Speedo Fastskin 3

Speedo Fastskin 3

Speedo Fastskin 3 is the revolutionary new collection from Speedo. Speedo is always on the cutting edge of what’s hot and new in technology, fashion and function. Speedo launched Speedo Fastskin 3, which is in compliance with all Speedo Fastskin 3FINA regulations. This is fantastic news for competitive swimmers around the globe. Olympic gold medalist, Michael Phelps has said Speedo Fastskin 3 makes him feel “at one with the water.” If Speedo Fastskin 3 does that for a man who practically lives in the water, imagine what it will do for your own performance.

Speedo Fastskin 3 consists of three products. The Speedo Fastskin 3 swim cap was developed using 3D head scans. This ensures it fits tight without constricting blood flow. It wraps every curve with ease, making it simple for a swimmer to dive right in. The Speedo Fastskin 3 swim cap wraps each contour and ensures a seamless fit with its hydrodynamic results. When worn with the Speedo Fastskin 3 goggles, the swim cap can reduce a swimmer’s full body drag by over 5%. Competitive swimmers know each second matters. The Speedo Fastskin 3 goggles are comfortable and leak resistant. These goggles were designed for minimal movement while swimming. This means a competitive swimmer does not have to worry about goggles slipping or allowing water in while they swim.

Perhaps most impressive is the Speedo Fastskin 3 Super Elite Swimsuit. This swimsuit utilizes technology at its best. High power compression is created with Hydro K-Zone 3D fabric. This fabric moves with the body. Webbing at the framework creates a tight, compressed feeling that allows swimmers to feel minimal weight as they make their way through the water. Speedo has utilized an outstanding team of researchers, scientists and coaches when developing the Fastskin 3 collection. When worn all together, swimmers can expect increased performance due to the technology that inhabits each product.

Speedo also consulted sports psychologists when creating Fastskin 3. The grey-blue tint of the goggles ensures a calm and focused approach to any swim meet. Speedo continues to push the envelope when it comes to competitive swimwear. Speedo has become the name you can trust when purchasing practice gear and competitive swim items. The Speedo name ensures durability and the brand is constantly experimenting with the latest technology to bring swimmers that take the market by storm. By paying careful attention to small details, Speedo has propelled swimmers to a new place with the Speedo Fastskin 3 collection.

How to Buy Speedo Practice Swimsuit

How to Buy Speedo Practice Swimsuit

Buying a Speedo practice swimsuit means you have high quality practice swimwear that differs from your performance gear. Swimmers know that the suit matters, but the suit

How to Buy Speedo Practice Swimsuit
How to Buy Speedo Practice Swimsuit

should be different for practice than it is for competing in a meet. Swimsuits for practice differ from competitive swimsuits in minor areas, but are still designed for performance.

1. Multiple practice swimsuits are the norm. Because you or your child regularly swim during the week, multiple practice swimsuits are required. Anywhere from 2-4 suits are required, depending on how many practices you or your child have per week. Practice suits are durable enough to be worn many times and rinsed thoroughly between each wear.

2. Know the differences in fabric. Typically practice swimwear is comprised of polyester and Lycra, just like competitive swimsuits. Sometimes practice suits are made of nylon for increased durability. Most Speedo practice swimsuits are made of polyester and Lycra to mimic the same feel and fit that swimmers are used to competing in. The fit of a practice Speedo swimsuit may be slightly looser or relaxed than a competitive swimsuit. This creates less constriction when practicing.

3. Care for your Speedo practice swimsuit properly. Suits should have about 24 hours to rest between wears. Chlorine water puts a lot of wear and tear on a practice swimsuit. Polyester, Lycra and Spandex blends are essentially memory yarns that need time to “snap back” into place after a swim. Let practice swimsuits air dry, but never in the sun light. Rinse the practice swimsuit and place it in the bathroom to drip dry. Sun light can damage a suit’s colors with fading and heat can break down the fibers and elasticity in your swimsuit. Because of this, you also want to avoid drying the swimsuit in the dryer.

4. Reach for quality name brands like Speedo. There’s a reason brands like Speedo have become synonymous with competitive swimming. Speedo deliver the quality you need from swimsuits that are worn repeatedly for practice or competition meets. Speedo swimwear is treated with chlorine resistance for durability and minimal fading even with consistent use.

Wearing a Speedo practice swimsuit means wearing quality swimwear that will stand up to the most intense practices. Speedo swimsuits are well-known for a reason in both the practice and competitive realms. For both men and women, boys and girls, Speedo swimsuits offers high quality swimwear meant for swimmers who take the sport seriously.

