Best Women’s Racing Swimsuits for College Conference and High School Championships

Best Women’s Racing Swimsuits for College Conference and High School Championships

When it comes to swimming competitively, you need to make sure you have just the right suit to do well in the water. It doesn’t matter what level you are on, it is important to learn to swim well with the right type of suit. When it comes to college conference and high school championships, you need to choose from the best racing swimsuits to increase your chances of a successful meet.

Speedo LZR Elite Recordbreaker Kneeskin

The Speedo LZR Elite Recordbreaker Kneeskin is a FINA approved design that provides swimmers with the best power, form and accuracy to allow each swimmer to use their strengths to their advantage. This suit is manufactured from material that provides the maximum compression to help the body glide through the water with less resistance. The bonded seams and conforming fit give swimmers less drag and a comfortable fit that doesn’t restrict movement, helping them move through the water more easily. Speedo also uses a special plasma treatment to reduce absorbency.

Arena Carbon Pro Open Back Kneeskin

The Arena Carbon Pro Open Back Kneeskin is another popular choice for college and high school swimming. Available in four different colors, this competitive swimsuit provides swimmers with optimal muscle compression for enhanced performance without restricting movement. The suit allows each swimmer to gain the perfect fit for support, efficiency and power in the water, helping her propel herself above and beyond the competition. Made from carbon fibre, this FINA-approved suit keeps its shape, no matter how much it stretches.

Speedo LZR Pro Recordbreaker Kneeskin

Similar to its sister suit listed above, the Speedo LZR Pro Recordbreaker Kneeskin is made from the unique Pulse material that provides greater durability and a more comfortable fit for optimal performance in the water. With its contrasting gold stitching, this FINA-approved suit looks great in and out of the water, all while providing the swimmer with an advanced fit and low drag to increase speed and efficiency in the water.

Arena Powerskin R-Evo+ Kneeskin

The fourth in the line of best women’s racing suits for both the college and high school levels is the Arena Powerskin R-Evo+ Kneeskin. This suit is FINA-approved and has been proven to be the fastest, lightest piece of competitive swimwear available for women. In addition to its extremely light weight, it also provides the perfect fit and compression to enhance movement through the water. With its one-piece design and absence of stitching on the front, this suit proves to be efficient in the water with the least amount of drag with incredible stability and proper alignment in the water.

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