How to Properly Size Competitive Swimwear

How to Properly Size Competitive Swimwear

Competitive swimwear may look like many of the other swimsuits that are available in your average store. However, these suits are often quite different, made in different styles with different materials that are designed to enhance a swimmer’s movements in the water. These suits also typically provide more coverage than the suits you can buy in any department store. Because competitive suits are built differently, you need to learn how to properly size one.

Measure Yourself

Measuring for competitive swimwear is quite easy for most swimmers. Men should measure their waist and their hips to get the proper fit. Women must measure their waist and hips, as well as their bust, to ensure the right fit in their swimwear. Once you know your measurements, you will need to retake them each year to accommodate any changes in your body.

Use Size Charts

Every brand of competitive swimwear has its own sizing chart to use. If you wear one size in one brand, don’t assume you will wear the same size in all brands. Many of the best brands are similar in size, but it is best to make sure you are matching up your measurements to the right chart so you can be sure of the proper fit.

Order Up

Competitive Swimwear
Choosing the right competitive swimwear is essential to your success.

Many swimmers don’t fit perfectly into one size on a brand’s chart. When this happens, it is best to order a size up rather than a size down. While it may seem that the drag of the extra material would not be beneficial to swimmers, the effect is minimal. Wearing an uncomfortable suit that restricts your movement is much more detrimental to your swimming.

Try It On

Before you jump in the pool with your new competitive swimwear, make sure you try it on. If it doesn’t fit properly, it is best to exchange it for a different size. This can be complicated if you buy online, but it isn’t impossible. However, this is why you should always follow the right steps to reduce the chances of needing to return the suit.

Competitive swimwear fits much differently than typical swimwear, making it essential to learn how to get the right fit. Because you need freedom of motion and a good fit to be an effective swimmer, it is important to measure yourself regularly, compare your measurements to the sizing chart, order up if needed and try the suit on before you start to use it.

Speedo Summer League Team Swimsuits

Speedo Summer League Team Swimsuits

Competitive Swimwear
Find the perfect swim team swimsuits for your team.

Summer league team swimsuits should not cost you a fortune, but you should not have to sacrifice quality either. Even if you only compete for the few short summer months, you still need the support and comfort a competitive swimmer deserves. The entire line of Speedo Summer Swim Team Swimsuits is perfectly affordable and offers all the important features of a competitive swimsuit.

Speedo X Flyback Swimsuits

The Speedo X Flyback Swimsuit offers incredible comfort and support at an affordable price. It is available in women’s and girls’ sizes, giving everyone affordable comfort. The thin straps, reinforced binding and Poly Spandex material makes this suit supportive enough to wear for daily swimming, yet does not restrict movement or sacrifice comfort. It is available in Kelly Green, Blue, Purple, Pink and Blue/Green in both women’s and girls’ sizes.

Speedo X Spliced Jammer

To give your entire team a uniform look, the Speedo X Spliced Jammer provides the same uniformity as the women’s Speedo X line. The difference in the men’s suit is a solid leg with the colored pattern running in a vertical path down the leg. The men’s suit offers the same support, comfort and reliability at affordable prices.

Speedo Twilight Night Recordbreaker Swimsuits

For the swimmer who needs even greater range of motion than the Flyback swimsuit offers, the Speedo Twilight Night Recordbreaker Swimsuits are the perfect choice. With a lower cut back and higher cut front, there is zero restriction in this suit. This affordable suit offers reliability even through extensive use, allowing you to eliminate the risk of a suit that sags or bags that could slow you down. It is also fade and snag resistant, giving you even more life out of a competitive swimsuit. This attractive suit is available in Kelly Green, Blue and Blue/Green, each with a bright pattern interwoven into the solid colors.

Speedo Twilight Night Spliced Jammer

For the male competitive swimmer, the Speedo Twilight Night Spliced Jammer offers the same comfort of the Speedo Endurance line but offers a fabric that is 10 percent lighter, giving you an even larger advantage in the water. There is no risk of sagging, resistance or fading with this exceptional Speedo summer league team swimsuit. It is offered in the same Kelly Green, Blue and Blue/Green colors as the women’s version, giving your team a united look.

