Michael Phelps Wearing Speedo Speed Socket Goggles at Mesa Grand Prix

Michael Phelps Wearing Speedo Speed Socket Goggles at Mesa Grand Prix

ImageMichael Phelps returned to the pool for the first time in two years at the Arena Grand Prix in Mesa, Arizona, yesterday. While he led all competitors in the preliminary heats of the 100-meter butterfly, Ryan Lochte was able to edge the legendary swimmer in the finals. Michael tweeted that his time is right where he wants it to be. So what do you think will he still be kind of the blocks in two years for the 2016 Rio Olympics? 

Michael Phelps is still wearing Speedo and his all-time favorite swim goggles of choice the Speedo Speed Socket Polarized Goggle with it’s superior optics and polarized lenses. A very good choice for the sunny outdoor swimming conditions at the Arizona Mesa Grand Prix swim meet. Michael Phelps confirmed his intent to swim butterfly during the 50 freestyle prelims on today.

Swim Team T-shirts

Swim Team T-shirts

Printed Swim Team T-shirtsGet your swim team outfitted head to toe with the latest fashion trends and great looks for this season. Every swimmer should be sporting a custom printed swim team t-shirt with your team logo or mascot. I have found the best prices for custom swimming t-shirts from D&J Sports Swim Shop. They have a full time design and print staff ready to create the best shirt ideas that you have and print them quickly so that you have the shirts in time for you next big swim meet. D&J is a group of swimmers that know what swimmers want and are dedicated in giving you the best looks, for the best prices and on time. If your team is small then they can help you out with a short run of 12 t-shirts and if you team is large they have the equipment to print your shirts. 

Swim Team T-shirt Ideas for 2014


Trending now are wordle or cloud word designs, featuring many common words like swim, team, freestyle, practice, flipturn, fun, etc. The words are randomly placed in a group to create a fun custom look to your swim team shirts. If you are looking for something a little more serious or tough something with your swim team logo on the front and a strong swim quote on the back is always a great option.Image

The choices of t-shirt blanks are also increasing and a super popular choice for the summer swim season are dry performance t-shirts. These are not only quick drying swim t-shirts but also are very cool to wear during the summer months. Plus now they are available in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes.

Be sure to check out D&J Sports for all the custom swim team t-shirts, swim team towels and custom swimwear. They have the best prices and service for your team. Plus dependable and fast delivery right to your door.

Custom Swim Team Suits

Custom Swim Team Suits

ImageNow is the time to order your custom swim team suits for the summer season and the best place to do that is from D&J Sports. A national leader in the swimwear and swim gear industry and top of the class for customized swimsuits and custom swim t-shirts. D&J Sports prints everything from suits, caps, t-shirts, hoodies, towels and more in-house at their national headquarters in Dallas Texas. They have a full time design and print staff as well as a full time professional embroidery staff. Since they specialize on swimwear and swim teams they know exactly what you want and will make sure that you get it in time for your next big swim meet. D&J prints from small teams, big teams and everything in-between. Including the USA Swimming National team suits and apparel. They even print for the Olympic swim teams.

Additional Custom Swim Team Items

After your swim be sure to dry off with a custom woven swim team towel from D&J Sports. These towels will be the perfect banner for your 2014 summer swim team. Since the logo is woven into the towel you are not limited to the size of the logo and as an added bonus the logo will never wear off the towel. Wow, now that’s a great item!


We need your help to feed the homeless on Christmas Day.

We need your help to feed the homeless on Christmas Day.

We are sending the food trucks out to the streets of Dallas to feed the homeless on Christmas Day.

Donate Today

100% will go direct to feed the homeless

– Please call 1-800-460-7946 with monetary donations or donate in person at our Dallas or North Dallas Locations. Funds will pay for cost of the food truck meals.

– Help us by donating your time and spread the holiday spirit on Christmas Day with the food truck service.

Dallas Store
3060 B Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX 75247

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17390 Preston Road
Dallas, TX 75252

Wood Spineboard or Plastic Spineboard for Lifeguarding

Wood Spineboard or Plastic Spineboard for Lifeguarding

Lifeguard spineboards are typically made of wood or plastic. Over the past 20 years there has been a strong shift away from wood boards. The wooden lifeguard spine boards require more maintenance due to cracking and warping. This leads to an increased risk of harboring bacteria. While they are easy to sink in the swimming pool wood spine boards are also heavier than plastic backboards. The wood boards are also typically more expensive.

