How to Overcome the Fear of Exercising in the Pool: The Right Swimming Gear Will Help

How to Overcome the Fear of Exercising in the Pool: The Right Swimming Gear Will Help

Water exercise is more effective with the right swimming gear.
The right swimming gear makes water exercise more effective.

A fear of the water can make it difficult for people to exercise in the water. Because water aerobics can offer a number of benefits over other, more strenuous types of exercise, it’s important to help these individuals overcome their fears. While much of this fear is psychological, choosing the right swimming gear can help you feel more comfortable in the water and enhance the effects of your exercise routine.

Custom Swim Caps

In addition to purchasing a swimsuit in which you can be comfortable, you should consider investing in custom swim caps. Sometimes individuals don’t want to get their hair wet or are nervous about getting water in their ears. Swim caps can be a great way to keep these two issues under control. Customizing a swim cap can be a great way to feel comfortable and look great too.

Outdoor Swimming Googles

Whether you always swim outdoors or just some of the time, investing in a good pair of outdoor swimming goggles keeps water out of the eyes and allows for greater visibility. For some people, it’s the fear of not being able to see well in the water that causes issues. A good pair of swim goggles is the ideal way to ensure you can see well and keeps the chlorine out of your eyes. You will feel more comfortable and will be able to focus on your exercises.

Swim Fins

Swim fins allow individuals to move more easily through the water while increasing the amount of resistance you experience. Resistance is a great asset when you’re trying to work out in the water. When you choose the best swim fins, you will be able to move more easily through the water and will gain a confidence you won’t develop without the help of the right swimming gear.

Water aerobics can be a great way to get fit without putting a lot of stress on your joints. However, when individuals have a fear of the water, this option may not be the right one. For those who are eager to overcome their fears and start getting fit in the pool, the right swimming gear can make all of the difference.

If you’re looking for the best swimming gear to make water aerobics easier, contact us. D&J Sports carries all the gear swimmers of all types need to ensure the best results.

Finding a Supplier for Swim Team Equipment

Finding a Supplier for Swim Team Equipment

Swim Team Gear
A good supplier provides all the swim gear your team needs.

When it comes to supplying your swim team with the equipment they need to be successful, you need to find a supplier that can provide you with everything you need without breaking your budget. While swimmers are responsible for some of their equipment, buying some things in bulk can be better for everyone. Finding the right supplier for your team’s equipment will require you to do your own research and to understand what you need to be successful.


Some of the gear you buy for your team will better serve your purposes when customized. Adding your team name and logo to items in your team colors can really bring your team together. From swim caps and swimsuits to t-shirts and parkas, a supplier that can customize a great number of items will ensure you can purchase just what your team needs.


Another important aspect to choosing the right swim team equipment supplier is to check the prices. A good supplier will provide you with low prices on all the products you need for your swim team. Because some of the equipment will be purchased in bulk, find a supplier that provides a bulk discount. This will allow you to save money on the gear your team needs. Even if the individual swimmers pay for the equipment, they will appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of lower prices.

Variety of Products

You will need more than just swim gear, such as training tools, swim caps, t-shirts and goggles; you also need equipment for the pool. Items, such as backstroke flags, lap timers and starting blocks, are all necessary to the success of your team. Therefore, you need to find a supplier that will be able to provide these types of items as well. When you can buy everything you need from the same place, you can also save on shipping costs.

Finding the best supplier for all your swim team equipment will ensure you can save money and time. All you need to do is locate a company that can provide you with all the customized products you need, as well as the other equipment required to run a successful swim team. Comparing the prices, especially the bulk prices, will ensure you have chosen the right supplier to ensure your swim team has everything you need and your swimmers can be as successful as possible because they have the right tools.

Don’t Forget Swim Towels with Your Swim Gear

Don’t Forget Swim Towels with Your Swim Gear

Swim Towels
Swim towel chamois are the perfect addition to your swim gear.

When you are swimming, whether competitively or for pleasure, you will need a way to dry off when you are done. While most people have a beach towel at home or simply use a bath towel for their swimming needs, these towels aren’t as effective as they can be. In addition, these towels quickly become wet and ineffective because they just can’t hold a lot of water. The solution lies in chamois specifically designed for the use of swimmers. This popular swim gear will help you dry off even better.

Speedo Sports Towel Chamois

Available in blue or pink, you can rely on the Speedo sports towel chamois to dry off quickly after any swim. This super absorbent towel will be able to absorb far more water than you could ever imagine, making it the perfect towel for any purpose, whether you are a swimmer, water polo player or participate in any other type of water sports.

Nike Hydro Towel

The Nike Hydro Towel is made from the ultra-absorbent PVA material to soak up all the water so you can dry yourself off quickly after practice, a meet or a casual swim. Measuring 17 inches by 27 inches, this large towel provides all the room you need to dry off without having to struggle to find a dry spot. This towel comes with a reusable cylinder case.

TYR Towels

TYR also has several options you can choose for absorbent towels that are more effective at keeping you dry after your swim. The TYR Dry Off swim towels are available in two different sizes so you can get the one that is best for your needs. The smaller size measures 13 inches by 17 inches, while the larger size measures 26 inches by 17 inches. Both towels remain soft and absorbent, no matter how many times you use or wash them. The TYR towels are available in blue, aqua and lavender.

Swim Stuff Tie Dye Chamois

If you are looking for something a little more fun, the Swim Stuff Tie Dye chamois is the perfect choice. Available in blue and pink, this 17 inch by 13 inch towel comes with a storage case you can use to keep your towel safe until you get it home to wash it. This can also keep all your other swim gear dry.

Buying the perfect swim towel requires you to look past the regular beach towels and bath towels you see in other stores. Buying a specialty swimming towel chamois will ensure you can dry yourself thoroughly after a swim without worrying about finding a dry spot.

Training Equipment Advancement

Training Equipment Advancement

The fast times that have been produced in the water over the past few years have largely been attributed to the new “technical suits”.  There is no questioning these suits have played a role; however, the advancements in training techniques and training equipment are often overlooked.  It is natural as the sport progresses and continues to grow that new techniques would be adapted to the water.

One such advancement is the use of a swimmer’s snorkel.  It was just a few short years ago that the snorkel was seen as only a companion of recreational swimmers and scuba divers.  This is no longer the case as the snorkel is now a staple of many competitive swimming programs.  The benefits of this device range from increased lung capacity to improved body position for both junior and senior swimmers alike.  The swimmer’s snorkel features a center mount design and is compatable with all goggle styles.  Both junior and senior sizes are available along with the Freestyle Swimmer’s Snorkel.  No matter what advancements come in the future D&J Sports is committed to providing the best in swimming equipment and gear.