The Best Arena Women’s Swimsuits

The Best Arena Women’s Swimsuits

Look great moving through the water with the Arena swimsuits
The Arena women’s competitive swimsuits are beautiful and functional.

Choosing the right competitive swimsuit can often be a daunting process. It is important for the swimsuit to fit just right, as well as to provide the right support without hindering your ability to move through the water. Arena is one of the biggest names in women’s swimwear, providing a variety of suits that will both look fashionable in the pool and allow you to experience all the benefits of a comfortable suit. These two competitive suits by Arena are among the best.

Arena Current Light Tech Back Swimsuit

The Arena Current Light Tech Back Swimsuit is a one-piece competitive swimsuit that offers you a comfortable fit without impeding your motion in the water. The thin straps that make up the tech back provide optimal comfort without creating more resistance in the water. This is a great asset to swimmers of all ability levels. This Arena swimsuit makes use of the latest chlorine resistant technology so you can count on a swimsuit that will last a long time without excess wear, no matter how much time you spend in the pool. The Arena Current Light is available in six colors.

Arena Stormy Light Drop Back Swimsuit

Similar to the Current Light, the Arena Stormy Light Drop Back Swimsuit is a beautiful suit that provides you with the fit and function you expect when you swim through the water. The design of this suit features a drop back with thin straps that provide you with the most comfortable fit possible without adding drag in the water. This suit is available in the stormy light design in four different colors so you can choose the one that best fits your personality or matches your team colors. This suit is only available through the Arena Diamond Dealers.

If you are looking for a great women’s competitive swimsuit that combines beauty with incredible functionality in the water, you will enjoy either the Arena Current Light Tech Back or Arena Stormy Light Drop Back suits. Each of these suits provides you with a unique look in a variety of colors, made from the highest quality materials for the greatest durability in the water. With a comfortable fit design, you will enjoy wearing it in the water, whether you choose it for your training suit or you wear it at the meets, you will steal the show.

The Importance of the Long Speedo Fitness Swimsuit for Effective Swimming

The Importance of the Long Speedo Fitness Swimsuit for Effective Swimming

Competitive Swimwear
The right competitive swimwear leads to more effective swimming.

Today, there is incredible focus on how a fitness swimsuit fits to perfect your strokes in the water. It is about more than looks; it is about how the swimsuit complements your swimming motions to allow you to swim seamlessly through the water. The Speedo jammers are the perfect way to create the dynamics in the water swimmers need to be competitive. There are a variety of Speedo jammers available, each with its own benefits.

Speedo Mercury Splice Jammer

The Speedo Mercury Splice Jammer is one of the most popular training suits for many reasons. Available in striking colors, this jammer offers the perfect contrast of black and your team color, whether your team is purple, blue, gold, red or green. It is also made from a chlorine-resistant material, making the fitness swimsuit last through many practices and meets. The unique four-way stretch material hugs your body in all the right areas, while keeping you comfortable.

Speedo Rapid Splice Jammer

The Speedo Rapid Splice Jammer is made for the athlete who puts his swimsuit through a lot of wear and tear. Made from Xtra Life Lycra, this suit can withstand the rigors of constant wear, whether for practice, meets or hanging out at the local pool. This highly sought after material is perfect for the high school team that desires a uniform look for their swimmers, while offering longevity in their suits.

Speedo Vortex Splice Jammer

For the swim team that wants to add a little spice to their team colors, the Speedo Vortex Splice Jammer offers the same long lasting swim fabric the Speedo Rapid Splice Jammer offers with the added benefit of a spliced leg with a bright pattern that gives the illusion of flames on the legs. This suit is available in green, blue, red and orange, giving you plenty of versatility to match your team’s colors.

When you are in competitive swimming, you need a fitness swimsuit that can stand the test of time. Chlorine, body oils and normal wear and tear can wreak havoc on your suits over time. When you only buy the best, such as Speedo jammers that offer the incredible fit further down the legs, reducing the amount of drag and resistance that you experience, you will not only perform well but also be able to enjoy your competitive swimsuit for a longer period of time than any other suit.

