Train Like a Champion with New Equipment from MP

Train Like a Champion with New Equipment from MP

Enjoy quality swim training gear from Michael Phelps.
Michael Phelps has created a variety of swim training gear.

Training like an Olympian requires you to use some of the same gear as Olympians have been using to improve their times and become some of the best swimmers in the world. Michael Phelps is perhaps one of the most well-known swimmers of all time. This is why he has developed a series of high level performance gear that can help swimmers improve their technique and better focus on faster swim times. This is why Michael Phelps has worked with Aquasphere to create a variety of products for swimmers.

MP Focus Swim Snorkel

Snorkels aren’t just something used to check out the tropical fish in warm waters around the world. A swim snorkel, such as the MP Focus swim snorkel, can help both beginner and experienced swimmers focus on their technique, rather than having to worry about their breathing while they swim. Combining the proper breathing motions with swim technique can be difficult. A snorkel allows you to focus on one at a time.

MP Strength Training Paddles

The MP Strength training paddles are designed to increase resistance in the water to help swimmers increase muscle mass and to help them feel the proper movements. These paddles were designed by Phelps himself to help other swimmers train, whether they are aiming for the Olympics or they have much smaller aspirations and simply want to become better swimmers.

MP XCEED Titanium Mirror Goggle

No swim ensemble is complete without the right pair of swim goggles. Michael Phelps has covered this aspect of swimming as well. The MP XCEED titanium mirror goggle is the perfect option for swimmers who swim outdoors in particular. The mirrored finish helps eliminate glare on the water so swimmers can easily see where they are going in the pool. The low-profile fit also reduces drag and helps keep swimmers more streamlined in the water.

Training to become a better swimmer requires you to have all the right gear on hand. Michael Phelps has earned more Olympic medals than any other swimmer or athlete, which makes his expertise valuable for those who also have high aspirations in swimming. With the help of his line of swim gear and training products, every swimmer can gain the competitive advantage.

If you’re looking for the best competitive swim gear to help you become a more effective swimmer, contact us. We have all the products you need to supplement your training.

The MP Collection of Goggles Offer Innovation, Variety and Style

The MP Collection of Goggles Offer Innovation, Variety and Style

Michael Phelps low-profile goggles can help you swim.
Try the Michael Phelps low-profile goggles.

Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympians, as well as one of the most well known competitive swimmers. As such, he has created his own collection of goggles to give other swimmers the same advantages he has had in the water. Whether individuals are looking for clear, smoked or mirrored lenses, he has created a variety of Aquasphere goggles even Phelps would be proud to wear in the pool as he swims his gold-medal winning races.

Low-Profile Racing Goggles

The Aquasphere K180 swimming goggles by Michael Phelps are low-profile racing goggles that are designed to protect the eyes and allow for clear visibility in the water without causing excess drag as the swimmer moves through the water. Because Phelps has extensive experience in the competitive world of swimming, he knows what it takes to get the right traction in the water without negatively affecting drag, which can add precious milliseconds to your times. When races are won or lost by fractions of a second, every minute detail counts.

A Variety of Options

When you choose the Aquasphere competitive swimming goggles designed by Michael Phelps, you will find there are a variety of options to help you choose the one that best fits your swimming needs. For instance, if you spend most of your time swimming outdoors, the titanium mirror lenses can be your best choice. These lenses reflect away the light so you can see more clearly and guard against the glare off the pool water. For those who spend more of their time swimming indoors, the clear or smoky lenses can be the ideal solution.

Finding the right swimming goggles is important if you want to do your best in the water. While many goggles look similar, there are differences. For instance, the Michael Phelps designed Aquasphere goggles feature a low-profile design that is meant to reduce drag in the water and help swimmers see clearly without the bulk of your average goggles. With the option of clear, smokey or mirrored lenses, every swimmer will be able to find the exact style that will best suit their needs and their personal preferences.

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14-Time Olympic Gold Medalist and Speedo Share
Common Goal to Grow the Sport of Swimming

LOS ANGELES (September 9, 2009) – SPEEDO® today announced the extension of its long-time partnership with swimming superstar Michael Phelps through 2013. Following his historic 8 Olympic Gold Medal haul in Beijing, Phelps’ career-spanning commitment to the Speedo brand and a shared passion to help grow the sport of swimming globally now continues through the 2012 London Olympic Games and beyond.

