Speedo Fastskin 3

Speedo Fastskin 3 is the revolutionary new collection from Speedo. Speedo is always on the cutting edge of what’s hot and new in technology, fashion and function. Speedo launched Speedo Fastskin 3, which is in compliance with all Speedo Fastskin 3FINA regulations. This is fantastic news for competitive swimmers around the globe. Olympic gold medalist, Michael Phelps has said Speedo Fastskin 3 makes him feel “at one with the water.” If Speedo Fastskin 3 does that for a man who practically lives in the water, imagine what it will do for your own performance.

Speedo Fastskin 3 consists of three products. The Speedo Fastskin 3 swim cap was developed using 3D head scans. This ensures it fits tight without constricting blood flow. It wraps every curve with ease, making it simple for a swimmer to dive right in. The Speedo Fastskin 3 swim cap wraps each contour and ensures a seamless fit with its hydrodynamic results. When worn with the Speedo Fastskin 3 goggles, the swim cap can reduce a swimmer’s full body drag by over 5%. Competitive swimmers know each second matters. The Speedo Fastskin 3 goggles are comfortable and leak resistant. These goggles were designed for minimal movement while swimming. This means a competitive swimmer does not have to worry about goggles slipping or allowing water in while they swim.

Perhaps most impressive is the Speedo Fastskin 3 Super Elite Swimsuit. This swimsuit utilizes technology at its best. High power compression is created with Hydro K-Zone 3D fabric. This fabric moves with the body. Webbing at the framework creates a tight, compressed feeling that allows swimmers to feel minimal weight as they make their way through the water. Speedo has utilized an outstanding team of researchers, scientists and coaches when developing the Fastskin 3 collection. When worn all together, swimmers can expect increased performance due to the technology that inhabits each product.

Speedo also consulted sports psychologists when creating Fastskin 3. The grey-blue tint of the goggles ensures a calm and focused approach to any swim meet. Speedo continues to push the envelope when it comes to competitive swimwear. Speedo has become the name you can trust when purchasing practice gear and competitive swim items. The Speedo name ensures durability and the brand is constantly experimenting with the latest technology to bring swimmers that take the market by storm. By paying careful attention to small details, Speedo has propelled swimmers to a new place with the Speedo Fastskin 3 collection.

Now Available Speedo LZR Elite Female Recordbreaker

Speedo LZR Elite Female RecordbreakerThe fastest legal swimsuit for 2010 is the Speedo LZR Elite and the latest body style, the Female Recordbreaker is now available. The Speedo LZR EliteRecordbreaker is the fastest swimsuit on the market and you can get yours today. D&J Sports swimshop just received a shipment of the new female recordbreaker back style. This swimsuit features the classic racing cut along with the quickest swimsuit fabric. The LZR Pulse material is above and beyond anything else that is available now and with the boned seams of the Speedo LZR Elite, you will have the fastest swimsuit in the pool.

Swimsuits Legal for 2010

The new year brings with it all kinds of new laws and this year the sport of swimming is seeing some of its most significant rules ever. The swimsuit wars of 2009 have forced the swimming federation of FINA to impose strict rules regarding the styling and fabrication of swimsuit. Here is a quick rundown of the swimsuit rules for 2010:

Swimsuits must be made of woven materials, no more neoprene wetsuits like the Blueseventy and Jaked or even the Speedo LZR Racer swimsuits.

No zipper back suits, only open back suits.

No swimsuit coverage on the arms or past the knee. Goodbye to the Speedo Legskin swimsuits that have been so popular in the past few years.

No male suits above the waist.

So what swimsuits can you wear in 2010? The clear frontrunner in the 2010 suit war race is the Speedo LZR Elite swimsuit. The LZR Elite features the same LZR Pulse material as the LZR Racer and the Speedo FS-Pro, plus the bonded seams like the LZR Racer. Demand has been high for the Speedo LZR Elite since all of the other suit manufactures will not deliver their new suits until later this year.

Speedo LZR Elite Now In Stock

The New Speedo LZR Elite Racer swimsuits are now in stock and shipping. D&J Sports Swim Shop has received an early shipment of the Speedo LZR Elite Jammer and LZR Elite Female Kneeskin suits. The early word is that these are fitting great. You should order the same size as the Speedo FS-Pro. We have learned that the latest shipment from Speedo is one of the best fitting racing suits they have ever released. Some swimmers received LZR Elite suits at Juniors earlier this month and the fit was not perfect yet, but now Speedo has got it all figured out. Order your Speedo LZR Elite suit today from D&J Sports.