Best Women’s Racing Swimsuits for College Conference and High School Championships

Best Women’s Racing Swimsuits for College Conference and High School Championships

When it comes to swimming competitively, you need to make sure you have just the right suit to do well in the water. It doesn’t matter what level you are on, it is important to learn to swim well with the right type of suit. When it comes to college conference and high school championships, you need to choose from the best racing swimsuits to increase your chances of a successful meet.

Speedo LZR Elite Recordbreaker Kneeskin

The Speedo LZR Elite Recordbreaker Kneeskin is a FINA approved design that provides swimmers with the best power, form and accuracy to allow each swimmer to use their strengths to their advantage. This suit is manufactured from material that provides the maximum compression to help the body glide through the water with less resistance. The bonded seams and conforming fit give swimmers less drag and a comfortable fit that doesn’t restrict movement, helping them move through the water more easily. Speedo also uses a special plasma treatment to reduce absorbency.

Arena Carbon Pro Open Back Kneeskin

The Arena Carbon Pro Open Back Kneeskin is another popular choice for college and high school swimming. Available in four different colors, this competitive swimsuit provides swimmers with optimal muscle compression for enhanced performance without restricting movement. The suit allows each swimmer to gain the perfect fit for support, efficiency and power in the water, helping her propel herself above and beyond the competition. Made from carbon fibre, this FINA-approved suit keeps its shape, no matter how much it stretches.

Speedo LZR Pro Recordbreaker Kneeskin

Similar to its sister suit listed above, the Speedo LZR Pro Recordbreaker Kneeskin is made from the unique Pulse material that provides greater durability and a more comfortable fit for optimal performance in the water. With its contrasting gold stitching, this FINA-approved suit looks great in and out of the water, all while providing the swimmer with an advanced fit and low drag to increase speed and efficiency in the water.

Arena Powerskin R-Evo+ Kneeskin

The fourth in the line of best women’s racing suits for both the college and high school levels is the Arena Powerskin R-Evo+ Kneeskin. This suit is FINA-approved and has been proven to be the fastest, lightest piece of competitive swimwear available for women. In addition to its extremely light weight, it also provides the perfect fit and compression to enhance movement through the water. With its one-piece design and absence of stitching on the front, this suit proves to be efficient in the water with the least amount of drag with incredible stability and proper alignment in the water.

Make a Difference with the New Nike Cut Out Tanks

Make a Difference with the New Nike Cut Out Tanks

Competitive Swimwear
The new Nike cut out tanks are the perfect way to make an impression in and out of the pool.

Your standard competitive swimsuits are typically a solid color or solid with a slight outline of another color. This makes all competitive swimmers look alike at swim meets. Without any differentiation among swimmers, everyone begins to blend together. Sometimes swimmers want to stand out, look different and show off their personality at their swim meet. This is possible with the new Nike cut out tanks. Nike swimsuits are known for their versatility and ability in the water, making it a favorite among competitive swimmers, with their perfect style that is comfortable and allows for the maximum amount of speed. They are now available in more choices when it comes to colors, giving swimmers a chance to make a name for themselves.

Painted Camo

Not your standard camouflage colors, the Nike painted camo cut out tank is bright and bold, doing the exact opposite of what you would expect out of camouflage. The painted camo pattern offers bright colors mixed with the perfect amount of dark colors for a gorgeous camouflage print. You can choose from blue, purple or orange camo. The blue print offers the most muted and subtle colors, while the orange is a bold, beautiful statement for the swimmer or entire swim team that dares to be different and make the competition jealous of your teams’ style and swimming abilities.

Foil Skin

A new take on the alligator skin look, the foil skin is a gorgeous combination of two colors, with an alligator look in the background. This is the perfect pattern for the swim team that wants to be different but doesn’t want to be as bold as the painted camo. The colors in this suit are muted, yet bold enough to stand out. The foil skin is available in black, green, royal, grape and red, all of which are beautiful yet subtle colors.

