How to Keep Your Swim Goggles from Fogging

Use anti-fog solutions for swimming goggles.
Anti-fog solutions for swimming goggles can help you

Fogged over goggles are one of a swimmer’s worst nightmares. This is especially true with outdoor swimming goggles because the climate can’t be controlled. Thankfully, there are solutions available that can help you eliminate the fog so you can see more clearly and be a more effective swimmer.

What Causes the Fog?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand why even some of the best goggles for competitive swimming may fog. In the most basic terms, goggle fog is actually condensation. As you swim, your body temperature rises and sweat forms, increasing humidity inside the goggle lenses. When exposed to the cold water of the pool or body of water, condensation forms, causing the fog effects.

Tips to Prevent Fogging

There are several things you can do to protect your goggles from fogging, including the use of anti-fog solutions for swim goggles. To help prevent the fog:

  • Buy high-quality outdoor swimming goggles that are designed with anti-fog coatings.
  • Avoid touching the inside of the goggle lenses. The oils from your skin can erode the anti-fog coating prematurely, leading to more fogging.
  • Apply anti-fog solutions for swim goggles on a regular basis to restore the original coating.

If you are in a pinch and need to get rid of the fog on your goggles, a little spit shaken into the goggles will help. Keeping a small amount of pool water to slosh around inside your goggles can also help.

Applying Anti-Fog Spray

There are two ways to apply the anti-fog spray. If you are at a meet or practice, simply spray the inside of the lenses and rinse the goggles with a quick dip in the pool. Shake them off and you’re ready to go. When you have more time, spray the inside of the lenses, rinse them, give them a quick polish with a soft rag and allow them to air dry with the inside of the lenses facing up.

You don’t have to put up with fogged goggles any longer. With the help of anti-fog solutions for swim goggles, along with the proper care, you can reduce the amount of fog you experience so you can see more clearly in the water.

If you’re looking for the best goggles for competitive swimming and anti-fog solutions for swim goggles, contact us. We offer all the gear and products you need to see clearly when you swim.

5 Swimming Goggles That Are Trending This Year

Perform your best with the best goggles for competitive swimming.
The best goggles for competitive swimming will help you perform your best.

As a competitive swimmer, it’s important to make sure you are using indoor or outdoor swimming goggles that best meet your needs. Finding the best swimming goggles for competitive swimming will ensure you can perform your best. There are several goggles that are currently trending that will ensure you see clearly in the water for optimal performance.

1. Speedo Fastskin Elite

If you’re looking for the best swimming goggles for performance, the Speedo Fastskin Elite can’t be beat. These goggles feature an inner-eye fit to help reduce drag for faster speeds. In addition, these goggles feature a 3D silicone seal for a more comfortable fit.

2. Aquasphere XCeed

Some swimmers prefer style over function. In this case, the Aquasphere XCeed feature sleek lines and bold colors for an amazing look. As part of the Michael Phelps collection, these goggles are sure to please every competitive swimmer with style, as well as function.

3. Speedo MDR 2.4

One of the most comfortable options, the Speedo MDR 2.4 mirrored goggles are outdoor swimming goggles you will find easy to wear for long periods of time. With the patented Elastomeric gaskets, the fit is secure, yet comfortable, offering an advantage of other competitive swimming goggles.

4. Speedo Speed Socket Polarized

For swimmers who prefer the open water, the Speedo Speed Socket Polarized are amazing outdoor swimming goggles. These goggles offer a large field of vision to help you avoid obstacles often present during open water swimming. The polarized lenses also make it easier to see while swimming in bright conditions.

5. Aquasphere Eagle

Some swimmers need corrective lenses to ensure they can perform their best. The Aquasphere Eagle offers the optical solutions these competitive swimmers need. With a broad frame and soft skirt, these swimming goggles are ideal for those who swim for fitness or recreationally.

When you’re shopping for the best goggles for competitive swimming, there are a lot of factors to consider. There are many types of goggles, each with unique features and purposes. Before you buy a pair, make sure you understand what features they offer, as well as try them on to ensure they are the most comfortable fit for you.

If you’re looking for the best goggles for competitive swimming, contact us. We offer a vast array of the best goggles to ensure optimal performance in the water.

Speedo Jr. Hydrospex Classic Goggles for Kids Prevents Annoying Leaking and Fogging

Prevent fogging and leakage with outdoor swimming goggles for kids.
Outdoor swimming goggles for kids shouldn’t fog or leak.

One of the biggest issues parents find when buying outdoor swimming goggles for kids is leaking and fogging. Some of this problem is due to the difficulty fitting children with swim goggles. However, if you’re looking for kids goggles that don’t leak or fog, there are solutions. For instance, the Speedo Jr. Hydrospec classic goggles are an excellent choice for a number of reasons.

