Essential Swim Team Gear for Training

Essential Swim Team Gear for Training

Swim Team Gear
Providing your team with essential training gear is important.

When you are the coach of a swim team, you want your team to be the best it can be. This means providing your team with all the tools they need to increase their endurance and enhance their skills as they work toward greater things. When planning for what you need to train your team to be the best they can be, there are certain pieces of equipment you must invest in. This will ensure your swimmers will grow stronger and improve continually.

Swim Fins and Paddles

Swim fins and paddles can be an excellent tool to build strength and endurance in swimmers. Because of the wide flaps on the fins and paddles, there is more resistance against the water. This increased resistance causes a swimmer to have to kick or stroke harder for the same results. When you work harder, you will be building your muscles and increasing their endurance so you will have an easier time swimming through the water when you aren’t wearing them.

Pull Buoys

Another important training tool for your swim team gear is the pull buoy. These devices are kept between the swimmer’s legs to restrict their use. When you are using a pull buoy, it will force you to use your arms to propel you through the water as much as possible, helping you to strengthen the muscles in your arms. This increase in upper body strength is crucial to your swimming success.


Stretchcordz are yet another useful tool to keep in your swim team gear arsenal. These stretchcordz come with a belt that wraps around your waist. You then hand onto the handles at the ends of the elastic cords as you swim. The cords move freely around the belt, giving you free range of motion. However, the resistance the cords create will allow you to increase your arm and upper body strength to improve your swimming.

Providing all the swim team gear your team needs to train will ensure they have all the tools necessary to be successful swimmers. It is up to you to ensure your swimmers are trained in the best way possible. With the help of these important tools, your swimmers will see great improvement as they go through their training exercises. When they hit the pool, they can be confident in their strength, endurance and skills so they will do the best they can against their competitors.

Learn How to Perfect Your Swimming

Learn How to Perfect Your Swimming

Swimming is one of the most beneficial exercises anyone can participate in. Whether you swim competitively or simply swim for the benefits of weight loss and muscle building, it is a perfect sport to learn to enjoy. If you are unsure about your swimming skills, there are various things you can do to perfect your skills even without a coach telling you what to do.

Swim Training Gear
The proper swim training gear can help you learn to swim more efficiently.

Focus on One Component

Rather than jumping in the water and trying to focus on all aspects of a stroke, such as freestyle, focus on one component. Use a kickboard to stabilize your upper body while you focus on your kick. Take the time to truly build up your endurance through the use of a kickboard, experimenting with your kicks to determine which method gives you the best times and least exhaustive workout. You want to make sure your muscles do not tire prematurely, but you also want to swim lengths in the shortest amount of time. Once you perfect your kick, you can use pull buoys to stabilize your legs while you perfect your arm movements. This will allow you to slowly put all the pieces together to achieve one fluid freestyle stroke.

Build Endurance

A major component of perfect swimming is endurance. Swimming a couple of laps is fine, but if you want to truly feel the benefits of swimming, you will need to be able to swim a large number of laps comfortably. Through the use of exercise and the proper swimsuit, you will be able to build that endurance. Choosing to wear a competitive swimsuit, rather than a regular swimsuit, will reduce the amount of drag you experience in the water, allowing you to build your endurance without experiencing unnecessary exhaustion.

Time Yourself

Through the use of a waterproof lap counter and timer, you can time yourself on your laps. This allows you to push yourself harder each time, consistently trying to beat your own time. You can also count the number of strokes you use to complete each lap. Trying to reduce the number of strokes it takes to complete each lap will help you perfect your swimming even further.

If you wish to perfect your swimming skills, take it slow. Break your strokes down into individual components to truly understand how your strokes affect your swimming. By building up endurance and speed, you will find yourself perfecting your swimming and even gaining the ability to swim competitively in a short amount of time.

Training Beginners for Competitive Swimming

Training Beginners for Competitive Swimming

Whether you are trying to train a child or you are an adult who wants to get started in competitive swimming, the training is the same. Learning the proper swimming methods in the water, as well as practicing certain drills on dry land, will provide you with the best competitive swimming experience. Your body needs endurance and strength to succeed, which can be reached in a variety of ways.

Training Swim Gear
The proper swim gear can help swimmers build endurance and strength.

Build Endurance

While it is important to perfect the four major strokes, you will need to be able to build your endurance and strength to be competitive. Before perfecting any stroke, you should focus on endurance. Kickboards are a great way to build endurance because it allows swimmers to focus solely on their legs and not on the movement of their arms or head. Keeping their head above water, swimmers can perfect their kick, slowly increasing the number of laps they can do comfortably.