The Nike cut out tank swimsuit offers female competitive swimmers exactly what they want: style and speed. It allows women to experience little drag while they swim and the perfect amount of water resistance to allow for fluid movements without sacrificing style or comfort. Women can choose from a variety of bold or subtle patterns to allow them to stand apart from the competition and add a little flair to their swimming competitions.

New Female Speedo Swimwear

New Female Speedo Swimwear

Speedo Female Swimwear
Speedo has released three new swimsuits for women.

Speedo is one of the top names in swimwear and has been for a number of years. Today, they are still putting out some of the top competitive swimsuits on the market. This is evident in their three latest releases, providing women who take part in competitive swimming the ability to choose a colorful swimsuit for practices and even meets to ensure their improved performance and success in the pool.

Speedo Primal Splash Flyback

The Speedo Primal Splash Flyback suit provides women with a splash of color in the pool. Made from the Xtra Life Lycra material, the suit is flexible and supportive without restricting movement, which can be detrimental to your performance in the water. The material provides increased resistance to sunscreen, skin oils and chlorine, making it a highly durable fabric. The thin straps in the back provide reduced resistance in the water, while providing all the support you need in the overlapping strap design. This suit is available in Kelly green, blue, purple, red and navy, red and white.

Speedo Fractal Point Flyback

Providing a similar design to the Primal Splash, the Speedo Fractal Point Flyback provides swimmers with all the benefits of the thin-strapped back. The suit is also designed to provide optimal support for the swimmer to allow her to move comfortably and efficiently through the water. This suit is also made from the same Xtra Life Lycra, providing the same resistance for a longer-lasting suit. The Fractal Point Flyback is available in a variety of colors, including Kelly green, blue, purple, red, deep gold and deep orange.

Speedo Vortex Super Pro Back

The third new suit available from Speedo is the Speedo Vortex Super Pro Back. This spectacular design is made from the same Xtra Life Lycra fabric for greater durability and less wear and tear in the water. However, this suit provides wider straps to provide greater support for swimmers who need some extra support along the back. It is also extremely comfortable to wear, creating the perfect option for competitive swimmers. The Vortex suit is available in red, blue, deep orange and Kelly green.

When you are looking for the perfect competitive swimwear for either a practice suit or to wear during your meets, Speedo is constantly making changes to create the perfect suit. With their three new additions to their female swimwear line, every swimmer will be able to find the perfect option for her.

How Women’s Competitive Swimwear Should Fit

How Women’s Competitive Swimwear Should Fit

Competitive Swimwear
The right fit in competitive swimwear is critical to your overall performance.

When you are on a swim team or swim competitively, you have to worry about more than your swimming abilities. The fit of your competitive swimwear plays a large role in how well you swim. You need to ensure your swimsuit is one that does not restrict your movement but also allows for the least amount of resistance from the water. A swimsuit that is too tight will make you uncomfortable and restrict your movements, while a suit that is too loose will slow you down in the water. Your competitive swimwear should have more coverage than the standard swimsuit you’d wear to the beach to allow for fluid movement in the water. Taking the time to find the proper fitting swimsuit will allow you to show off your best swimming abilities.


You want your competitive swimwear to fit like a glove. It should be tight, but not so tight you cannot breathe or perform your motions easily. There should not be any loose areas that sag or pucker or any type of pulling on the seams. When you try the swimsuit on, stretch like you would in the water to ensure there is no pulling in the openings at the neck or legs. You want your competitive swimwear to be comfortably tight without cutting off your circulation and making it difficult to breathe.

Leg Openings

The leg openings should fit comfortably around your legs. They should not be too tight so they restrict your leg movements or dig into your legs, causing you discomfort while you swim. The leg openings should also not be too loose so water can get up into the openings because this will slow you down.


The straps should stay in the same position during all swim strokes. When you try the swimsuit on, move your arms in various swimming motions; the straps should stay in the same position, no matter how you move your arms. You should ensure the straps are not too loose because not only would they become a distraction, they will slow down your swimming times.


