How Women’s Competitive Swimwear Should Fit

How Women’s Competitive Swimwear Should Fit

Competitive Swimwear
The right fit in competitive swimwear is critical to your overall performance.

When you are on a swim team or swim competitively, you have to worry about more than your swimming abilities. The fit of your competitive swimwear plays a large role in how well you swim. You need to ensure your swimsuit is one that does not restrict your movement but also allows for the least amount of resistance from the water. A swimsuit that is too tight will make you uncomfortable and restrict your movements, while a suit that is too loose will slow you down in the water. Your competitive swimwear should have more coverage than the standard swimsuit you’d wear to the beach to allow for fluid movement in the water. Taking the time to find the proper fitting swimsuit will allow you to show off your best swimming abilities.


You want your competitive swimwear to fit like a glove. It should be tight, but not so tight you cannot breathe or perform your motions easily. There should not be any loose areas that sag or pucker or any type of pulling on the seams. When you try the swimsuit on, stretch like you would in the water to ensure there is no pulling in the openings at the neck or legs. You want your competitive swimwear to be comfortably tight without cutting off your circulation and making it difficult to breathe.

Leg Openings

The leg openings should fit comfortably around your legs. They should not be too tight so they restrict your leg movements or dig into your legs, causing you discomfort while you swim. The leg openings should also not be too loose so water can get up into the openings because this will slow you down.


The straps should stay in the same position during all swim strokes. When you try the swimsuit on, move your arms in various swimming motions; the straps should stay in the same position, no matter how you move your arms. You should ensure the straps are not too loose because not only would they become a distraction, they will slow down your swimming times.


The competitive swimwear you choose should have ample coverage in the chest area. You don’t want it to completely flatten your chest, but you need proper support in that area to allow for fluid movement. Look for swimsuits with adjustable straps to ensure the perfect fit in the chest area.

New Nike Cut-Out Tank Designs Available

New Nike Cut-Out Tank Designs Available

Nike Cut-Out Tank Suits
The new Nike cut-out tank designs are fun and attractive.

The Nike cut-out tank competitive swimsuits have been one of the best-selling suits on the market. This version of the competitive swimwear is famous for its variety of colors and designs to allow you to choose just the right swimsuit to express some personality in the water. While most often used for training, these attractive suits can provide you with a splash of color in the pool.

Foil Skin

The foil skin design provides you with a variation of traditional stripes. Instead of solid horizontal stripes as you often see, this design provides you with horizontal stripes that vary in thickness across the stripe, creating a rippling effect across the suit. The colors available include black, green, red, royal and grape, pairing each color up with a complementary color to complete the effect. The patterned colors actually provide a scaly look.


If you are looking for another variation using stripes, the bound design provides colorful lines that crisscross their way across the suit. These stripes feature several colors to create a fade effect with the suit. Available in green, black, blue and red and navy, you will be able to find the right combination to fit your style.

Rio Geo

Geometric shapes are popular today, making the rio geo design the perfect option for many swimmers. This Nike cut-out tank is available in several color schemes, including green, blue, magenta and crimson, providing a beautiful combination that is sure to attract attention in the pool.

Tie Dye

Tie dye is another style that has found itself back in the graces of competitive swimsuits. It is also one of the newest designs for the Nike cut-out tank suits. You can relive the old days with the purchase of a tie dye swimsuit in shades of blue, turquoise, magenta and pink.

Many swimmers enjoy the fit of the Nike cut-out tank competitive swimsuits. These quality swimsuits provide the perfect fit to hug your body and help you cut through the water more easily. With the open back and thin straps, you will experience less drag on your back, as well as less restriction in your movements. All of these features can help you make the most of your natural abilities so you can perform even better than ever. Not only that, with the new designs, you will stand out in a crowd, keeping the attention on you instead of on your competitors.

The Importance of Choosing Competitive Swimwear

The Importance of Choosing Competitive Swimwear

Competitive Swimwear
Competitive swimwear offers additional benefits for swimmers over traditional swimwear.

If you are involved in competitive swimming, you understand you can’t just pick up any swimwear at your local store and expect to do well in the water. While the swimwear that is available at your local department store or other retailer is functional, looks great and does the job when you are swimming recreationally, they aren’t designed with racing in mind. This means you need to choose your competitive swimwear from an experienced retailer.


One of the biggest concerns with competitive swimwear is how it fits your body. When you will be using the suit for racing, you want a suit that will hug your features and won’t increase the drag of the water on your body. The sleek fit of the perfect competitive swimsuit will increase your ability to cut through the water smoothly with the least amount of resistance possible to enhance your natural performance.