Speedo Racing Swimsuit Trends

Speedo Racing Swimsuit Trends

Speedo racing swimsuit trends dictate what other brands will turn out each season. The 2012 Olympics means plenty of new trends for competitive racing

Speedo Fastskin3 Kneeskin
Speedo Racing Swimsuit

swimsuits. Olympic swimmers know that fit matters most when it comes to finding the right swimsuit for a major competition. Finding the right fit means designating certain suits for different purposes.

1. Find the right fit for practice means looser fits. Relaxed and slightly loose swimwear is comfortable for practice. Speedo has special elastic in their swimsuits to prevent constriction, even with a more fitted swimsuit. The leg openings on a practice swimsuit should be slightly roomy, but still sit flush to the skin. Not every swimmer wants them as tight as the leg openings on competitive swimwear. For the 2012 Olympics and any major competitive swim meet, you’ll notice tight leg openings and nylon fabrics for swimwear.

2. Olympic swimmers are picky about their fabrics for swimsuits. You’ll notice many aerodynamic suits at the 2012 Olympics and for good reason. These thin, fitted suits sit like a second skin on a swimmer’s body, making it easy to swim fast and move freely under water. Olympic swimmers know that a suit’s fit and fabric can help or hinder their performance. One popular trend is for Olympic swimmers to wear full body suits. These are often more expensive than other swimsuits, but are well worth the money since they are ideal for competitive swimming. Innovative fabrics and techniques are implemented for these full body suits. Full body suits should be very snug, but never too tight or cut off circulation. These full body suits may not affect your performance while practicing, but the aerodynamic fabric will potentially help shave seconds off competitive meets.

3. Be careful with swimsuit straps. The vast majority of swimsuits do not have straps. Swimsuit straps slow down competitive swimmers, so straps are usually an extension of the torso portion of the suit. Competitive swimmers don’t need tie-style straps holding them down. Make sure armholes are wide enough to be comfortable, but never with excess or puckering fabric in any area.

4. Be sure there’s adequate coverage in the back. Like with armholes, there shouldn’t be any tugging or puckering in the bottom area for women or men. If the style doesn’t seem to work with your shape, try a different style versus changing sizes in the exact same suit. You’ll notice that Olympic swimmers wear different styles of swimsuits and this is because they choose what works for their bodies while staying within the competition’s swimwear guidelines.

Check out a Speedo racing swimsuit the next time you’re looking for a new suit. You’ll notice Speedo is a brand favored by Olympic athletes and competitive swimmers around the globe.

Official FINA 2010 List of Approved Swimsuits

Official FINA 2010 List of Approved Swimsuits

FINA has released it’s official list of swimsuits approved for 2010.  Most major swimsuit manufacturers are represented on the list including Nike, Arena, TYR and Speedo.  Here is that list in its entirety:

FINA 2010 List of Approved Swimsuits

Applicant/Manufacturer Type of Swimwear
Arena Italia S.p.A. X-Flat   classic men
Arena Italia S.p.A. X-Flat   pants-short men
Arena Italia S.p.A. X-Flat   classic women
Arena Italia S.p.A. Powerskin Version A classic men
Arena Italia S.p.A. Powerskin Version A pants-short men
Arena Italia S.p.A. Powerskin Version B pants-short men
Descente   OAR-0528M pants-short men
Descente   OAR-0522W full-knee women
Descente Shin_rev ARN-8509M classic men
Descente Shin_rev ARN-8504W classic women
Descente Aile bleue ARN-6009M classic men
Diana Submarine 201M pants-short men
Diana Submarine 213W full-knee women
Diana Submarine 243W full-knee women
Finis Inc. Hydrospeed 2 Bladeback classic women
Finis Inc. Hydrospeed 2 Brief classic men
Mizuno Corporation MX   pants-short men
Mizuno Corporation MX   full-knee women
Nike Hydra II – brief TCSS0096 classic men
Nike Hydra II – jammer TCSS0097 pants-short men
Nike Hydra – Jammer N76000 pants-short men
Nike Hydra N76002 classic men
Nike Swift II -Jammer TCSS0093 pants-short men
Nike Swift II – brief TCSS0092 classic men
Orvar/Aquazone USA R-1   pants-short men
Orvar/Aquazone USA R-1   classic women
Orvar/Aquazone USA R-1   full-knee women
Rocket Science Sports Rocket Light   classic women
Speedo AQUABLADE Record Breaker Kneeskin full-knee women
Speedo AQUABLADE Hydroshort pants-short men
Speedo Fastskin FS II Record Breaker Kneeskin full-knee women
Speedo Fastskin FS II Jammer pants-short men
Speedo FSPro Record Breaker classic women
Speedo Fastskin XT Record Breaker Kneeskin full-knee women
Speedo Fastskin XT Brief classic men
Speedo Fastskin XT Jammer pants-short men
Speedo Fastskin Record Breaker Kneeskin full-knee women
Speedo Fastskin Jammer pants-short men
Speedo LZR Racer Elite  Record Breaker classic women
Speedo LZR Racer Elite Record Breaker Kneeskin full-knee women
Speedo LZR Racer Elite Jammer pants-short men
Speedo LZR Pro Record Breaker classic women
Speedo LZR Pro Record Breaker Kneeskin full-knee women
Speedo LZR Pro Jammer pants-short men
Speedo LZR Comp Record Breaker  classic women
Speedo LZR Comp Record Breaker Kneeskin full-knee women
Speedo LZR Comp Jammer pants-short men
Tyr Sports Inc. Tracer Light Racer classic men
Tyr Sports Inc. Tracer Light Aeroback classic women
Tyr Sports Inc. Tracer Light Straight Racer classic men
Tyr Sports Inc. Tracer Light Racer C Series classic men
Tyr Sports Inc. Tracer Light Aeroback C Series classic women
Tyr Sports Inc. Tracer Light Aeroback  SII classic women
Tyr Sports Inc. Tracer Light Aeroback  SII C Series full women
Tyr Sports Inc. Tracer Light Straight Racer C Series classic men
Tyr Sports Inc. Tracer Light Openback C Series classic women
Tyr Sports Inc. Tracer Light Openback classic women
Tyr Sports Inc. Tracer Light Titan Racer classic men
Tyr Sports Inc. Tracer Light Titan Racer C Series classic men
Top 10 Swimming Goggles

Top 10 Swimming Goggles

When starting out in swimming there is nothing more frustrating than trying to find the swim goggle that is just right for you.  Each swimmer has a different list of requirements for their ideal pair.  Beginning swimmers often look for comfort and ease of use while a competitive swimmer might be looking for goggles that cut down on drag.  Luckily there is a wide range of goggle styles available for all ages and ability levels.  Not sure what goggles would be best for you?  Check out our list of the ten best goggle styles and the features that make them so popular.

1) Speedo Vanquisher – The line of Vanquishers easily make the top of this list due to their wide ranging appeal.  These are a great goggle for both competitive and recreational swimmers.  Vanquishers feature soft silicone gaskets around the eyes for a very comfortable fit.  Each pair of Vanquishers also comes with a set of four different size nose pieces.  This allows each individual user to select the fit that is just right for them.  Vanquishers fit more directly in the eye socket rather than around the eye.  The line of Vanquishers includes Junior, Women’s, and Men’s sizes in addition to the newly updated Vanquisher 2.0.  Best for: Recreational and competitive swimmers ages 13 and up.

Vanquisher 2.0
Vanquisher 2.0

2) Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggles – Kaiman goggles are popular for their excellent visibility and outstanding comfort.  These are a favorite of open water swimmers and triathletes due to their 180-degree visibility and easy-adjust buckles for the perfect fit.  Kaiman goggles offer possibly the softest gaskets available in a goggle today.  Due to their wider shape Kaiman goggles do not fit directly into the eye sockets, but rather fit more around the eye.  The silicone nose bridge is not adjustable; however, due to its soft nature it is comfortable for a wide range of nose types.  Kaiman goggles are available in both small and full size models.  Best for: Adult recreational swimmers, open water swimmers, triathletes.

Kaiman Goggles
Kaiman Goggles

3) Speedo Hydrospex – Speedo Hydrospex are a no frills goggle that are ultra comfortable and easy to use.  The back strap adjusts with the speed fit clip to make adjustments a snap especially with the new Hydrospex 2.  The wide gaskets of the Hydrospex make these an ideal goggle for beginning swimmers.  While Hydrospex do have a solid nose piece that does not allow for adjustments they do come in both Junior and Adult sizes to fit a wide range of users.  As an added bonus… Hydrospex come in a nearly endless array of colors.  Best for: Children and beginning swimmers, anyone who likes wider goggles.