The competitive swimwear you choose should have ample coverage in the chest area. You don’t want it to completely flatten your chest, but you need proper support in that area to allow for fluid movement. Look for swimsuits with adjustable straps to ensure the perfect fit in the chest area.

New Nike Cut-Out Tank Designs Available

New Nike Cut-Out Tank Designs Available

Nike Cut-Out Tank Suits
The new Nike cut-out tank designs are fun and attractive.

The Nike cut-out tank competitive swimsuits have been one of the best-selling suits on the market. This version of the competitive swimwear is famous for its variety of colors and designs to allow you to choose just the right swimsuit to express some personality in the water. While most often used for training, these attractive suits can provide you with a splash of color in the pool.

Foil Skin

The foil skin design provides you with a variation of traditional stripes. Instead of solid horizontal stripes as you often see, this design provides you with horizontal stripes that vary in thickness across the stripe, creating a rippling effect across the suit. The colors available include black, green, red, royal and grape, pairing each color up with a complementary color to complete the effect. The patterned colors actually provide a scaly look.


If you are looking for another variation using stripes, the bound design provides colorful lines that crisscross their way across the suit. These stripes feature several colors to create a fade effect with the suit. Available in green, black, blue and red and navy, you will be able to find the right combination to fit your style.

Rio Geo

Geometric shapes are popular today, making the rio geo design the perfect option for many swimmers. This Nike cut-out tank is available in several color schemes, including green, blue, magenta and crimson, providing a beautiful combination that is sure to attract attention in the pool.

Tie Dye

Tie dye is another style that has found itself back in the graces of competitive swimsuits. It is also one of the newest designs for the Nike cut-out tank suits. You can relive the old days with the purchase of a tie dye swimsuit in shades of blue, turquoise, magenta and pink.

Many swimmers enjoy the fit of the Nike cut-out tank competitive swimsuits. These quality swimsuits provide the perfect fit to hug your body and help you cut through the water more easily. With the open back and thin straps, you will experience less drag on your back, as well as less restriction in your movements. All of these features can help you make the most of your natural abilities so you can perform even better than ever. Not only that, with the new designs, you will stand out in a crowd, keeping the attention on you instead of on your competitors.

The Importance of Choosing Competitive Swimwear

The Importance of Choosing Competitive Swimwear

Competitive Swimwear
Competitive swimwear offers additional benefits for swimmers over traditional swimwear.

If you are involved in competitive swimming, you understand you can’t just pick up any swimwear at your local store and expect to do well in the water. While the swimwear that is available at your local department store or other retailer is functional, looks great and does the job when you are swimming recreationally, they aren’t designed with racing in mind. This means you need to choose your competitive swimwear from an experienced retailer.


One of the biggest concerns with competitive swimwear is how it fits your body. When you will be using the suit for racing, you want a suit that will hug your features and won’t increase the drag of the water on your body. The sleek fit of the perfect competitive swimsuit will increase your ability to cut through the water smoothly with the least amount of resistance possible to enhance your natural performance.


While most competitive swimmers are incredibly fit, there is still a need for compression for certain areas of your body. This is one area where the typical swimsuit available from your local retailer won’t do the job necessary. This is why it is so important to look for competitive swimwear that is designed with this compression in mind to provide you with the enhanced performance you need to do well in the water.

Less Restrictive Materials

Suits that are created with competition in mind will be made from lighter materials that restrict movement less than the swimwear you will find in your local stores. Swimmers want to reduce their weight as much as possible in the water and require the ability to move freely so they can perform the movements necessary to propel themselves through the water quickly and efficiently. If your movement is restricted or your suit causes friction on your body, you won’t be able to swim as well, creating a negative impact on your swimming.

Getting involved in competitive swimming means you need to invest in quality competitive swimwear to be a contender in all your races. These swimsuits offer additional benefits to competitive swimmers over those you can find in your average store. These competitive swimsuits will be made from lightweight materials that don’t restrict your movements in any way. They also fit better than your average suit and provide you with the compression you need to become more aerodynamic in the water, improving your speed naturally.