Favored Swimmers for the 2012 Olympics

Favored Swimmers for the 2012 Olympics

Favored swimmers for the 2012 Olympics are already popping up. These are the athletes representing the U.S. that are almost guaranteed to make the 2012 Olympic swim team. There are mostly men, but a few women that we suspect

Favored Swimmers for the 2012 Olympics

will be frontrunners at the 2012 Olympics.  Athletes representing the United States are ready to compete. There’s much buzz about what male swimmers will potentially beat gold medalist Michael Phelps. While Phelps will be at the games, there are a few other male swimmers that may qualify in the same competition.

Ryan Lochte – Lochte has already placed in all three medals at the games, but Phelps took the spotlight the majority of the time. He currently holds the world record in the 4×200 meter freestyle relay race. Lochte is best known for his intense freestyle racing where he accelerates by kicking his legs under the water. In the past, Lochte has won gold medals in competitions that Phelps did not compete in.

Missy Franklin – Franklin swept up several gold medals at various world competitions. She holds the world record for the 200 meter backstroke in short course and the U.S. record in 200 meter backstroke in long course. Franklin is won FINA Swimmer of the Year last year and looks to have serious momentum entering the new year. While we’re impressed with Franklin’s swimming resume, we’re even more amazed that the young American swimmer will turn 17 this May. Franklin is likely one to watch for the upcoming 2012 games, as well as future Olympics competitions.


Rebecca Soni – Soni has won silver and gold medals at the Olympics. She competed in 2008 and also holds world titles for other swim competitions. In 2008, Soni was not a favorite and beat Australian swimmer (and favorite) Leisel Jones. This was a major upset at the games, but Soni has continued to prove herself by beating world records for the breaststroke. Like Franklin, Soni began her career early proving that Franklin has plenty of room for growth.

These are just a few of the favored swimmers you’ll likely notice at the 2012 Olympics. The Olympics will be in London this summer and it’s always an exciting event for families to watch. Competitive swimmers of all ages enjoy seeing techniques and skills put to work by athletes who have been training for a lifetime. The 2008 games held many amazing moments and the 2012 Olympics look to be just as exciting in the swimming realm.

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