Lifeguard SpineboardWhy do people still want to use wood lifeguard spine boards? Most people just don’t understand all of the upsides to the newer plastic spineboards and they also have only ever used wood boards.

You should buy a plastic spine board for several reasons. First they are seamless and sealed to prevent fluids from entering the board. This is a very important fact that wood spineboard buyers often overlook and forget that they are in the business of saving and helping others. You should never endanger your patient with a wood spineboard that may be contaminated with past body fluids or bacteria. Plastic life guard spineboards are also great since they are lightweight and 100% x-ray translucent. They are light enough for even small lifeguard to quickly move the boards and buoyant so that they do not sink to the bottom of the pool. If the safety of your patient and the durability of the plastic boards is not enough then the lower price for plastic might be enough to convince you that plastic (at least in this case) is better than paper (wood backboards).

Ok so which plastic spineboard should I buy for my lifeguards? If price is a factor then I would suggest a good entry-mid level Lifeguard Backboard. If you are dead set on a wood spineboard but agree that safety is extremely important than check out one of the best lifeguard backboards on the market the E.G. Spine Board. This board is the strongest spineboard on the market and can out perform any wooden board, plus it is easy to clean.

Arena White Hot Carbon Pro Limited Edition Suit Now Available

Arena White Hot Carbon Pro Limited Edition Suit Now Available

Arena Carbon Pro Kneeskin in whiteThe wait is over! The “White Hot” Arena Carbon Pro racing swimsuits are now available for purchase. This is the same suit that was worn in the 2012 London Olympics by top athletes like Rebecca Soni. The white and red Arena Carbon Pro Kneeskin and Jammers are unlike any other technical racing swimsuit on the market.

Be one of the super exclusive to own your very own super fast Arena White Hot Carbon Pro Open Back Kneeskin racing swimsuit. The “white hot” colorway was specifically designed for the Arena swimmers in London. This suit is a white base color with gray carbon yarn weaved into the base fabric and features shiny red flames. The flames are above the main muscle groups emphasizing the muscular power of the athlete and the internal construction of the suit.

The Powerskin Carbon-Pro is Arena’s revolutionary new racing swimsuit, the first of its kind to incorporate carbon fiber into the weave of the swimsuit fabric. Launched in February 2012, Powerskin Carbon-Pro is the product of a collaborative effort between Arena and its scientific network.

Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Open Back Kneeskin female racing suit, the first racing suit integrating a carbon cage

Arena Carbon Pro Jammer in White Hot color

to deliver Intelligent muscle compression, combined with unprecedented fit. Compression in a competition suit is associated with increased support, efficiency and power, but high compression can have a restricting effect on movement. The swimmer in motion is also a dynamic form with complex requirements for support and compression. How can you get more of the benefits of compression, without its drawbacks? Squeezing the swimmer harder will not help! To deliver a breakthrough solution to the compression challenge, arena has incorporated carbon fibre into the weave of the Arena Carbon Pro fabric. Known for its unique structural and mechanical properties, the carbon fibre locks down when and where a critical stretch level is reached, while retaining the suits elasticity. This delivers a ramp-up in compression on those specific overextended zones, increasing support and control where and when they are needed without detracting from the swimmers mobility. The Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro White Hot Jammer and kneeskins are is FINA Approved


New Nike Swimsuits Now Instock

New Nike Swimsuits Now Instock

The new Nike Swimsuits are now available. They have just realeased several new suits in time for the spring and summer seasons. The new Nike swim suits include several prints with the popular cut-out tank back. The Nike Swim Pool Blast cut-out tank swimsuit and the Nike Water Fury swimsuit are already flying off the store shelves. The Nike Water Fury is a classic color block style swimsuit with very flattering lines. But if you are wanting to stand out on the pool deck or in the water then the Nike Pool Blast will be your choice with its fun, vibrant colors.

Nike Swim has also released a the Nike Water Break Spider back tank swimsuit featuring the great lowback cut and multiple straps of the spiderback suit.