While most competitive swimmers are incredibly fit, there is still a need for compression for certain areas of your body. This is one area where the typical swimsuit available from your local retailer won’t do the job necessary. This is why it is so important to look for competitive swimwear that is designed with this compression in mind to provide you with the enhanced performance you need to do well in the water.

Less Restrictive Materials

Suits that are created with competition in mind will be made from lighter materials that restrict movement less than the swimwear you will find in your local stores. Swimmers want to reduce their weight as much as possible in the water and require the ability to move freely so they can perform the movements necessary to propel themselves through the water quickly and efficiently. If your movement is restricted or your suit causes friction on your body, you won’t be able to swim as well, creating a negative impact on your swimming.

Getting involved in competitive swimming means you need to invest in quality competitive swimwear to be a contender in all your races. These swimsuits offer additional benefits to competitive swimmers over those you can find in your average store. These competitive swimsuits will be made from lightweight materials that don’t restrict your movements in any way. They also fit better than your average suit and provide you with the compression you need to become more aerodynamic in the water, improving your speed naturally.

Which Are the Best Brands for Competitive Swimwear?

Which Are the Best Brands for Competitive Swimwear?

Competitive Swimwear
The Speedo LZR Elite Jammer is just one example of great competitive swimwear.

Competition swimming often requires a different type of swimwear than what you would wear for a leisurely swim at the beach or community pool. This is because competitive swimwear is designed to cut down on water resistance so you can swim as fast as your ability allows. As you seek the right swimsuit for you, it is important to know some of the top names in competitive swimsuits so you can choose the best.

Arena Swimwear

When you are considering your swimsuit for competition purposes, the Arena swimwear line is one of the best in the business. From the unique compression points and sleek design to the material, you will find just the right suit to meet your needs. For men, the Carbon Pro, XP and R-Evo+ are great options to provide you with optimal performance. For women, there are even more options among the Carbon Pro, XP and R-Evo+. Find the one that best suits your needs.

Speedo Swimwear

Speedo isn’t just a big name with your leisure swimwear; they are also one of the biggest names in competitive swimwear. When you choose a Speedo suit, you will know you have a top-quality suit that provides you with every advantage in the water. Some of the top suits in from this brand for both men and women include the Fastskin, LZR Elite and Aquablade.

TYR Swimwear

Another of the big names in competitive swimwear is the TYR line of suits for men and women. When it comes to the TYR line, you will be able to combine the design you need to do well in the water with great colors that will have you standing out from the rest of the crowd. The best TYR swimwear for your competition needs include the AP12 Compression and Tracer.

When you have a need for competitive swimwear, it is important to know which brands you can trust. You want swimwear that will provide you with the streamlining you need to cut through the water with the least resistance. No matter how good of a swimmer you are, too much resistance can be detrimental to your ability to win. When you choose a swimsuit from Arena, Speedo or TYR, you know you have one that will last and provide you with the features you need to be the best you can be in the water. The best swimsuits allow you to best showcase your own talents.

High-Tech Racing Swimsuits for the Olympics

High-Tech Racing Swimsuits for the Olympics

Nothing but the best racing swimsuits is good enough for the Olympic swim teams. After all, the results of the Olympics depend on the swimmers’ speed, which directly correlates to the suit that is worn. A variety of innovative swimsuits that are light and increase speed, as well as flexibility, are what the Olympic stars of the 2012 Olympics desire.

Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Open Back Kneeskin

Precise fit and muscle compression is what competitive swimmers need. This can be found in the innovative Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro swimsuit line. The compression swimmers require is precise. Too much compression can restrict their movement, while not enough can slow them down. The Arena Carbon Pro line introduces an innovative way to find the delicate balance between too much and too little compression.

The Carbon Pro Kneeskin offers female swimmers maximum flexibility along with the perfect amount of compression. At no point will swimmers feel restricted or uncomfortable. They will be able to perform stronger kicks and perfect turns with incredible speed.

Competitive swimwear
The Speedo LZR Elite Recordbreaker Kneeskin is just one of many competitive swimsuits.

Speedo LZR Elite Recordbreaker Kneeskin

The innovative bonded seams of the Speedo LZR Elite Kneeskin offer more speed, less friction and less drag over sewn seams. Improving friction by as much as six percent, this makes a significant difference in a swimmer’s performance. The LZR Pulse fabric is not only water resistant but also delivers the right amount of compression to speed swimmers without restricting their movement.

The Recordbreaker back offers the trendiest styling for competitive swimmers, making it one of the most popular suits among Olympic swimmers. It is also compliant with FINA regulations and offers flattering style for all body shapes.

