The Most Important Gear for Summer Water Aerobics

The Most Important Gear for Summer Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is a great way to exercise to increase muscle mass or even lose weight without putting any strain on the joints. Even people who suffer from various injuries and illnesses and are unable to weight lift, jog or even do aerobics on land are able to enjoy the weightless benefits of working out in the water. In order to maximize your time working out in the pool, there are certain accessories you should purchase.


To add resistance for your arms while working out in the water, there are a variety of water barbells available, such as the Speedo Aqua Fitness Barbells. What sets these barbells apart from others is their EVA foam construction that resists damage from chlorine and lightweight structure to make them easy to take with you. They are the perfect way to provide flotation assistance, as well as resistance in the water.

Jog Belt

A jog belt is a must-have for anyone who participates in water aerobics. Perfect for deep water workouts, these belts give you the help you need with flotation, as well as provides back support during your workouts. The Speedo Aqua Fitness Jogbelt offers an adjustable waist up to 48 inches, making a perfect fit for anyone.

Aqua Gloves

For maximum resistance and higher levels of workouts in the water, add a pair of aqua gloves to your workout gear this summer. The TYR Elite Fitness Gloves offer double-sided neoprene webbed construction to give you even more resistance in the water. With an adjustable wrist and the ability for your fingertips and thumbs to touch the water, you can feel the water as you move through it, burning calories and increasing muscle mass with each movement.

Water Shoes

Just as you would want proper support while working out on land, you need support in the water. Choose a pair of water aerobics shoes that are lightweight, offer traction and are made from quick drying material to keep you comfortable in and out of the water. The Speedo Hydro Trainer Water Shoe offers maximum ventilation, a perfect rubber sole for traction and Speedo foam for comfort.

Fitness Kickboards

Kick up your leg workouts with fitness kickboards that are designed to keep your arms stable while your legs do all of the work. The Speedo Adult Swim Kickboard is made from EVA foam and is the perfect size for any adult trying to focus on their legwork and maximizing muscle mass in their legs alone.

Proper Swimsuit

Of course, no water aerobic workout would be appropriate without the right chlorine-resistant swimsuit. You should look for a swimsuit that offers comfort, flexibility and the right material to resist fading and wear and tear from chlorine. This will allow you to avoid restrictions during your workout, while offering long-term wear.

Use Water Barbells as a Way to Gain Muscle Strength

Use Water Barbells as a Way to Gain Muscle Strength

Water Barbells
Water barbells can be the perfect way to get a workout that is easier on your body.

Exercising in the water is a great way to stay fit, as well as lose weight. There are many types of exercises you can participate in while in the water other than water aerobics, which most people think of as the only water exercise. Weightlifting with water barbells is a great way to increase muscle mass and strength. The combination of the weights and the resistance of the water makes it possible to tone your muscles while participating in a low-impact exercise. Water dumbbells are also easy to hold, typically only requiring the use of one hand on each weight, making it possible for people of all fitness levels to use them.

Buoyancy and Resistance

The pure buoyancy of aqua barbells, such as the Swim Stuff Aqua Fitness Barbells, gives you the perfect amount of resistance in the water. When you use controlled movements with the barbells, you will be able to give your arm muscles a great workout by not allowing them to come back to the surface of the water, which they will naturally want to do. The resistance of the water will add to the strength you are able to add to your muscles, giving your body an incredible workout without any risk of high-impact injuries. This is the perfect exercise for those who are recovering from illness or injury, as well as those who are fitness enthusiasts.

Resistance Both Ways

The water can provide resistance on your muscles when you are pushing the dumbbells down beneath the water, as well as when you bring them back to the surface. It might be tempting to allow the water to do the work when you are bringing the dumbbells back up, but to give your muscles the greatest workout, it is essential to push against the water to maximize the benefits to your muscles.

Different Positions

There are many ways to use water barbells. They are the perfect choice for all levels of fitness, including beginners and those who are experienced in weightlifting. The Speedo Aqua Fitness Barbells are the perfect choice for those who bring their barbells back and forth from the pool because they are lightweight and easy to use. These fitness barbells are perfect for using while standing in place and simply exercising the arms or in combination with aerobic exercise, such as jogging or treading water. Working out with weights in the water is a perfectly safe yet effective method for physical fitness.