Speedo Hydrospex 2
Speedo Hydrospex 2

4) Swedish Goggles – Swedish goggles are a swimming classic and long time favorite of competitive swimmers.  Popular for the clear view and excellent field of vision they promote.  Though these are a favorite of experienced swimmers they do take some getting used to.  Swedish goggles must be completely assembled by the user and do not have any soft cushioning for your eye.  The hard plastic eye pieces of Swedish goggles fit directly in the eye socket for a very unique fit.  Swedish goggles are available in many colors including metallic for the outdoors.  Best for: Experienced and competitive swimmers looking for a custom fit.

Swedish Goggles
Swedish Goggles

5) TYR Technoflex – Technoflex are another wide frame goggle that is great for youth and beginning swimmers.  Much like the Speedo Hydrospex the TYR Technoflex feature a solid nose piece and easy adjust fit clips on the sides.  Soft silicone gaskets make the Technoflex goggles easy on the eyes while giving you clear vision in the water.  TYR Technoflex 4.0 are available in a great selection of fun colors.  Best for: Youth and beginning swimmers, anyone who likes wider goggles.

TYR Technoflex 4.0
TYR Technoflex 4.0

6) TYR Swimple – Swimple goggles are the ultimate ease of use goggles.  They come in one size designed for kids and come in several fun colors.  Swimple goggles have a solid nose piece and soft silicone gaskets that are easy on children’s eyes.  The easy adjust release button on the sides of the goggles allow for no fuss adjustments of the back strap.  These goggles will have your kids splashing around in no time.  Best for: Kids who enjoy recreational swimming.

TYR Swimple
TYR Swimple

7) Speedo Aquasocket – Aquasockets were engineered with competitive swimmers in mind.  Their ultra low profile design ensures minimum drag through the water.  These goggles fit directly in the eye sockets with their soft silicone gaskets for a snug comfortable fit that will not come off in competition.  Aquasockets also come with multiple size nose pieces to allow for a more customized fit.  Best for: Competitive swimmers ages 13 and up.

Speedo Aquasocket
Speedo Aquasocket

8) TYR Tracer – Tracer goggles are another model designed with the racer in mind.  Tracers fit directly in the eye socket but are not rough on the eyes thanks to the soft silicone material.  They also feature various size nose pieces so you can pick the one that fits you best.  Tracer goggles offer excellent peripheral vision for a racing goggle.  Best for: Any swimmer that measure’s success by the tenth of a second.

TYR Tracer Goggle
TYR Tracer Goggle

9) Aqua Sphere Seal – The Aqua Sphere Seal mask is somewhat of a cross between a goggle and a snorkeling mask.  The Seal mask has a much larger profile than most goggles, but does not cover the nose like a typical mask.  This allows it to function as a normal goggle while providing more of a full face coverage.  The Seal mask is well know for the excellent seal it makes between the goggle and the face.  This makes it great for swimming in turbulent waters.  The Seal mask is available in the original and XP Seal mask version with a lower profile.  Best for: Open water swimmers and swimmers how like full coverage from their goggles.

Aqua Sphere Seal Mask
Aqua Sphere Seal Mask

10) Speedo Sprint/Pro –  These are a few of Speedo’s classic goggles.  Both styles are made with soft foam around the eyes and come with an adjustable nose piece.  Pro goggles have a circular shaped eye piece while the Sprint style has more of an oval shaped eye piece.  These goggles have been a staple of the swimming community for some time due to their reliability and comfort.  Best for: Goggle traditionalists and anyone who prefers foam gaskets over silicone ones.

Speedo Sprint Goggles
Speedo Sprint Goggles
Grab Bag Suit Sale

Grab Bag Suit Sale

There is no better time to stock up on practice suits than right now.  D&J Sports female grab bag suits start out as low $32 each.  You pick the size and D&J Sports will send you a brand new Lycra Speedo, Nike, TYR, or Dolfin swimsuit.  If you need to stock up on swimsuits you will also stockpile the savings with additional discounts.  Men’s grab bag suits are also available starting out at just $15 for briefs and $24 for jammers.



14-Time Olympic Gold Medalist and Speedo Share
Common Goal to Grow the Sport of Swimming

LOS ANGELES (September 9, 2009) – SPEEDO® today announced the extension of its long-time partnership with swimming superstar Michael Phelps through 2013. Following his historic 8 Olympic Gold Medal haul in Beijing, Phelps’ career-spanning commitment to the Speedo brand and a shared passion to help grow the sport of swimming globally now continues through the 2012 London Olympic Games and beyond.