Once the endurance is built up, swimmers can learn to perfect their strokes. The four major strokes are freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Focusing on one stroke at a time will help swimmers perfect each one before moving on to another. Once the strokes are perfected, swimmers can then learn to vary them within each swimming session; this will allow them to participate in medley races that incorporate two or more strokes in the same race.


Strength is an important component of competitive swimming. Once swimmers have mastered the endurance, you can begin adding training tools, such as pull buoys and swim paddles, to give swimmers the additional resistance required to build up their strength. A pull buoy allows swimmers to keep their legs stable, while their arms get the intense workout, pulling the body through the water. Swim paddles give swimmers extra resistance as their arms skim the water, allowing the body to build more strength. Swimmers can also practice weight training outside the water to further their strength in the water.

Training beginning swimmers to be able to participate in competitive swimming is a process that can easily be done if it is taken slowly. Children and adults can learn to swim competitively by working on improving endurance, perfecting their strokes and building up their strength. Swimming is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages; it is never too late to begin perfecting your swimming to participate in competitive races.

Training with Kickboards

Training with Kickboards

Swim Training Kickboards
Kickboards can help with swim training on all levels.

Kickboards used to be used strictly for new swimmers to teach them how to float and kick in the water. Today, they have become well known as one of the best swim training aids for adults as well. Competitive swimmers can use kickboards to enhance their cardiovascular workouts, as well as use them as a training aid to enhance their swimming skills. There are various different types of kickboards available, each with their own unique benefits. Training with kickboards is done to isolate certain movements to aid the instructor or coach to better help the swimmer. They also help swimmers isolate specific muscles, such as legs, hips or stomach muscles, to enhance the workout, allowing swimmers to focus on particular body parts that need more strength.

Combined Swim Training Aids

There are various swim training aids, such as the Arena Pull Kick, that offer several different workouts, reducing the need to carry many bulky tools to and from the pool. The Pull Kick gives swimmers the ability to work on upper and lower body maneuvers in the water with one tool.

Perfecting the Butterfly Kick

When swimmers undergo training with kickboards, they can keep their head above the water, listening to the direction from their coach, while isolating the movement in their legs. This allows swimmers to truly focus on the kick, which is the essential part of this type of swimming. With the kickboard supporting the upper body, swimmers can simply relax their upper body, while focusing 100 percent of their attention on their lower body. The Arena Swim Kickboard Pro offers the versatility and strength competitive swimmers need to perfect kicks, such as the butterfly kick. With its ergonomic design, swimmers have a variety of choices on the placement of their hands to give them the most comfort while they train.

General Training

For general training or cardiovascular workouts, the Speedo Adult Kickboard offers exactly what swimmers need. Training with kickboards is easy with the Speedo kickboard. Because of its large size, competitive swimmers can focus on intense kicking drills in the pool or simply focus on cardiovascular workouts to strengthen the muscles in the lower half of their body. This allows swimmers to have the extreme strength required to be a competitive swimmer. If there is an area in which a swimmer does not excel, they can use the benefits of swimming training aids, such as the kickboard, to enhance their swimming skills.

The Best Swim Hand Paddles

The Best Swim Hand Paddles

Swim Hand Paddles
Using swim hand paddles will strengthen your swim stroke and improve distance and propulsion.

Becoming a competitive swimmer means conditioning your body to swim in the most efficient manner possible. This means you will have to do far more than swim in the pool on a daily basis and perfect your technique. You will also need to use special swim gear to provide you with the training you need to become a stronger swimmer. One of these important tools is swim hand paddles. When you choose the best paddles, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits as you improve your swimming times.

Strokemaker Paddle

The Strokemaker paddles are the oldest and still the best swim hand paddles you can use to help strengthen your arms so you can strengthen your stroke and swim faster. With the holes in the design, your hands will still get the feel for the water as you swim, while providing you with the resistance you need to strengthen the muscles that are responsible for distance and propulsion. The colors of the paddles will also help the coach to see the swimmer’s hands to provide additional tips for improving technique.

TYR Catalyst Hand Paddle

Created by the inventor of the Strokemaker, these translucent color-coded paddles will provide the strengthening qualities you need from your swim hand paddles, while causing less strain on your shoulders. When you use hand paddles, your goal is to strengthen your muscles, not strain them. The multi-hole strap design allows you to best center your hand for the best results. The TYR Catalyst is available in several sizes for beginners up to the professional swimmer.

