Lifeguard Rescue Tubes

Lifeguard Rescue Tubes

Lifeguard Rescue Tube
Lifeguard Rescue Tube

As many of you might know the most important piece of equipment for lifeguards is the rescue tube. The guard rescue tube is a traditional wraparound tube designed for beach, lake or pool in the water rescues. It can be handed to a victim for a close-in assist, or used to reach a struggling victim without contact, towing a passive unconscious victim, or even supporting the rescuer. The rescue tube will never absorb water, rot or mildew because it is made from closed cell “Ensolite” foam and covered with a heavy-duty red vinyl skin. There is often a safe quick-release buckle and tow line with a looped end that make pulling the victim to safety easy work for the lifeguard. Rescue tubes are available in a couple of different sizes depending on the use. You can find lifeguard rescue tubes and other rescue equipment at D&J Sports Swim Shop.

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