The Importance of the Long Speedo Fitness Swimsuit for Effective Swimming

The Importance of the Long Speedo Fitness Swimsuit for Effective Swimming

Competitive Swimwear
The right competitive swimwear leads to more effective swimming.

Today, there is incredible focus on how a fitness swimsuit fits to perfect your strokes in the water. It is about more than looks; it is about how the swimsuit complements your swimming motions to allow you to swim seamlessly through the water. The Speedo jammers are the perfect way to create the dynamics in the water swimmers need to be competitive. There are a variety of Speedo jammers available, each with its own benefits.

Speedo Mercury Splice Jammer

The Speedo Mercury Splice Jammer is one of the most popular training suits for many reasons. Available in striking colors, this jammer offers the perfect contrast of black and your team color, whether your team is purple, blue, gold, red or green. It is also made from a chlorine-resistant material, making the fitness swimsuit last through many practices and meets. The unique four-way stretch material hugs your body in all the right areas, while keeping you comfortable.

Speedo Rapid Splice Jammer

The Speedo Rapid Splice Jammer is made for the athlete who puts his swimsuit through a lot of wear and tear. Made from Xtra Life Lycra, this suit can withstand the rigors of constant wear, whether for practice, meets or hanging out at the local pool. This highly sought after material is perfect for the high school team that desires a uniform look for their swimmers, while offering longevity in their suits.

Speedo Vortex Splice Jammer

For the swim team that wants to add a little spice to their team colors, the Speedo Vortex Splice Jammer offers the same long lasting swim fabric the Speedo Rapid Splice Jammer offers with the added benefit of a spliced leg with a bright pattern that gives the illusion of flames on the legs. This suit is available in green, blue, red and orange, giving you plenty of versatility to match your team’s colors.

When you are in competitive swimming, you need a fitness swimsuit that can stand the test of time. Chlorine, body oils and normal wear and tear can wreak havoc on your suits over time. When you only buy the best, such as Speedo jammers that offer the incredible fit further down the legs, reducing the amount of drag and resistance that you experience, you will not only perform well but also be able to enjoy your competitive swimsuit for a longer period of time than any other suit.

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