Keep a lifeguard spineboard on hand.

Be Prepared for Your Summer Swimmers: Order a Lifeguard Spineboard Today

Keep a lifeguard spineboard on hand.
Make sure you have a lifeguard spineboard on hand.

The summer swim season is upon us. Whether your pool caters to competitive swimmers, children taking swimming lessons or recreational swimming, it’s important to have the right lifeguard gear to ensure everyone’s safety. One of the most important pieces of swimming pool safety equipment is the lifeguard spineboard. A good lifeguard backboard will help you provide the level of care individuals need if they are involved in an accident.

Keep Injured Individuals Rigid and Protected

Spinal injuries can be quite serious. If an individual dives into the pool incorrectly or otherwise hits their head, a neck or spinal injury is a real risk. Regardless of what happened, it’s important to make sure victims are immobilized to ensure they don’t get a more serious injury as a result of being moved. This is why having a lifeguard spineboard on hand is one of the most important pieces of lifeguard equipment in Dallas. This equipment will stabilize the victim until more help arrives.

Keep It Close at Hand

Once you order your lifeguard backboard, it’s important to determine where to place it so it is easily accessible. When an injury occurs in or around the pool, time is often of the essence. Taking too much time to gather the right swimming pool safety equipment, you are putting the individual at risk for further injury or even death. Therefore, it is important to find a place that is far enough away from the pool to prevent people from tripping over it, yet close enough to grab quickly when it is needed.

There are many types of swimming pool safety equipment you need to have on hand in the event of an accident at the pool. One of the most important pieces of lifeguard equipment in Dallas to keep on hand is the lifeguard backboard. This piece of equipment will help stabilize injured individuals to prevent further injury and keep them safe and secure until further help can arrive.

If you’re looking for the best lifeguard spineboard to keep your swimmers safe in the event of an accident, contact us. We carry the best lifeguard equipment in Dallas.

Wood Spineboard or Plastic Spineboard for Lifeguarding

Lifeguard spineboards are typically made of wood or plastic. Over the past 20 years there has been a strong shift away from wood boards. The wooden lifeguard spine boards require more maintenance due to cracking and warping. This leads to an increased risk of harboring bacteria. While they are easy to sink in the swimming pool wood spine boards are also heavier than plastic backboards. The wood boards are also typically more expensive.

Lifeguard SpineboardWhy do people still want to use wood lifeguard spine boards? Most people just don’t understand all of the upsides to the newer plastic spineboards and they also have only ever used wood boards.

You should buy a plastic spine board for several reasons. First they are seamless and sealed to prevent fluids from entering the board. This is a very important fact that wood spineboard buyers often overlook and forget that they are in the business of saving and helping others. You should never endanger your patient with a wood spineboard that may be contaminated with past body fluids or bacteria. Plastic life guard spineboards are also great since they are lightweight and 100% x-ray translucent. They are light enough for even small lifeguard to quickly move the boards and buoyant so that they do not sink to the bottom of the pool. If the safety of your patient and the durability of the plastic boards is not enough then the lower price for plastic might be enough to convince you that plastic (at least in this case) is better than paper (wood backboards).

Ok so which plastic spineboard should I buy for my lifeguards? If price is a factor then I would suggest a good entry-mid level Lifeguard Backboard. If you are dead set on a wood spineboard but agree that safety is extremely important than check out one of the best lifeguard backboards on the market the E.G. Spine Board. This board is the strongest spineboard on the market and can out perform any wooden board, plus it is easy to clean.

Required Pool Safety Equipment

Photo by Frank Uyttenhove

Does your swimming pool open today? If so you will need a few essential lifesaving items: Spineboards or backboards with a head immobilizer, guard rescue tubes, lifesaving ring buoy, and of course some lifeguards. The lifeguard backboards are a must for every public swimming pool or private club swimming pool, and don’t forget to purchase the backboard straps. Life guard rescue tubes are also a must have item for every lifeguard on your pool deck. These are available in 40″ and 50″ sizes. Guard ring buoys and shepherds hooks for lifeguarding are also important safety devices for pools.


Lifeguard Backboard/Spineboard Review

Lifeguard Spineboard
Lifeguard Spineboard

Many swimming pools are about to open for the summer swim season and they need to make sure that they have all of the necessary rescue and lifesaving equipment on hand. One of the most important items for swimming pools to have is the lifeguard backboard or spineboard. This rescue backboard is required for all swimming pools to have on hand. There are many styles to choose from but we have found a cheap life guard backboard that will fit into every pool’s budget, the Pro-Eco Spineboard. The lifeguard Pro-Eco backboard has a seamless design that prevents any fluid contamination and a 500lb weight capacity, plus it is UV stable which makes it perfect for outdoor swimming pools. The Rapid Deployment Products Pro-Lite Spineboard is the best choice for swimming pools. This new spine board has an unlimited weight capacity and is made of lightweight, one-piece x-ray translucent polyethylene plastic with molded-in pins, and it is also UV stable. Why the Pro-Lite Spineboard and not different spine board? Because there is a 100% guarantee for the life of the spineboard under normal conditions, plus it is guaranteed not to warp for the life of the spineboard. Don’t mess around with those wood backboards that you are needing to replace every couple of yearsBackboard FloatingWe recommend the use of backboard head immobilizer with this lifeguard spine board. The head immobilizer will keep the head and neck firmly in place while on the back board. You will also need to get the velcro straps for the spineboard which is a total strap system for a fast and firm immobilization.