Train Like a Champion with New Equipment from MP

Train Like a Champion with New Equipment from MP

Enjoy quality swim training gear from Michael Phelps.
Michael Phelps has created a variety of swim training gear.

Training like an Olympian requires you to use some of the same gear as Olympians have been using to improve their times and become some of the best swimmers in the world. Michael Phelps is perhaps one of the most well-known swimmers of all time. This is why he has developed a series of high level performance gear that can help swimmers improve their technique and better focus on faster swim times. This is why Michael Phelps has worked with Aquasphere to create a variety of products for swimmers.

MP Focus Swim Snorkel

Snorkels aren’t just something used to check out the tropical fish in warm waters around the world. A swim snorkel, such as the MP Focus swim snorkel, can help both beginner and experienced swimmers focus on their technique, rather than having to worry about their breathing while they swim. Combining the proper breathing motions with swim technique can be difficult. A snorkel allows you to focus on one at a time.

MP Strength Training Paddles

The MP Strength training paddles are designed to increase resistance in the water to help swimmers increase muscle mass and to help them feel the proper movements. These paddles were designed by Phelps himself to help other swimmers train, whether they are aiming for the Olympics or they have much smaller aspirations and simply want to become better swimmers.

MP XCEED Titanium Mirror Goggle

No swim ensemble is complete without the right pair of swim goggles. Michael Phelps has covered this aspect of swimming as well. The MP XCEED titanium mirror goggle is the perfect option for swimmers who swim outdoors in particular. The mirrored finish helps eliminate glare on the water so swimmers can easily see where they are going in the pool. The low-profile fit also reduces drag and helps keep swimmers more streamlined in the water.

Training to become a better swimmer requires you to have all the right gear on hand. Michael Phelps has earned more Olympic medals than any other swimmer or athlete, which makes his expertise valuable for those who also have high aspirations in swimming. With the help of his line of swim gear and training products, every swimmer can gain the competitive advantage.

If you’re looking for the best competitive swim gear to help you become a more effective swimmer, contact us. We have all the products you need to supplement your training.


We need your help to feed the homeless on Christmas Day.

We need your help to feed the homeless on Christmas Day.

We are sending the food trucks out to the streets of Dallas to feed the homeless on Christmas Day.

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5 Reasons It’s Great to be a Swimmer

5 Reasons It’s Great to be a Swimmer

Swim Gear
Learn why swimming is beneficial to you.

If you enjoy swimming, you may continue to do so simply because it is something you love to do. However, there are some great reasons why it’s good for you to be a swimmer. When you learn these reasons, it will drive you to spend your time in the water over anything else.

Keeps You Healthy

Everyone knows that swimming can build muscles and help you get stronger. However, there are other ways in which swimming can keep you healthier. Regular swimming builds your metabolism, helping you keep your weight under control in and out of the pool. It also has benefits to your cardiovascular and mental health.

A Lifelong Bond

Whether you are part of  a swim team or you swim with the same people every time, you will build a strong bond. You may be able to bond with people while doing other activities, there is something about swimming that really draws people together.

Motivation and Goal Setting

Motivation and goal setting can be useful skills in life. Many swimmers learn to get up early in the morning to get their exercise in the pool. They are also known for setting goals for their day in the pool. When they are unable to meet those goals, they look closely at what went wrong and strive to overcome those challenges the next time around.

A Stress-Free Workout

Many workout options add stress because individuals are worried about whether they are doing the exercise right or they have to keep their minds on what they are doing. When you use swimming as a form of exercise, you take advantage of a stress-free workout. As you swim, you can clear your mind while you get the exercise your body needs to be healthy.

Perfect for Any Age

Swimming isn’t limited to the young, the old or those who are in between. Individuals of any age can take part in swimming, particularly on a recreational level. Parents can get children in the pool from the time they are infants. A pool is also a preferred method of exercising for the elderly because working out in a pool puts less stress on the joints.

Being a swimmer is a great thing! Whether you swim as a hobby or you do it competitively, there are many advantages. When you learn these advantages, you will enjoy spending even more time in the pool.