Speedo Fastskin 3 Super Elite Closedback Kneeskin

Watch your competitors start their race in fear when they notice the Speedo Fastskin swimsuit you are wearing. Known for its ultimate performance and ability to change the body’s shape up to 8.1 percent to minimize drag and increase speed, the Speedo Fastskin 3 is a suit that leaves the competition in the dust.

Some of the amazing benefits you will realize from the Speedo Fastskin suit are incredible compression abilities to work with any body shape, bonded seams to increase speed and reduce friction and Fit Point Markers to ensure you are wearing the suit in the exact position it was meant for. All these factors combine to give you one of the most competitive racing swimsuits on the market.

The FastSkin Racing Line Adds the LZR Elite

The FastSkin Racing Line Adds the LZR Elite

FastSkin Racing Suit LIne
The Speedo LZR Elite swimsuit is the latest addition to the FastSkin racing suit line.

Many swimmers are already familiar with the FastSkin racing line of competition swimming suits. In addition to the suits in the line, swimmers can further customize their swimming experience with the goggles and caps, making the perfect combination to help you swim faster. Previously a part of the line, the LZR Elite has been redesigned and placed back in the line. These suits should be available to swimmers by the beginning of June.

Speedo LZR Elite F Recordbreaker Knee

Women who are looking to use the Speedo LZR Elite will enjoy the fit of the recordbreaker knee swimsuit. This competitive swimsuit provides streamlining that will help you cut through the water with less resistance. The seams are now bonded, which can provide a faster swim as well. Made from 70 percent polyester and 30 percent lycra, this suit offers great flexibility so you can wear the suit long-term with comfort.

Speedo LZR Elite Jammer

Men can experience all the same benefits as the women with the Speedo LZR Elite jammer. This suit features the longer legs that will help keep your legs more streamlined as you swim. The bonded seams in this suit will help promote the faster swimming, just like the women’s version of the suit. Also made from a weave of 70 percent polyester and 30 percent lycra, the suit will provide comfort and style all at the same time.

LZR Elite Features

Each of the swimsuits available in the FastSkin racing line have their own advantages, which allows swimmers to choose the one that will work the best for their own personal strengths and weaknesses. The LZR Elite is made from a lightweight fabric, which gives swimmers an advantage in the water, along with compression in all areas and a core stabilizer. The seams are bonded to provide for faster swimming as well. In addition to the comfort of the fabric itself, the leg openings are also designed with comfort in mind.

If you are looking for the latest in the FastSkin racing suit line, you can start checking out the LZR Elite suits online. They have recently begun shipping to retailers so swimmers can start placing their orders. One of three suits in the FastSkin line, you will be able to choose the suit that works best for you and pair it up with one of the goggles and swim caps that are also part of the line to give you the best chance possible in the water.

About TYR Racing Swimsuits

About TYR Racing Swimsuits

TYR AP12 Compression Speed High Short

TYR racing swimsuits are known for their quality. TYR constantly plays with technology to see what works best for competitive swimmers. The TYR AP12 swimsuits have quickly become a favorite of swimmers all over the globe. The compression is unsurpassed and creates a flawless fit for swimmers in the water. The AP12 suits are stitch free for a lightweight, non-constricting fit for swimmers. A combination of bonded seams and four-way lock seams reduce drag.

The TYR AP12  racing swimsuits are available in four different styles. The first is the Compression High Back Speedsuit. This suit has a sleek look and is a one piece for women. Straps allow for fluid movement and stability. The important feature of this suit is the high back, which offers security for some swimmers. The women’s suit is also available in an open back. Some swimmers prefer the feeling of an open back as a high back can sometimes feel constricting. Neither suit is better than the other; it all depends on the swimmer’s needs. Both suits implement the cutting edge technology that TYR is known for.

For men, the brand created the AP12 Compression High Short and Speed short. The High Short offers a high waist, which for some swimmers creates the same security brought on by the high back-style swimsuits. This extra fabric doesn’t drag down a swimmer but instead, creates additional compression that is more comfortable to wear. The Speed shorts have a lower waist and are ideal for male swimmers who do not want the added material above the waist. The TYR AP12 shorts for men are created anatomically correct for superior fit. There’s enhanced compression in the areas that need it most. Both shorts use the four-way lock seams for an ultra-smooth fit.

AP12 is a well-known collection from TYR and is FINA approved. It isn’t every day you come across a collection of competition swimsuits that implement the latest technology and have approval from the organization that oversees competitive swimming. TYR knows how to marry function and technology so it benefits swimmers. TYR swimsuits are an investment that offers a swimmer peace of mind as they compete. The AP12 collection has a fit for everyone and ensures the best of swim technology is what you’re wearing in the water. Though comprised of textiles, the suits offer enhanced compression and a trim fit that will feel at one with your body as you take a plunge.