A Team Speedo star since 2001, Phelps’ relationship with Speedo goes beyond a traditional endorsement contract. Phelps used the $1 million bonus he earned from Speedo for his record medal haul in Beijing to start the Michael Phelps Foundation, a charitable organization committed to growing the sport of swimming. As part of Phelps’ new Speedo deal, the brand will donate $10,000 to the Michael Phelps Foundation for every World Record Phelps sets; Phelps has committed to match each donation as well.

“Speedo’s support both in and out of the pool has helped me grow into the swimmer I am today,” said Phelps. “I am grateful for the brand’s commitment to help realize our shared vision to grow the sport of swimming both in the U.S. and around the world.”

“Michael has transformed the sport of swimming, with more fan interest and participation than ever before,” said Joe Gromek, CEO and Chairman, Warnaco, Inc, North American licensee for the Speedo brand. “Warnaco and Speedo are committed to building on the momentum with direct support for the Michael Phelps Foundation.”

David Robinson, President of Speedo International, added: “Michael continues to inspire the entire world of swimming and is a fabulous ambassador for the Speedo brand across the 175 countries that we operate within.”

Phelps will also continue to serve as part of an athlete advisory group to the Speedo Aqualab, the research and development center that continually pioneers new technologies and innovations in swimwear and accessories. In 2008, it introduced the Speedo LZR Racer, which Phelps wore for every gold-medal-winning swim in Beijing and at the 2009 FINA World Championships in Rome. In the coming months, Speedo will announce an updated – and comprehensive – range of elite swimwear that conforms to newly released FINA rules.

“I am proud to be part of the Speedo Aqualab team,” Phelps added. “Speedo and its Aqualab team are leaders in innovation. I have worn Speedo throughout my career and look forward to racing in new technology in 2010 and at the 2012 London Olympics.”

“As the world’s greatest Olympian, Michael continually challenges Speedo to drive innovation throughout our product range,” said Helen McCluskey, President, Warnaco Swimwear Group. “We are committed to helping swimmers achieve their personal best.”

Phelps made history by winning eight gold medals at the 2008 Olympic Games – the most for any athlete at a single Games. During the nine-day competition in Beijing, Phelps set seven World Records, eight American Records and eight Olympic Records to become the most decorated athlete in Olympic history with 14 gold medals. As he looks ahead to the 2012 London Olympics, Phelps continues his assault on the history books. At the 13th FINA World Championships in Rome this summer, Phelps accomplished another personal and historic goal, setting a new World Record of 49.82 in the 100m butterfly to become the first man to break the 50-second barrier.

The Baltimore native continues to train at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club under long-time Speedo coach Bob Bowman. Phelps is represented by Peter Carlisle, Managing Director of Olympics & Action Sports, Octagon.

Team Speedo swimmers include Olympic Gold Medalists Natalie Coughlin (USA), Ryan Lochte (USA), Katie Hoff (USA), Libby Trickett (AUS), Eamon Sullivan (AUS), Park Tae Hwan (KOR) and Rebecca Adlington (GBR).

Michael Phelps Beats Cavic

Michael Phelps Beats Cavic

Michael Phelps has won the 100m butterfly at the world championships.

He clocked in at 49.82 seconds to beat silver-medalist Milorad Cavic, who finished in 49.95. Phelps’ time was a new world record.

Cavic beat Phelps’ previous world standard in Friday’s semifinals when he touched the wall in 50.01 seconds. Phelps and Cavic became the first swimmers to ever break 50 seconds in the race.

Michael Phelps on the Tonight Show

Michael Phelps on the Tonight Show

Phelps and Conan comparing wingspans on the Tonight Show.
Phelps and Conan comparing wingspans on the Tonight Show.

Michael Phelps appeared on Conan last night. Phelps just competed at the U.S. National Championships, where on Thursday he broke the world record in the 100-meter butterfly.  His performance qualified him for the world championships in Rome airing Sunday, July 26, Saturday, August 1 and Sunday, August 2 (12-2 p.m. ET) on NBC.  Phelps talked about getting back into the water after his 6 month layoff and his recently released children’s book HOW TO TRAIN WITH A T. REX AND WIN 8 GOLD MEDALS.