Make a Difference with the New Nike Cut Out Tanks

Competitive Swimwear
The new Nike cut out tanks are the perfect way to make an impression in and out of the pool.

Your standard competitive swimsuits are typically a solid color or solid with a slight outline of another color. This makes all competitive swimmers look alike at swim meets. Without any differentiation among swimmers, everyone begins to blend together. Sometimes swimmers want to stand out, look different and show off their personality at their swim meet. This is possible with the new Nike cut out tanks. Nike swimsuits are known for their versatility and ability in the water, making it a favorite among competitive swimmers, with their perfect style that is comfortable and allows for the maximum amount of speed. They are now available in more choices when it comes to colors, giving swimmers a chance to make a name for themselves.

Painted Camo

Not your standard camouflage colors, the Nike painted camo cut out tank is bright and bold, doing the exact opposite of what you would expect out of camouflage. The painted camo pattern offers bright colors mixed with the perfect amount of dark colors for a gorgeous camouflage print. You can choose from blue, purple or orange camo. The blue print offers the most muted and subtle colors, while the orange is a bold, beautiful statement for the swimmer or entire swim team that dares to be different and make the competition jealous of your teams’ style and swimming abilities.

Foil Skin

A new take on the alligator skin look, the foil skin is a gorgeous combination of two colors, with an alligator look in the background. This is the perfect pattern for the swim team that wants to be different but doesn’t want to be as bold as the painted camo. The colors in this suit are muted, yet bold enough to stand out. The foil skin is available in black, green, royal, grape and red, all of which are beautiful yet subtle colors.

The Nike cut out tank swimsuit offers female competitive swimmers exactly what they want: style and speed. It allows women to experience little drag while they swim and the perfect amount of water resistance to allow for fluid movements without sacrificing style or comfort. Women can choose from a variety of bold or subtle patterns to allow them to stand apart from the competition and add a little flair to their swimming competitions.

New Spider Back Nike Poly Swimsuit

Nike Star Splash
Nike Star Splash

Always on the forefront, Nike Swim continues to push the limits with its newest chlorine-resistant fabric, Nike EVR-X, featuring Dow XLA. Unlike other polyester swim fabrics, Nike EVR-X blends in the revolutionary Dow XLA fiber, the first ever inherently chlorine-proof, stretch fiber durable enough to last through 1000 hours of chlorine exposure. This pales in comparison to regular Lycra swim suits which have a 80-100 hour life span in chlorinated waters.

The outcome is an extremely chlorine resistant poly-blend fabric. This high performance stretch fiber gives exceptional fit and retains its shape. Nike EVR-X is fast drying and can stand up to the harsh chemicals in sun block.

Nike has several new swimsuits avaliable with the Nike EVR-X swim fabic including the new Nike Star Splash swim suit. This new swimsuit features the Spider Back, a bold new silhouette that offers the same body as the Nike Cut-Out Tank but with a daring new look. The thin, criss-cross straps create an exciting, feminine statement while maintaining a sleek fit and high performance. The Nike Star Splash is also available in the Spider Back 2 pc, a sport top 2pc combined with the daring back detail of the Spider Back Tank. The unique placement of the straps offers exciting visual impact without compromising function and support. Drawstring bottom offers adjustability for this new two piece bikini swimsuit from Nike.