Top Swim Goggles

Top Swim Goggles

The top swim goggles are those that are functional without weighing you down

Top Swim Goggles

during competition. Competitive swimmers know the traits of bad goggles, including loose bands and goggles that don’t sit flush with the skin, allowing water to seep in. The top swim goggles take all of these things into account during the design process, which makes a major difference when a swimmer is competing.

 Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggles – These comfortable goggles are a favorite of competitive swimmers. Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggles are made of super soft skin that never tugs or feels constricting around the eyes. These goggles also boast a watertight seal that doesn’t allow a drop of water in. This is important for distance swimmers and triathlons. The shape of the frames curve with the contours of the eye area for superior fit.

Swedish Goggles – Swedish Goggles are traditional competitive swimming goggles that have been around for decades. This is a testament to their simple design that has been modernized with the latest materials. These are a fuss-free pair of goggles that aren’t fancy, but have all of the elements of the best swim goggles. Swedish Goggles require assembly to ensure a custom fit for the individual swimmer. For swimmers who feel some of the more upscale swim goggles feel heavy or cover too much of the face, these are a great pick.

Tyr Flex 4.0 Goggles – The Tyr Flex 4.0 Goggles somewhat morph a snorkeling mask and swim goggles. Unlike a snorkeling mask, these goggles don’t cover the nose. They do conceal a large portion of the face, but some swimmers prefer this wide angle view while maintaining separate. It depends on the swimmer and what he or she is most comfortable wearing while in the water. The Tyr Flex 4.0 Goggles are ideal for beginner swimmers and new competitive swimmers. The Tyr Flex 4.0 is available in youth sizes.

Take into account what type of swimming you’ll do with the goggles. Many competitive swimmers have different goggles for practicing and competing. For practice, you want goggles that offer a wide view and smooth bands for a comfortable fit. For competition, many swimmers favor small frames with a wraparound style that completely shuts out water. Young competitive swimmers will benefit from small goggles that create a tight barrier for water and air.

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