Keep Your Child’s Eyes Safe

The most important reason to supply your child with outdoor swimming goggles is to help protect their eyes. Chlorine and the other chemicals used in pools can be irritating to anyone, especially young children. In addition, there can be some debris in the water that could get in your child’s eyes as he or she swims. Properly fitting goggles can be such an important element as part of your child’s swimming experience, whether it is recreational or they are taking swimming lessons or getting involved in competitive swimming. Keeping your child’s eyes safe should be one of your top priorities.

Speedo Jr. Hydrospec Classic Goggles Are the Perfect Option

Speedo swimming equipment comes in a variety of sizes and styles to ensure the perfect fit for everyone. The Speedo Jr. Hydrospec classic goggles offer a sleek fit in a variety of fun colors that work well, not only for children, but also for adults who may have a smaller face and have difficulty wearing other adult swimming goggles. They are constructed of a soft, one-piece frame and an adjustable split head strap to create the perfect fit for every child. The tough lenses also offer fog-proof properties and the soft gaskets hug the face to help prevent leaks, which can be a problem with less expensive children’s swimming goggles.

Finding the perfect outdoor swimming goggles is essential if you want your child to perform their best and to ensure their eyes are protected when they swim. Whether you are spending a lot of time at the pool this summer or you’re heading for the beach, having the right Speedo swimming equipment is essential. This includes kids goggles that don’t leak or fog, giving your child an advantage in the water.

If you’re looking for the best Speedo swimming equipment in Dallas, TX, contact us. We carry all the equipment swimmers of all ages need to stay safe in the water and make the most of their swim times.

Best Swimming Goggles for Kids This Summer

Do you know the best swimming goggle for blocking the sun?
Find the best swimming goggle for blocking the sun.

When you get your children involved in swimming, it’s important to make sure you provide all the equipment they need. This includes the best swimming goggle for blocking the sun and providing the protection they need in the water. Whether you choose Speedo children’s goggles or TYR children’s goggles or any other brand, you need to make sure they offer the right fit and level of comfort.

Ages 5-14

The Speedo Jr. Vanquisher 2.0 goggles are a great option for children between the ages of five and 14. These goggles feature a low-profile design that offers 25 percent increased peripheral vision. This is a smaller version of the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 goggles designed to fit smaller faces, with a adjustable double head strap and ergonomic adjustable clip. There are also three interchangeable nose pieces for the perfect fit.

Ages 4-11

Another of the Speedo children’s goggles is the Speedo Skoogles Mirrored Kids Swim Goggles. These goggles are soft and comfortable, which makes them ideal for children. They feature adjustable clips, which allows parents to adjust them to the perfect fit for their child, regardless of how small their face is. They also come in fun colors, including blue, purple and orange.

Ages 2-8

If you’re looking for TYR children’s goggles, the TYR Swimple Goggle is the perfect choice for children between the ages of two and eight. This is one of the top swim goggles for children with an easy-to-use adjustment system that can be easily operated by children as well so they no longer need help from an adult to get the perfect fit. The small frame is built especially for small faces and features optical grade, anti-fog lenses. These goggles come in a vast array of colors, which makes it fun for children to pick them out.

Finding the right outdoor swimming goggles for children can be a challenge. This includes knowing which is the best swimming goggle for blocking the sun to protect your child’s eyes from the rays of the sun. These three options can be a great place to start, allowing you to find the ideal option for your child, both in fit and style. Children can be picky about what they wear.

If you’re looking for the best swimming goggle for blocking the sun for your child, contact us. We offer a vast selection of children’s outdoor swimming goggles to provide the best fit and comfort possible.

D&J Sports Carries the Best Outdoor Swimming Google for Kids This Summer

Make sure your children are wearing outdoor swimming goggles.
Outdoor swimming goggles serve many purposes.

Most people think of competitive swimming when they think of outdoor swimming goggles. However, they can also be used for recreational swimming, particularly for children. Choosing the best outdoor swimming goggle for kids will keep your children’s eyes safe in the water and help them be able to see more clearly as they swim.

The Benefits of Swim Goggles

There are many benefits to choosing swim goggles for your child to use while they swim, particularly outdoors. These goggles can keep debris and chemicals out of your child’s eyes, offering a level of protection. The best swimming goggle for blocking the sun can also protect your child’s eyes from the potentially damaging rays of the sun. They can also provide better visibility in the water for playing games.

Getting the Right Fit

While there are many outdoor swimming goggles available on the market, many of them weren’t designed with children in mind. This means you have to spend more time finding the best outdoor swimming goggle for kids to ensure the appropriate fit. Children’s faces are smaller and often have a different shape than adult faces. When you purchase quality swim goggles, you need to make sure they were designed with young children in mind for a secure fit. Whenever possible, it’s best to try them on before you buy.

