Aquatic Fitness Belts

Aquatic Fitness Belts

In the heat of the summer water aerobics can be a great way to both escape the heat and get a great workout.  Such a workout provides the same benefits as aerobics done on land without putting unnecessary stress on the body.  If you decide to move your workout to the water your joints will thank you.

Speedo Aquatic Jog Belt
Speedo Aquatic Jog Belt

For most water aerobic programs the first step is selecting an Aquatic Fitness Belt that is right for you.  Speedo’s Aquatic Jog Belt is ideal for deep water aerobic workouts.  This jog belt uses soft, flexible foam to provide flotation support in deep water, and also gives additional back support.  The jog belt fits a wide range of waist sizes up to 48 inches.

Another great deep water option is the Speedo Hydro Resistant Jog Belt.  This belt is molded from soft neoprene foam for additional comfort.

Speedo Aquatic Fitness Belt
Speedo Aquatic Fitness Belt

Speedo’s Aquatic Fitness Belt offers more versatility than it’s deep water companions.  The Aquatic Fitness Belt comes with removable blocks for adjustable flotation.  This makes the belt great for both deep and shallow water aerobics.  Whether you are new to water aerobics or a seasoned vet the Aquatic Fitness Belt will give you the support you need in the water.

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