Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Swimsuits Now Available

Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Swimsuits Now Available

Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Swimsuits

Arena carbon suits will soon become a staple for competitive swimmers. The innovative technology allows swimmers to feel light as they swim. It’s no wonder the Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro is the official swimsuit of the London 2012 Olympics. Swimmers know the quality and durability they’re getting with Arena swimsuits. Carbon technology is just the beginning of what makes these suits so special.

Carbon suits are swimsuits that implement compression technology for the ultimate “at one” feeling for swimmers. Swimmers feel like they’re wearing nothing at all. Arena Carbon pro racing swimsuits have little drag, which can improve a swimmer’s speed. Multiple world records were broken at the World Championships a few years ago in Rome, which prompted FINA to ban hi-tech swim gear. Now Arena has come out with the Powerskin Carbon Pro, which is the official swimsuit for the London games. After a few years of toying with technology, Arena has developed a swimsuit with exceptional fit and intelligent muscle compression. This means there’s virtually no weight due to the suit as a swimmer makes his or her way through the lane.

A cutting edge carbon fiber weave is part of the fabric on the Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro swimsuits. This allows for extra compression in the areas swimmers need it most. That additional compression creates a tight feeling without detracting from a swimmer’s movements and flow. You might imagine a carbon laced swimsuit to feel heavy, but on the contrary, carbon fibers are thinner than a human hair and intricately woven into the suits. The result is a suit that is remarkably strong and durable and able to compress without constricting. These strong fibers also prevent the immense stress on the muscles that many swimmers experience while competing.

Arena carbon suits are made to benefit swimmers in and out of the water. The carbon suit allows a swimmer to stretch appropriately without leaving a tightening effect on muscles. In the water, a swimmer can give a peak performance without the drag of compression that uses yesterday’s technology. The latest carbon technology utilized by Arena in the Powerskin Carbon Pro swimsuits creates support and control. Carbon threads clamp down on the body, giving the swimmer an easy feeling that lets him or her glide through the water. There’s control where needed and even lighter fabric where extra compression isn’t needed. This combination creates a powerful fit for swimmers that can propel them to new heights in their performance.