Your Water Workout with a New Set of Speedo Water Shoes

Step up Your Water Workout with a New Set of Speedo Water Shoes

Water Aerobics Shoes
Water shoes are essential for working out in the water.

Water aerobics is one of the top ways to get some exercise, especially if you have health problems that keep you from exercising in the more traditional methods. While most people who perform water aerobics think all they need is a comfortable swimsuit to wear, this is not correct. You also need a great pair of Speedo water shoes to wear while you exercise. This will provide you with the support you require and help you perform even better so you can maximize your workout.

Why You Need Aerobics Shoes

If you thought you could perform water aerobics without wearing shoes, you need to reconsider. Think about it. Even though the water cushions many of your joints, your feet will still hit the hard bottom of the pool. When you wear the right pair of water shoes, you will gain the same type of support you would get from your typical tennis shoes without the bulk. This will allow you to perform even better in the water so you don’t have to worry about sore feet at the end of the workout.  You also need traction when you are working out so you don’t have to be concerned with falling. This is especially essential for those who already suffer from balance issues.

The Speedo Water Shoes Features

Speedo water shoes provide you with many incredible features that make them easy to wear while you are working out. For instance, the shoes have textured bottoms so you can obtain the traction you require against the bottom of the pool. The Speedo Hydro Comfort water shoes also help disperse the water and proper ventilation when you are out of the water. These shoes also dry quickly so you don’t have to walk around in wet shoes. The Hydro Comfort shoes are available in black and pink or gray and blue so you can choose the ones that go best with your swimsuit.

Working out in the water is a great way to get the exercise you need without putting a lot of additional stress on your body. However, you shouldn’t attempt it without first buying a good pair of water shoes. When you wear the right water shoes, you will experience all the benefits you need so you can maximize your workout and achieve the results you are seeking.


The Swim Stuff Jogging Belt for Your Exercise Needs

The Swim Stuff Jogging Belt for Your Exercise Needs

Water Aerobics Gear
A jogging belt is essential for deep water jogging.

Exercising in the water is the perfect way to get fit without putting a lot of extra stress on your body’s joints. This is why water aerobics is the preferred type of exercise for the elderly, as well as those who are disabled, suffering certain illnesses or recovering from an injury. While you are exercising in the water, though, you can use special gear to make the most of your efforts. One of these tools is the Swim Stuff jogging belt.

How It Works

When you put on an aqua jogging belt, you will gain some additional buoyancy in the water, which is essential when you are jogging in deeper waters. While some people like to jog with a floatation vest on, the jogging belt is often a preferred option because it offers less interference with the way your body naturally moves as you job. Because of the freedom of movement you will enjoy, you will gain strength in your arms, all while keeping the stress on your shoulders down. Jogging in the water will also tone up your core muscles in your abdomen and give your lower body a workout as you move your legs through the water against the natural resistance of the water.

The Swim Stuff Jogging Belt

The Swim Stuff jogging belt is a cost-effective option for people who are looking for a quality jogging belt without spending a great deal of money. This particular belt is durable and strong, giving you long-lasting use so you won’t have to worry about buying another one. The adjustable strap allows just about anyone to wear the belt, though it is available in two sizes to best meet everyone needs. The foam from which the belt is made is non-porous, allowing the gear to dry quickly. The belt is contoured in the back for proper lumbar support and it features a quick-release strap for ease of use.

If jogging in the water is on your list of exercises to perform, you need a quality jogging belt to make your workout even more successful. The Swim Stuff jogging belt is an incredible option for every swimmer, offering additional buoyancy for those situations where you are jogging through deep water, as well as a long list of other features to make your workout successful. Don’t attempt to jog through the water without one of these incredible belts.

Finding the Right Water Aerobics Shoes

Finding the Right Water Aerobics Shoes

Water Aerobics Shoes
The right water aerobics shoes are essential to success.

One of the most popular ways for people to get in shape without putting a lot of stress on their bodies is by participating in water aerobics. If you are interested in this fun way to get in shape and stay that way, it is important to find the right water aerobics shoes to wear in the water. While some people choose to complete these aerobics in bare feet, it is more beneficial to wear the right kind of shoes, just like with any other type of exercise.

A Sturdy Sole

Flexibility is extremely important when it comes to water aerobic shoes. However, the sole should not be flimsy. When you are working out in the water, your feet require the proper support to ensure you don’t end up hurting yourself in the water. As you shop for the right shoes for your water aerobics class, look for soles that are thicker but still offer you the level of flexibility that makes it easy to wear them in the water. This will provide you with the right combination of support and freedom for the best results.

An Adjustable Fit

Some people think they can purchase any type of water shoes and use those for their water aerobics class. However, this isn’t the best option for most people. You need to make sure these shoes fit you well so you don’t risk stumbling and falling or suffering from the effects of shoes that are too tight. The right water aerobics shoes will be adjustable, often with elastic laces, so you can create the perfect fit for your feet so you can enjoy all the benefits of a water aerobics class.

Good Traction

The bottom of a swimming pool can be slippery. While some have a textured bottom to provide some additional traction, others have a simple tile bottom. No matter what type of bottom the pool has, you should make sure the water shoes you purchase offer good traction. A textured bottom to the shoes will prevent you from slipping while you are performing the exercises so you can be safe.

