Lifeguard Backboard/Spineboard Review

Lifeguard Backboard/Spineboard Review

Lifeguard Spineboard
Lifeguard Spineboard

Many swimming pools are about to open for the summer swim season and they need to make sure that they have all of the necessary rescue and lifesaving equipment on hand. One of the most important items for swimming pools to have is the lifeguard backboard or spineboard. This rescue backboard is required for all swimming pools to have on hand. There are many styles to choose from but we have found a cheap life guard backboard that will fit into every pool’s budget, the Pro-Eco Spineboard. The lifeguard Pro-Eco backboard has a seamless design that prevents any fluid contamination and a 500lb weight capacity, plus it is UV stable which makes it perfect for outdoor swimming pools. The Rapid Deployment Products Pro-Lite Spineboard is the best choice for swimming pools. This new spine board has an unlimited weight capacity and is made of lightweight, one-piece x-ray translucent polyethylene plastic with molded-in pins, and it is also UV stable. Why the Pro-Lite Spineboard and not different spine board? Because there is a 100% guarantee for the life of the spineboard under normal conditions, plus it is guaranteed not to warp for the life of the spineboard. Don’t mess around with those wood backboards that you are needing to replace every couple of yearsBackboard FloatingWe recommend the use of backboard head immobilizer with this lifeguard spine board. The head immobilizer will keep the head and neck firmly in place while on the back board. You will also need to get the velcro straps for the spineboard which is a total strap system for a fast and firm immobilization.

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  2. Hi, I’m a student at the Science Academy and I was doing a engineering project on spineboards. I was wondering if there are any experts I can get ahold of that work with spineboards, or if there was any place I could find a really cheap spineboard to work on.

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