A Team Speedo star since 2001, Phelps’ relationship with Speedo goes beyond a traditional endorsement contract. Phelps used the $1 million bonus he earned from Speedo for his record medal haul in Beijing to start the Michael Phelps Foundation, a charitable organization committed to growing the sport of swimming. As part of Phelps’ new Speedo deal, the brand will donate $10,000 to the Michael Phelps Foundation for every World Record Phelps sets; Phelps has committed to match each donation as well.

“Speedo’s support both in and out of the pool has helped me grow into the swimmer I am today,” said Phelps. “I am grateful for the brand’s commitment to help realize our shared vision to grow the sport of swimming both in the U.S. and around the world.”

“Michael has transformed the sport of swimming, with more fan interest and participation than ever before,” said Joe Gromek, CEO and Chairman, Warnaco, Inc, North American licensee for the Speedo brand. “Warnaco and Speedo are committed to building on the momentum with direct support for the Michael Phelps Foundation.”

David Robinson, President of Speedo International, added: “Michael continues to inspire the entire world of swimming and is a fabulous ambassador for the Speedo brand across the 175 countries that we operate within.”

Phelps will also continue to serve as part of an athlete advisory group to the Speedo Aqualab, the research and development center that continually pioneers new technologies and innovations in swimwear and accessories. In 2008, it introduced the Speedo LZR Racer, which Phelps wore for every gold-medal-winning swim in Beijing and at the 2009 FINA World Championships in Rome. In the coming months, Speedo will announce an updated – and comprehensive – range of elite swimwear that conforms to newly released FINA rules.

“I am proud to be part of the Speedo Aqualab team,” Phelps added. “Speedo and its Aqualab team are leaders in innovation. I have worn Speedo throughout my career and look forward to racing in new technology in 2010 and at the 2012 London Olympics.”

“As the world’s greatest Olympian, Michael continually challenges Speedo to drive innovation throughout our product range,” said Helen McCluskey, President, Warnaco Swimwear Group. “We are committed to helping swimmers achieve their personal best.”

Phelps made history by winning eight gold medals at the 2008 Olympic Games – the most for any athlete at a single Games. During the nine-day competition in Beijing, Phelps set seven World Records, eight American Records and eight Olympic Records to become the most decorated athlete in Olympic history with 14 gold medals. As he looks ahead to the 2012 London Olympics, Phelps continues his assault on the history books. At the 13th FINA World Championships in Rome this summer, Phelps accomplished another personal and historic goal, setting a new World Record of 49.82 in the 100m butterfly to become the first man to break the 50-second barrier.

The Baltimore native continues to train at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club under long-time Speedo coach Bob Bowman. Phelps is represented by Peter Carlisle, Managing Director of Olympics & Action Sports, Octagon.

Team Speedo swimmers include Olympic Gold Medalists Natalie Coughlin (USA), Ryan Lochte (USA), Katie Hoff (USA), Libby Trickett (AUS), Eamon Sullivan (AUS), Park Tae Hwan (KOR) and Rebecca Adlington (GBR).

Speedo Statement about 2010 FINA Swimsuit Ruling

Speedo Statement about 2010 FINA Swimsuit Ruling

July 28 2009

Statement pertaining to FINA announcement regarding new rules and regulations for swimwear approval from 2010

The reputation and ongoing success of the sport of swimming is of paramount importance to Speedo. The recent introduction of 100% non-permeable buoyant wetsuits and their impact on performance has cast a shadow over the sport. This has put swimmers in a very compromising position, leading to FINA’s decision today to ban the use of non-permeable fabrics in performance swimsuits from 2010.

As the world’s leading swimwear brand, which has been responsible for every major legal innovation in swimming for 80 years, we support FINA’s role in setting and managing the rules for the sport of swimming. Their decision today is not unexpected as a means of calling a halt to the confusion and controversy that has been created as a result of the introduction by some manufacturers of fully non-permeable buoyant wetsuits for the 13th FINA World Championships, 2009.

Speedo has never sought to compromise the integrity of the sport and has never created a buoyant suit. The Speedo LZR Racer suit was developed after years of intensive research and development in consultation with swimmers, coaches and experts and was fully approved by FINA. The Speedo LZR Racer suit was deliberately designed with 50% exclusive LZR Pulse woven fabric so as to avoid aiding buoyancy in the water.