Water aerobics can be a great way to stay in shape, especially if you suffer from joint problems or other problems that make regular exercise more difficult. If this is your chosen method of exercising, it is critical to find the right water aerobics shoes to meet your needs and help you make the most of your time in the water.

Use Water Barbells as a Way to Gain Muscle Strength

Use Water Barbells as a Way to Gain Muscle Strength

Water Barbells
Water barbells can be the perfect way to get a workout that is easier on your body.

Exercising in the water is a great way to stay fit, as well as lose weight. There are many types of exercises you can participate in while in the water other than water aerobics, which most people think of as the only water exercise. Weightlifting with water barbells is a great way to increase muscle mass and strength. The combination of the weights and the resistance of the water makes it possible to tone your muscles while participating in a low-impact exercise. Water dumbbells are also easy to hold, typically only requiring the use of one hand on each weight, making it possible for people of all fitness levels to use them.

Buoyancy and Resistance

The pure buoyancy of aqua barbells, such as the Swim Stuff Aqua Fitness Barbells, gives you the perfect amount of resistance in the water. When you use controlled movements with the barbells, you will be able to give your arm muscles a great workout by not allowing them to come back to the surface of the water, which they will naturally want to do. The resistance of the water will add to the strength you are able to add to your muscles, giving your body an incredible workout without any risk of high-impact injuries. This is the perfect exercise for those who are recovering from illness or injury, as well as those who are fitness enthusiasts.

Resistance Both Ways

The water can provide resistance on your muscles when you are pushing the dumbbells down beneath the water, as well as when you bring them back to the surface. It might be tempting to allow the water to do the work when you are bringing the dumbbells back up, but to give your muscles the greatest workout, it is essential to push against the water to maximize the benefits to your muscles.

Different Positions

There are many ways to use water barbells. They are the perfect choice for all levels of fitness, including beginners and those who are experienced in weightlifting. The Speedo Aqua Fitness Barbells are the perfect choice for those who bring their barbells back and forth from the pool because they are lightweight and easy to use. These fitness barbells are perfect for using while standing in place and simply exercising the arms or in combination with aerobic exercise, such as jogging or treading water. Working out with weights in the water is a perfectly safe yet effective method for physical fitness.

Water Aerobics Equipment Makes Your Workout Fun

Water Aerobics Equipment Makes Your Workout Fun

Water Aerobics Accessories
Water aerobics accessories can provide you with an additional workout.

Water aerobics makes it possible to lose weight and have fun at the same time. Water aerobics is one of the best cardio exercises you can do while protecting your body. The water provides the perfect amount of resistance to increase your muscle mass but is not overly intensive on your joints to make your workout painful. Because of the nature of this type of exercise, it is easy to use every day. When you add water aerobics equipment to your workout, you can personalize the intensity of your workout.


Adding more resistance than the water provides during your water aerobics workout provides you with an even more intense workout. If your goal is to build muscle mass or lose weight, adding barbells, such as the Speedo Aqua Fitness Barbell, gives your body floating support, while also providing resistance. You can choose to use one or both barbells during your workout to greatly increase the effectiveness of your workout. For those who do not need the flotation support and simply want the resistance, the Speedo Hydro Resistance Water Weights provide the perfect amount of resistance in 1 or 2 pound weights. They are also ergonomically designed with grips to reduce the number of times the weights slip out of your hands.


Experience the resistance you get when you lift weights without holding weights at all. Water aerobics gloves, such as the Speedo Aqua Fitness Gloves, are made of neoprene, the material wetsuits are made of, and have webbed fingers to provide the perfect amount of resistance when you move your arms back and forth in the water. Different water aerobics classes will use different techniques to help you gain the benefits of your water aerobic gloves.

Jog Belts

Jog belts are another popular piece of water aerobics gear to help you increase resistance and stability in the water. Jog belts, such as the Speedo Aqua Fitness Jog Belt, offer the perfect amount of stability in the water, while increasing your ability to tone your muscles and burn more fat.

All the water aerobics equipment available, including water weights, water aerobic gloves and jog belts, allows you to participate in cardio workouts, while remaining low impact. This is the preferred method of exercise for anyone with an injury, the elderly or those who wish to protect their body from the dangers of high impact exercise.

Aquatic Fitness Belts

Aquatic Fitness Belts

In the heat of the summer water aerobics can be a great way to both escape the heat and get a great workout.  Such a workout provides the same benefits as aerobics done on land without putting unnecessary stress on the body.  If you decide to move your workout to the water your joints will thank you.

Speedo Aquatic Jog Belt
Speedo Aquatic Jog Belt

For most water aerobic programs the first step is selecting an Aquatic Fitness Belt that is right for you.  Speedo’s Aquatic Jog Belt is ideal for deep water aerobic workouts.  This jog belt uses soft, flexible foam to provide flotation support in deep water, and also gives additional back support.  The jog belt fits a wide range of waist sizes up to 48 inches.

Another great deep water option is the Speedo Hydro Resistant Jog Belt.  This belt is molded from soft neoprene foam for additional comfort.

Speedo Aquatic Fitness Belt
Speedo Aquatic Fitness Belt

Speedo’s Aquatic Fitness Belt offers more versatility than it’s deep water companions.  The Aquatic Fitness Belt comes with removable blocks for adjustable flotation.  This makes the belt great for both deep and shallow water aerobics.  Whether you are new to water aerobics or a seasoned vet the Aquatic Fitness Belt will give you the support you need in the water.