Speedo Fastskin3 Elite Suits Shipping Today

D&J Sports Swim Shop has a large number of Speedo Fastskin3 Elite Jammers and Speedo Fastskin3 Elite Kneeskin. The Fastskin 3 Elite is replacing the LZR Elite and is an excellent suit. We have seen it smash records already and the feedback has been positive for this suit.

We have heard of some issues with the Speedo Fastskin3 Super Elite suits tearing etc. but so far most of those appear to be due to miss sizing issues. Not sure how to size the new Speedo Fastskin 3 Super Elite Suits? We are starting to see that you DO NOT need to size down like you did for the LZR Pro and LZR Elite racing suits. Instead the suits are already small and tight so sizing down only creates issues. Other issues with the too small Speedo Fastskin 3 Super Elite swimsuits are with the grippers on the legs. When you size down your circulation may be reduced and thus the suit may work against you. So then the question is should you buy a Speedo Fastskin3 Super Elite? Yes it is an extremely fast suit but you must try it on and make sure you purchase the correct size and if you purchase the Speedo Fastskin 3 Elite suit then you must size it correctly. We know the Speedo FS3 Elite suit is a solid suit and the Super Elite is also a great option when you fit it correctly.

Speedo Fastskin3 Super Elite Suits are Available

The Speedo Fastskin3 Super Elite racing suits are available now, but they are in very limited supply. D&J Sports swimshop has received a large shipment of technical racing suits including the Speedo LZR Elite Kneeskin, Speedo LZR Elite Jammer, Speedo Fastskin3 Super Elite Kneeskin, and the Speedo Fastskin3 Elite Kneeskin suit.

Speedo Fastskin3 Super Elite KneeskinThe Speedo Fastskin3 is the latest and most advanced technical racing suit on the market. Featuring bonded seams and 3D Zoned Compression, IQ Fit, Body Stability Web and Fit Point Markers to deliver a new level of hydrodynamic performance – reinforced by a design that tells other athletes they-re racing for second place.

The new Speedo Fastskin 3 suits are fitting small and super tight so you might need to size up a little. Also be sure to checkout the great racing suits from Arena, like the Arena Powerskin R-EVO+ kneesuit and the Arena Powerskin R-EVO+ Jammer racing swimsuit. These have been getting great reviews and we belive these are as fast or faster than anything else that is currently available.