Choosing the Right Youth Swimsuits

Choosing the Right Youth Swimsuits

Youth Swimsuits
Youth swimsuits offer the same benefits as those for the adults.

Competitive swimming, whether for youth or adults, requires the perfect competition swimsuit to maximize the compression of the body without reducing the range of motion the swimmer needs. High-quality youth swimsuits allow even the youngest competitor to perform with the best results in swim meets.

The idea behind competitive swimming suits is to mimic the skin of a shark, allowing the youth’s body to work with the water, rather than against it. Speedo has a large variety of competitive swimsuits for youth available. All swimsuits are created with the highest quality materials that are chlorine resistant. This allows youth who swim several times a week to have long-lasting swimsuits without fading or stretching.

Youth Speedo Swimsuits for Females

The Speedo Fastskin FSII Recordbreaker provides youth with the least amount of drag in the water, allowing them to show off their incredible swimming skills without being slowed down by the drag of their own body. The technology behind this youth Speedo swimsuit is the ability to provide the body with the most compression in the right areas. Children who take advantage of this latest phenomenon in swimwear will experience the least amount of skin vibration to slow them down, while expending the least amount of energy, keeping them as competitive as possible.

The Speedo Aquablade Recordbreaker Youth also provides females with a minimal amount of drag but also has the benefit of giving the skin the smooth feeling like a shark, allowing her to glide right through the water with seamless movements. The stripes on this youth Speedo swimsuit cause the water to move away from the body, helping to increase the speed.

Youth Speedo Swimsuits for Males

The Speedo Optik Splice Jammer offers an innovative fit for youth males that provides them with more skin coverage to reduce the amount of drag and resistance they experience in the water. Made from high-quality Xtra Life Lycra, this suit lasts much longer than many other youth swimsuits and offers a secure fit throughout the life of the suit. Male swimmers will not experience unpleasant sagging or excessive stretching even after many uses.

The Speedo Fastskin FSII Recordbreaker provides male youth swimmers with the same benefits the female version offers, such as the least amount of drag in the water, as well as compression in all the areas imperative for the best times in competitive swim meets. Made from nylon and Lycra spandex, this swimsuit is one of the most technologically advanced youth swimsuits available.

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