Comfort Is Key

For both children and adults, comfort is the key when it comes to selecting the right outdoor swimming goggles. You want to make sure your child will feel comfortable wearing their goggles every time they get in the water without complaints. No one wants to spend money on a pair of swimming goggles only to find their child refuses to wear them.

The best outdoor swimming goggles for kids will help your child feel more confident in the water and can provide greater protection as well. Choosing the perfect goggles for your child will require some research and potentially trying on a few pairs to find the perfect fit and ensure the comfort of the child who will wear them.

If you’re looking for the best swimming goggles for kids, contact us. Swimming equipment from D&J Sports is affordable and offers the high quality you need.

Protect Your Kids This Summer With Quality Outdoor Swim Goggles

Consider outdoor swim goggles for kids.
Outdoor swim goggles for kids protect their eyes.

Swimming is one of the most popular pastimes for children of all ages. Whether your family spends a lot of time at the pool during the summer months or you head to the beach for vacation, it’s important to make sure your children are properly protected. Outdoor swim goggles for kids are a necessity for a number of reasons. While most people consider outdoor swimming googles to be something competitive swimmers wear, they can also provide other benefits.

Eye Protection

One of the most important reasons you should make sure your child wears swimming goggles is to protect their eyes from the chlorine found in pools, as well as debris that can be found in pools and other bodies of water. The eyes are extremely sensitive and children may open them while underwater. Harsh chemicals and other debris can cause irritation and even damage. In addition, wearing the best swimming goggle for blocking the sun will ensure your child’s eyes are protected from the potentially damaging rays of the sun.

Medical Reasons

Most children won’t need to wear outdoor swimming goggles for medical reasons, but it can be important to talk to your child’s doctor regarding whether this is necessary. For many children who will need to wear them, it is because of the need for a prescription. As long as your child’s eye sight isn’t extremely poor, swimming without the aid of a prescription won’t be detrimental. However, there are other eye conditions that may necessitate the use of swim goggles to protect the eyes. Even a temporary illness of the eyes can benefit from using swim goggles, such as an eye infection.

Outdoor swim goggles for kids can be a critical element in keeping your child safe, whether at the pool or the beach. However, it is also important to get your child used to swimming without goggles, especially if you have a pool of your own or spend a lot of time around pools without swimming. This is to ensure your child doesn’t panic if he or she falls into the water when unprepared. However, it’s up to you to determine whether wearing eye protection while swimming makes the most sense for your child’s individual needs.

If you want to try the Swimple metallized goggle or choose another type of outdoor swimming goggle for kids, contact us. D&J Sports carries a vast selection of swim goggles for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

If You Don’t Have 20/20 Vision, Prescription Swim Goggles Can Improve Your Swim

See clearly in the water with prescription swim goggles.
Prescription swim goggles ensure you can see clearly in the water.

Swimming requires the ability to see clearly where you are in the pool so does this mean those who don’t have 20/20 vision can’t compete well? The answer is no. Prescription swim googles are a viable option, giving swimmers with less-than-perfect eye sight the opportunity to swim alongside everyone else. These googles are available in both indoor and outdoor swimming goggles. Even the best goggles for competitive swimming may be available in prescription strengths.

Prescription Lenses

Prescription swim goggles aren’t specially made like the glasses you order from the optometrist. Instead, they are available in a set of diopters, which is similar to the way generic reading glasses available over-the-counter at the pharmacy or other stores are made. Talk to your optometrist to determine the appropriate method of determining which diopter will provide the results you need in the water so you can see clearly and protect your eyes at the same time.

No Regular Prescription Glasses

Wearing your prescription glasses in the water isn’t advised for a number of reasons. For starters, these glasses aren’t designed for use in the water and are likely to fall off while you are swimming. In addition, their design can often get in the way of your arm movements, causing you to either knock your glasses off or disrupting the natural flow of your stroke. They also aren’t hydrodynamic, which means you will slow down your swim times.

Custom Options Are Available

Some people have more specific needs when it comes to their prescription. For these individuals, indoor and outdoor swimming goggles are available in custom designs. These customizations allow manufacturers to take an individual’s precise prescription and implement it into a pair of the best goggles for competitive swimming. This competitive swimming gear may be more expensive because it is customized, but it will provide the clarity swimmers need to be more effective in the water and increase their chances of winning.

Prescription swim goggles are an important tool for those who don’t have 20/20 vision. Clear visibility in the water is essential so swimmers always know where they are in the pool. While prescription glasses can provide the clarity these individuals need, they aren’t the most suitable option, especially for competitive swimming. Having the best goggles for competitive swimming is key to your success. Don’t let needing a prescription stop you from being a strong competitor in the water.

If you’re looking for competitive swimming gear in Dallas, Texas, contact us. We carry a vast selection of indoor and outdoor swimming goggles, along with all the other gear you need.