The Importance of Choosing Competitive Swimwear

The Importance of Choosing Competitive Swimwear

Competitive Swimwear
Competitive swimwear offers additional benefits for swimmers over traditional swimwear.

If you are involved in competitive swimming, you understand you can’t just pick up any swimwear at your local store and expect to do well in the water. While the swimwear that is available at your local department store or other retailer is functional, looks great and does the job when you are swimming recreationally, they aren’t designed with racing in mind. This means you need to choose your competitive swimwear from an experienced retailer.


One of the biggest concerns with competitive swimwear is how it fits your body. When you will be using the suit for racing, you want a suit that will hug your features and won’t increase the drag of the water on your body. The sleek fit of the perfect competitive swimsuit will increase your ability to cut through the water smoothly with the least amount of resistance possible to enhance your natural performance.


While most competitive swimmers are incredibly fit, there is still a need for compression for certain areas of your body. This is one area where the typical swimsuit available from your local retailer won’t do the job necessary. This is why it is so important to look for competitive swimwear that is designed with this compression in mind to provide you with the enhanced performance you need to do well in the water.

Less Restrictive Materials

Suits that are created with competition in mind will be made from lighter materials that restrict movement less than the swimwear you will find in your local stores. Swimmers want to reduce their weight as much as possible in the water and require the ability to move freely so they can perform the movements necessary to propel themselves through the water quickly and efficiently. If your movement is restricted or your suit causes friction on your body, you won’t be able to swim as well, creating a negative impact on your swimming.

Getting involved in competitive swimming means you need to invest in quality competitive swimwear to be a contender in all your races. These swimsuits offer additional benefits to competitive swimmers over those you can find in your average store. These competitive swimsuits will be made from lightweight materials that don’t restrict your movements in any way. They also fit better than your average suit and provide you with the compression you need to become more aerodynamic in the water, improving your speed naturally.

Arena Carbon Pro Swimsuits Give You the Speed You Need

Arena Carbon Pro Swimsuits Give You the Speed You Need

Arena Carbon Pro Kneeskin
The Arena Carbon Pro now also comes in red and blue.

If you have ever wondered how dolphins swim so fast and graceful, the secret is in their skin. It is not porous like human skin. This is what causes humans to naturally slow down in the water. For humans to mimic the speed and style of these gracious mammals, they need a racing swimsuit that reduces the amount of friction the body creates when they swim. Competitive swimmers everywhere strive to find the delicate balance between friction restriction and fluid movement.

Today, swimmers can find that perfection in the Arena Carbon Pro Kneeskin for women and the Arena Carbon Pro Jammer for men. A swimmer’s movements will become incredibly fluid and their speed like lightning, just like a beautiful dolphin, thanks to the latest technology involved in the Carbon Pro line.

Compression without Restriction

The Arena Carbon Pro racing suit is designed to give swimmers the ultimate speed in the water. This intellectual suit is the first suit to deliver the perfect amount of compression without restricting movement. Using its latest technology to lock down in the areas that most need the compression, this racing suit gives swimmers a fast, fluid movement with its perfectly balanced ratio of strength to weight. Swimmers require a suit that is light enough to go fast but strong enough to compress them in areas of their body that could slow them down.

A competition swimsuit needs to deliver power and strength but cannot restrict the necessary movement to make a swimmer go faster. This can be found in the Arena Carbon Pro line. With critical carbon fibers in the right places to compress the right areas of the body and elastic bonding tape covering the interior of the legs to perfect a swimmer’s kicks and dives, this racing swimsuit offers a swimmer the way to perfect their next race.

Competition Suits for Men and Women

Men and women who compete on swim teams need powerful swimsuits that are going to aid them in their races, not work against them. The good news is the answer is in the Arena Carbon Pro line. The even better news is that both the Arena Carbon Kneeskin and the Arena Carbon Jammer are available in new colors. The two latest colors include red and green. The classic black and royal blue are still available as well. Now swimmers can have the perfect suit for their big race in the color that coordinates with their team colors.