Buying Arena Racing Swimsuits

Buying Arena Racing Swimsuits

Arena Powerskin R-Evo+ Jammer

Arena racing swimsuits are among the top swimsuits for competitive swimmers. Swimmers know they’re getting a high-quality suit that utilizes the latest in swimwear technology when buying a suit from the Arena brand. There are many top swimsuit brands to compete with Arena, but their latest Powerskin Carbon Pro collection is on everyone’s hot list for 2012. The Powerskin Carbon Pro is the Arena racing swimsuit that’s the official pick for the London 2012 Olympics. It’s an exciting time in swimsuit technology as designers and scientists find new ways to help a swimmer’s performance.

No matter the price tag or brand name of your suit, don’t expect the suit to do the work for you. The goal when designers and scientists are creating new competitive swimsuits is to create pieces that do not detract from a swimmer’s performance. Some suits have been banned because of studies that show they do enhance a swimmer’s performance, but for the most part, even the most hi-tech suits aren’t going to increase your speed in the water. What hi-tech suits aim to do is resist weight and drag as you swim. The more compressed certain parts of the body feel, the easier it is for a swimmer to gain momentum and perform at their peak level. Muscles should be compressed but never feel constricted. Arena employs one of the best teams for testing various materials against the elements a swimmer is exposed to while competing.

The Arena R-EVO+ is available in a kneesuit and the Jammer racing swimsuit. Both of these suits boast bonded seams and zoned compression similar to the Powerskin Carbon Pro. The benefit of the Powerskin R-EVO+ kneesuit is that it’s one continuous piece for optimal fit. This suit is made without a single stitch so there’s no pulling, bunching or puckering in or out of the water. The Powerskin R-EVO+ series are the lightest suits on the market that are made using textiles. This is the ultimate suit for those who want something comfortable and classic without increasing drag.

Arena racing swimsuits are known for functional design and the latest in swimsuit technology. The brand is constantly pushing the boundaries and winning, as shown with their Powerskin Carbon Pro collection. Both Arena collections are fantastic for the competitive swimmer who wants a high quality suit that will not detract from performance in the water. Arena racing swimsuits are the prime pick for those who know what they want out of competitive swim gear.

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