New Nike Cut-Out Tank Designs Available

New Nike Cut-Out Tank Designs Available

Nike Cut-Out Tank Suits
The new Nike cut-out tank designs are fun and attractive.

The Nike cut-out tank competitive swimsuits have been one of the best-selling suits on the market. This version of the competitive swimwear is famous for its variety of colors and designs to allow you to choose just the right swimsuit to express some personality in the water. While most often used for training, these attractive suits can provide you with a splash of color in the pool.

Foil Skin

The foil skin design provides you with a variation of traditional stripes. Instead of solid horizontal stripes as you often see, this design provides you with horizontal stripes that vary in thickness across the stripe, creating a rippling effect across the suit. The colors available include black, green, red, royal and grape, pairing each color up with a complementary color to complete the effect. The patterned colors actually provide a scaly look.


If you are looking for another variation using stripes, the bound design provides colorful lines that crisscross their way across the suit. These stripes feature several colors to create a fade effect with the suit. Available in green, black, blue and red and navy, you will be able to find the right combination to fit your style.

Rio Geo

Geometric shapes are popular today, making the rio geo design the perfect option for many swimmers. This Nike cut-out tank is available in several color schemes, including green, blue, magenta and crimson, providing a beautiful combination that is sure to attract attention in the pool.

Tie Dye

Tie dye is another style that has found itself back in the graces of competitive swimsuits. It is also one of the newest designs for the Nike cut-out tank suits. You can relive the old days with the purchase of a tie dye swimsuit in shades of blue, turquoise, magenta and pink.

Many swimmers enjoy the fit of the Nike cut-out tank competitive swimsuits. These quality swimsuits provide the perfect fit to hug your body and help you cut through the water more easily. With the open back and thin straps, you will experience less drag on your back, as well as less restriction in your movements. All of these features can help you make the most of your natural abilities so you can perform even better than ever. Not only that, with the new designs, you will stand out in a crowd, keeping the attention on you instead of on your competitors.

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