Finding the Right Women’s Plus Swimwear

Finding the Right Women’s Plus Swimwear

Plus-Size Women's Swimwear
The right plus-size women’s swimsuits provide extra coverage and support.

When you have a few extra pounds, it can feel embarrassing to wear a swimsuit. However, swimming and water aerobics are often a great way to lose weight and achieve your goals of a healthier body. This can lead to a frustrating cycle. You don’t want to wear a swimsuit in the water, but you need the water to exercise safely and effectively. You can remedy this cycle by purchasing the right plus-size women’s swimwear to flatter your figure and help you hide problem areas.

Ocean Conservative Scoop Back

Solid colors are the perfect way to slim you down, especially when those colors are dark, such as navy blue and black. The Ocean Conservative Scoop Back comes in these colors, plus royal blue. In addition to the right colors, this plus-size women’s swimsuit offers a lower cut for the legs, helping to hide the upper part of your thighs, which can be a problem spot for many women. When you wear this suit to the pool, you will feel more confident in yourself.

Ocean Solid Aquatard

Another great option if you are embarrassed by the way traditional swimwear looks on you is the Ocean Solid Aquatard. This one piece plus-size swimsuit available in navy blue and black offers longer legs, reaching to the mid-thigh, providing you with greater coverage for your entire body. The water aerobics swimwear in plus-size is also cut high in the front and back along the top for even more coverage.

Speedo Vanquisher Moderate Ultraback Endurance+

If you are looking for Speedo women’s plus-size swimwear that is designed with water aerobics in mind, the Speedo Vanquisher Moderate Ultraback Endurance+ is the perfect option, available in navy blue and black. The crossed straps in the back provide you with the support your body needs through the aerobics process. While this suit doesn’t provide as much coverage as other options, it is a good suit for those who will work out in the water often due to its longevity and resistance to the chemicals in the water.

One of the best ways to lose weight and attain a healthier body is through water aerobics and swimming. This form of exercise is gentler on the body while still offering all the benefits of exercise. Whether you need to find a plus-size women’s swimsuit that offers extra coverage, better support or is simply designed for water aerobics, you will be able to find the perfect option to best meet your needs.

The Best Arena Women’s Swimsuits

The Best Arena Women’s Swimsuits

Look great moving through the water with the Arena swimsuits
The Arena women’s competitive swimsuits are beautiful and functional.

Choosing the right competitive swimsuit can often be a daunting process. It is important for the swimsuit to fit just right, as well as to provide the right support without hindering your ability to move through the water. Arena is one of the biggest names in women’s swimwear, providing a variety of suits that will both look fashionable in the pool and allow you to experience all the benefits of a comfortable suit. These two competitive suits by Arena are among the best.

Arena Current Light Tech Back Swimsuit

The Arena Current Light Tech Back Swimsuit is a one-piece competitive swimsuit that offers you a comfortable fit without impeding your motion in the water. The thin straps that make up the tech back provide optimal comfort without creating more resistance in the water. This is a great asset to swimmers of all ability levels. This Arena swimsuit makes use of the latest chlorine resistant technology so you can count on a swimsuit that will last a long time without excess wear, no matter how much time you spend in the pool. The Arena Current Light is available in six colors.

Arena Stormy Light Drop Back Swimsuit

Similar to the Current Light, the Arena Stormy Light Drop Back Swimsuit is a beautiful suit that provides you with the fit and function you expect when you swim through the water. The design of this suit features a drop back with thin straps that provide you with the most comfortable fit possible without adding drag in the water. This suit is available in the stormy light design in four different colors so you can choose the one that best fits your personality or matches your team colors. This suit is only available through the Arena Diamond Dealers.

If you are looking for a great women’s competitive swimsuit that combines beauty with incredible functionality in the water, you will enjoy either the Arena Current Light Tech Back or Arena Stormy Light Drop Back suits. Each of these suits provides you with a unique look in a variety of colors, made from the highest quality materials for the greatest durability in the water. With a comfortable fit design, you will enjoy wearing it in the water, whether you choose it for your training suit or you wear it at the meets, you will steal the show.

Best Color Splice Swim Team Suits

Best Color Splice Swim Team Suits

Choose the right competitive swimwear for the job.
The right competitive swimwear provides you with comfort and functionality.

If you are looking for the best swimsuits for women to wear to flatter your figure and allow you to swim with less resistance and restriction in the water, you need to consider the best color splice swim team suits. These suits are perfect to provide your whole team with a unified look. Everyone will know who belongs to your team with these functional suits. Some can even be imprinted with your team logo for an even greater effect.

Nike Team Splice Modern Fast Back Tank

If you prefer a tank-style competitive swimsuit, the Nike Team Splice Modern Fast Back Tank is the perfect option for you. This suit offers a bold look, creating the majority of the body of the suit in black with accents in white and your choice of four other colors. The contrasting criss-crossing straps in the back provide all the support you need without having a negative impact on your ability to cut through the water.

TYR Durafast Splice Diamondback Swimsuit

For those who are looking for somewhat thinner straps for greater comfort, the TYR Durafast Splice Diamondback Swimsuit can be the perfect alternative. The thin straps meet in the back at a thicker strap that spans your back, providing you with the extra support you desire in your suit. This competitive swimwear is available in black with four accent color options, navy with white and royal with white so you can find the perfect one to match your team’s colors.

Speedo Rapid Splice Energy Back Swimsuit

Another option in the splice style is the Speedo Rapid Splice Energy Back Swimsuit. This spectacular team suit can provide you with the fit you desire. Made from Speedo’s X-tra Life Lycra fabric, you can count on the durability you desire in a swimsuit. In fact, this suit can last up to five to 10 times longer than the typical suit because of its resistance to body oils, sweat, chlorine and sun block products. This suit is available in black with your choice of six accent colors, navy with red and maroon with black.

Shopping for the perfect women’s competitive swimwear requires you to take a look at the style you desire most in your swimsuit. With the splice suits, you can expect a flattering fit that won’t cause you extra resistance as you swim through the water. This is an incredible asset for competitive swimmers who are looking to finish with the fastest time.