Speedo I.M. Tech Paddles

The Speedo I.M. Tech Paddles allow swimmers to use the paddles to train with all four main strokes, including the breast stroke. You will be able to interchange the paddles between your right and left hands for a different feel. With the tube straps, you will experience the greatest comfort while using these paddles to train and increase your strength. The I.M. Tech Paddles provide pronounced edges that will give you a good feel for the catch of your stroke so you can improve.

Speedo Power Paddle

The final of the best swim hand paddles is the Speedo Power Paddle. This paddle is intended to strengthen the muscles for those who swim for fitness purposes, rather than competition. The broad blades are intended to give you the most resistance for a better workout. However, the water will still be able to channel through with the holes, which can also increase the pull of the water so you can strengthen your arm muscles.

Razor Training Swim Fins Provide Additional Strength Training

Razor Training Swim Fins Provide Additional Strength Training

The Razor training swim fins provide you with the resistance you need to improve your kick.

All swimmers go through a strict training regimen that helps to train the body to be the best swimmer possible. Some of the areas that these training sessions focus on include endurance and strength training. One of the most powerful tools a swimmer has in the water is his ability to kick. Therefore, it is important for a swimmer to focus on that aspect of their training. One tool a swimmer can use for strengthening his legs and getting more power out of his kick is the Razor training swim fins.

The Razor training swim fins are similar to the swim fins worn by scuba divers and snorkelers. However, these fins have a much shorter length and are not meant to help propel you through the water. Instead, these fins are meant to provide additional resistance as you try to propel yourself through the water by kicking your legs. This will force you to kick harder, thus strengthening your legs.

For a swimmer, leg strength is a critical part of being able to swim fast enough to win races. From the second you push off the block and dive into the water until the second you hit the wall at the end of the race, your legs are doing a lot of the work for you. Even though your arms are always in motion as well, the power of your kick can dictate your success or failure. Even kicking off the wall in a turn is important to winning your race.

If you are considering using the Razor training swim fins to train for your swim meets, it is important to know that these fins will provide you with the resistance you need without causing undue strain on your muscles. Because of the comfortable design of the swim fins, you can wear them for long periods of time without hurting your feet.

Being the fastest swimmer in the pool takes practice and training. With the use of swim training tools, such as the Razor training swim fins, you can build up your endurance in the water and strengthen your leg muscles so you can use a more powerful kick when you are racing against other swimmers. The more powerful your legs are, the better chances you have of succeeding in each race you participate in. When you make use of the tools you have available to you, the advantage is yours.

About Pull Buoy

About Pull Buoy

Speedo Pull Buoy II Large

A pull buoy is used to help competitive swimmers train. The Speedo pull buoy is placed between the inner thighs and forces a swimmer to use maximum upper body strength to propel themselves through the water. A pull buoy is used by competitive swimmers who are teenagers or older from the amateur to the Olympic level. There are two types of pull buoys. One is a single piece and the other has two pieces, which latch on to the legs. The latter is commonly used for those who are new to using the tool. The slim portion of the pull float goes between the thighs. Two-part pull buoys can be adjusted with the straps, so it fits the swimmer properly. Swimmers should swim with the Speedo pull buoy between the thighs with their ankles crossed. This is difficult to do and adds to the intensity to your training. Even seasoned swimmers will have trouble swimming with a pull buoy, but remember that’s the point of practicing with one. You’re looking to dramatically increase your upper body strength.

The pull buoy will come loose if you do not cross the ankles. It may take time to adjust to swimming this way, but don’t let the strange feeling deter you. Your body may not be used to practicing with so much dependency on the upper body. With regular practice using the pull float, your muscles will adjust accordingly and you’ll find it’s easier to use after repeated use. Start at one end of the pull and secure the pull buoy. Push off from the wall of the pool and keep your ankles crossed tightly to keep the device in place. Toes should stay pointed behind you to keep drag at a minimum. You can use whatever technique you prefer through the upper body. Eventually, the momentum will slow and you will have to use your arms to propel yourself through the water.

It’s important to note that to use a Speedo pull buoy, one should already be a good swimmer. A pull buoy is not a toy. If it is your first time using one and you’re a decent swimmer with no competitive swimming under your belt, you should be sure a lifeguard is on duty while you practice with the pull buoy. It takes time to adjust to the extra weight and the lack of lower body strength. Those who are not good swimmers can easily injure themselves or become overwhelmed in the water using a pull buoy.