Speedo believes a return to textile only body suits as per the Melbourne World Championships 2007 would have dealt with the issue. Despite today’s decision to return to jammers for men and open back knee-skin suits for women, Speedo will continue to work with the world’s leading athletes, coaches and experts to develop the most innovative swimwear and equipment. As a forward thinking company, Speedo remains committed to growing the sport of swimming at every level.


Optical Goggles

Optical Goggles

Everyone knows that swimming with blurred vision is no fun and can be hazardous.  Bouncing from lane rope to lane rope isn’t the way any of us want to spend our time in the water.  If you wear glasses or contacts now is the time to give optical goggles a try.  Both Speedo and TYR offer great optical goggle options that also feature UV protection and Anti-Fog coating.

TYR Corrective Optical Goggle
TYR Corrective Optical Goggle

The Speedo Vanquisher Optical goggles and Speedo Jr. Vanquisher Optical goggles come in corrective diopters from -1.5 to -8.0.  These are available in both smoke and clear colors for both indoor and outdoor use.  Speedo Vanquisher Optical goggles are a great choice if you like a close fitting goggle that fits right in your eye socket.

TYR Corrective Optical goggles feature optical grade corrective diopters from -2.0 to -8.0.  TYR’s option is better if you prefer a more wide angle goggle that fits more around the eye rather than right in the eye socket.  TYR Optical goggles are also available in both smoke and clear colors.

US Masters Statement about Swimsuits

US Masters Statement about Swimsuits


June 1, 2009

The following U.S. Masters Swimming’s official interpretation of Swimwear rule 102.14 was published March 26, 2009. These USMS interpretations have not changed and will remain in place until further notice. While USA Swimming chose to modify their rules, U.S. Masters Swimming has chosen to maintain its rules and interpretation until FINA has completed its processes and informed us of its interpretation as it applies to Masters Swimming. While our policy remains unchanged during this interim period, there is new information in the questions and answers following the interpretations.


FINA approval or rejection of new swimsuits introduced after September 30, 2007, will be accepted by U.S. Masters Swimming for USMS sanctioned and recognized competition.

 The following interpretation regarding the use of two suits during competition was also published March 26, 2009.


For purposes of Article 102.14 of U.S. Masters Swimming Rules of Competition, Swimwear, the use of more than one swimsuit at a time during any USMS sanctioned or recognized competition is prohibited.


1. Question: Can I wear a regular racing suit that is not a body suit?

Answer: Yes, suits introduced prior to September 30, 2007, are legal for U.S.M.S. competition.

2. Question: Can I still wear my LZR or TYR Tracer at meets including long course meters meets?

Answer: Yes, because at least some of the LZR and the TYR Tracer models are on the new list of FINA-approved suits that was published May 19, 2009, and none of these suits are on the not-approved list. All LZR and TYR suits are legal at least until the retesting is completed. (We have not seen the official list of suits being retested, so we don’t know if there are models of these suits included.)

3. Question: Why don’t I see the new suit I bought on the new list of FINA-approved suits?

Answer: There are 136 suits that are currently being retested by FINA. The target date for those results is June 19, 2009. The suits are being retested under the new system for buoyancy (no more than 1 Newton), material (no thicker than 1 mm), and construction (no trapping of air), just to mention a few criteria. At the point of publication of those results, the USMS Rules Committee will consider those test results.

4. Question: How will this impact Masters competitors?

Answer: That suit you bought after September 30, 2007, is legal at this moment, but it could be reconsidered by the USMS Rules Committee after the next FINA-approved swimsuit list is published. Regardless of the upcoming new list, that old Fastskin or similar suit that you have will be legal since it was introduced prior to September 30, 2007.

5. Question: My coach is forcing me to swim the 1650 Free as a training swim. Can I wear a drag suit over my jammers?

Answer: No. Although wearing an extra drag suit may not be perceived as having an advantage, the interpretation is that only one swimsuit is permitted.

6. Question: Does “one suit for competition” mean I can only wear one suit for the whole meet?

Answer: No. You can change suits during the meet, but you can only wear one suit at a time. This restriction applies only to the actual races (competition). You can wear more than one suit during warm-up and warm-down. This restriction applies to all types, makes, and models of swim suits, but it is not intended to apply to athletic supporters or modesty type wear (a single pair of “briefs” or “bikini bottoms or top” or a sports bra worn to ensure modesty and privacy).

 Kathy Casey, Chair

U.S. Masters Swimming Rules Committee