Don’t Forget Swim Towels with Your Swim Gear

Don’t Forget Swim Towels with Your Swim Gear

Swim Towels
Swim towel chamois are the perfect addition to your swim gear.

When you are swimming, whether competitively or for pleasure, you will need a way to dry off when you are done. While most people have a beach towel at home or simply use a bath towel for their swimming needs, these towels aren’t as effective as they can be. In addition, these towels quickly become wet and ineffective because they just can’t hold a lot of water. The solution lies in chamois specifically designed for the use of swimmers. This popular swim gear will help you dry off even better.

Speedo Sports Towel Chamois

Available in blue or pink, you can rely on the Speedo sports towel chamois to dry off quickly after any swim. This super absorbent towel will be able to absorb far more water than you could ever imagine, making it the perfect towel for any purpose, whether you are a swimmer, water polo player or participate in any other type of water sports.

Nike Hydro Towel

The Nike Hydro Towel is made from the ultra-absorbent PVA material to soak up all the water so you can dry yourself off quickly after practice, a meet or a casual swim. Measuring 17 inches by 27 inches, this large towel provides all the room you need to dry off without having to struggle to find a dry spot. This towel comes with a reusable cylinder case.

TYR Towels

TYR also has several options you can choose for absorbent towels that are more effective at keeping you dry after your swim. The TYR Dry Off swim towels are available in two different sizes so you can get the one that is best for your needs. The smaller size measures 13 inches by 17 inches, while the larger size measures 26 inches by 17 inches. Both towels remain soft and absorbent, no matter how many times you use or wash them. The TYR towels are available in blue, aqua and lavender.

Swim Stuff Tie Dye Chamois

If you are looking for something a little more fun, the Swim Stuff Tie Dye chamois is the perfect choice. Available in blue and pink, this 17 inch by 13 inch towel comes with a storage case you can use to keep your towel safe until you get it home to wash it. This can also keep all your other swim gear dry.

Buying the perfect swim towel requires you to look past the regular beach towels and bath towels you see in other stores. Buying a specialty swimming towel chamois will ensure you can dry yourself thoroughly after a swim without worrying about finding a dry spot.

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